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Sheridan Love is living a dream-come-true. A huge fan of porn for years, "Sher-Bear" (as she is known to loyal fans) very quickly became an adult entertainment aficionado of the business. However, it was only after she watched stars like Jesse Jane and Belladonna in the now iconic Pirates series that she became inspired to join up. "I just thought... fuck it!" she says, and the next day made moves that led to her to becoming a top name in the industry. Of course, the adult game isn't the only thing near and dear to Sheridan's heart. She's also a huge fan of anime and sci-fi flicks; the cheesier the b-movie, the better! She even watches them on her phone during her daily trips to the gym. If you want a fun full-on workout that is as entertaining as it is satisfying, check out the bouncy, bubbly Sheridan right now. As her name suggests, you're bound to fall in Love!

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Sheridan Love 在 '愛撫她的曲線'

Sheridan Love - 愛撫她的曲線

曲線美的Sheridan Love準備用一件性感的純粹連衣裙來挑逗你,因為她輕撫她的曲線並炫耀她的大山雀和屁股以獲得觀賞樂趣!在讓你穿著漂亮的衣服後,Sheridan走到一張按摩床上,她的緊身連衣裙被她的按摩師Charles Dera添加到她身上的所有按摩油浸濕了。一旦她的曲線被油覆蓋,Sheridan想要的就是從她的衣服上滑下來,將Charles的大公雞滑到她濕潤的陰唇之間!

Sheridan Love 在 'Soapy Starlet'

Sheridan Love - Soapy Starlet

在電視廣告中出現後,性感的Sheridan Love已經讓它走到了她的頭上,現在她認為自己是一個各種各樣的明星。雖然她的兒子對她的女主角般的行為感到惱火,但他的大學夥伴Robby Echo從她的商業廣告中認出了她,並且非常樂意向謝里丹伸出援助之手,告訴她任何她要求的瑣事。當她要求羅比洗澡時,她脫掉了她的長袍,展示了她的巨大乳房,讓羅比敬畏她令人難以置信的裸體。 Robby認為是時候去Sheridan的洗澡準備好了,但她不想讓他去任何地方!她嘲笑他,因為在她拔出他的雞巴之前,她把她的乳房浸濕了,並且吮吸並且亂搞她的年輕粉絲!

Sheridan Love 在 '從過去的Fap'

Sheridan Love - 從過去的Fap

Xander結婚並不情願地收拾他最喜歡的明星Sheridan Love的舊色情雜誌。閃現了5年,他的妻子現在要求他擺脫他的垃圾箱,以清理房子裡的一些房間。他遺憾地同意並決定最後一次回憶他的雜誌。當他打開盒子時,他很震驚地看到Sheridan的愛 - 活著和肉體!這怎麼可能!?在他弄明白之前,她正朝他走來,乞求他的陰莖! Xander無法否認他夢寐以求的寶貝,即使他的妻子來檢查他,也很樂意餵她的悸動成員。多麼夢想成真!

Giselle Palmer 在 '愛的崇拜'

Giselle Palmer - 愛的崇拜


Sheridan Love 在 '釘釘鄰居欺負'

Sheridan Love - 釘釘鄰居欺負

愛夫人剛剛擁有足夠的小手的滑稽動作。他一直在恐嚇鄰里,欺負她的兒子,所以謝里登的數字有點干預。謝里丹準備與小手交易 - 如果他改變方式,給他一生的他媽的。謝里登跳起高大的東西並不需要很長時間。這是一課小手肯定不要忘記!

Sheridan Love 在 '我們的大學圖書館員'

Sheridan Love - 我們的大學圖書館員


Sheridan Love 在 '擦和他媽的你的鄰居'

Sheridan Love - 擦和他媽的你的鄰居


Sheridan Love 在 '他媽的在微風'

Sheridan Love - 他媽的在微風

你是一個健康的stepmom(謝里登愛)誰厭倦了她的房子嗅到這麼乾淨?你會喜歡脫掉你的頂部,讓你的滴水滴下來,和你的步子(邁克爾·維加)下來和骯髒?那麼,對於豐盛的,性沮喪的MILF來說,這是個好消息 - 那裡有一個噴霧瓶!介紹他媽的微風,一個性興奮劑所有的健康的蕩婦在所有健康的媽媽!只要問愛女士怎麼可以為你的性噴霧工作!

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Sheridan Love 在 'Tits and Tattoos : Sheridan Love'

Sheridan Love - Tits and Tattoos : Sheridan Love

Tommy Pistol makes curvy goth Sheridan Love squirt like a fountain when the busty vixen showed up teasing us with her coconut oil-covered titties! He loved burying his face in her ass and between her glorious knockers. Cum-craving Sheridan deep throats and nibbles on his hard cock, then riding him hard to their pleasure, but he wouldn't get away without a little pain! He could handle a little melted candle wax. Tommy fucked her huge oil-slicked tits, then getting weird trying her high heel shoes out for a go, too! Sheridan jerked and sucked her prey dry of all his jizz, licking it off her her big natural boobs like a thirsty little slut!

Sheridan Love 在 'and Rion King in My Friends Hot Mom'

Sheridan Love - My Friends Hot Mom

Rion slips into his buddy's house to find his glove and meet him at the field, but what he didn't expect to find was his friend's mom Sheridan Love doing sexy talk on her phone! And better yet, it's not just sexy talk, she's doing a live sex chat for money! He sneaks into the other room and finds the chat platform she's on, then starts talking to her while she's getting naked. And as soon as he sees her massive big tits come out, his dick gets rock hard and ready to jack! Funny thing is, he's right in the next room and the MILF doesn't even know it…not until Rion takes his shirt off and she catches a glimpse of his face! She leaves the chat and bounds into the adjoining room with her big tits, bewildered by the fact that her son's friend was jerking his cock to her in the other room! But now he knows that she does live chat to make some extra cash, and she does NOT want her son to know. So what can be done? Rion's already hard, so Sheridan figures to fuck her son's friend and finish what they started!

Sheridan Love 在 'and Johnny Castle in Dirty Wives Club'

Sheridan Love - Dirty Wives Club

Sheridan Love has had the biggest crush on her boss Johnny forever, but she's never approached him because she thought it might be inappropriate considering their working situation. Plus, she's married, but Johnny doesn't know that her husband allows her to fuck other men. Sheridan decides to take the plunge when Johnny asks her to work on a weekend from his home with him to meet a deadline, and she's hoping he plunges his dick into her hotwifing pussy! She eases into the situation by giving her stressed boss a massage and sticking her big tits and cleavage in his face. When she notices that he notices, she gives him the green light to fuck her married, hotwifing pussy!

Sheridan Love 在 'and Johnny Castle in I Have a Wife'

Sheridan Love - I Have A Wife

There's nothing like a set of big tits to improve your marriage! Sheridan's going through a divorce and needs a place to stay, and lucky for her, her friend Karen says she can crash at her place. Karen's husband Johnny does the honors of showing Sheridan her quarters, and she does the honors of showing him her massive rack! Married Johnny can't compete with his tits-loving boner, and soon enough he's balls deep in his new roommate!

Sheridan Love 在 'Breast Worship 5'

Sheridan Love - Breast Worship 5

Sheridan Love is sharing the love of her own titties with the world. She lubes those babies up and gets them ready to be worshiped! Towel boy shows up to assist and gets paid with a sloppy blowjob. Outdoor sex on a beautiful day is not unheard of but these two certainly set some new standards. Sheridan loves to have her pussy licked and sucked but she's really here for the fucking and her titties are the stars of the show!

Angela White 在 'and Sheridan Love and Chad White in My Wife's Hot Friend'

Angela White - My Wife's Hot Friend

Angela feels bad that Sheridan broke up with her boyfriend and has no one to be with for the holiday's.

Sheridan Love 在 'and Logan Long in My Friend's Hot Mom'

Sheridan Love - My Friends Hot Mom

Sheridan Love takes a ride on her daughter's man, Logan. He couldn't resist her big tits and ass. Lucky for him, this little secret fucking will continue far down the road.

Sheridan Love 在 'and Buddy Hollywood in My First Sex Teacher'

Sheridan Love - My First Sex Teacher

Sheridan Love has heard rumors about one of her students. The rumor is that he has a big cock. Sheridan decides to investigate and finds out that these rumors are true. Lucky for her, her student is willing to let her have a go on his cock.

Sheridan Love 在 'BTS Episode 95'

Sheridan Love - BTS Episode 95

Sheridan Love was on set for her latest Burning Angel scene - her first boy/girl with us, in a Big Tit Pinup POV! She looked like such a perfect doll with sexy and classic lingerie and her epic boobage. Blondie Dahlia Sky learns the finer points of a cheerleader carwash and what really brings the boys to the yard. We meet and chat with Asian BA newbie Saya Song and chat tattoos and more. Then we caught up with Nina Elle for her first BA shoot, another stunning addition to our Big Tit Pinup POV release!

Sheridan Love 在 'Pinup POV'

Sheridan Love - Pinup POV

SCHWING! Welcome back big busted beautiful milf Sheridan Love for her first boy/girl scene with BurningAngel - and she's looking quite ravishing in her rockabilly pinup style. Her breasts, just barely contained in her form-fitting dress, must be released for pierced titty fucking pleasure! I love watching those fun bags run up and down a nice, big cock as her red lips tease the tip. The fun intensifies when she mounts her man meat, giving a full view of her heart-stoppingly epic ass. A gal like Sheridan needs her big-dicked daddy-o to fulfill her every desire! And if you're lucky, she'll reward you by squirting all over!

Sheridan Love 在 'Killer Kleavage From Outer Space - Episode 2'

Sheridan Love - Killer Kleavage From Outer Space - Episode 2

Captain Sheridan had to discipline her girls on mission to Earth for frolicking around like interstellar fairies. You pretty much have to call it a day after needing to explain Tinder, where penis is plentiful, and comms expert Axis Evol wondered why she didn't assume the mission herself - well, she doesn't like dick and wouldn't know the perfect penis if it hyper-accelerated up her ass. Axis being of the same mind, took advantage of this opportunity to have some big busted girl on girl time.. And when she fucked the Captain's pussy with the perfect fake dong, it made her squirt hot lady cum all over space!

Jessie Lee 在 'BTS Episode 35'

Jessie Lee - BTS Episode 35

We join Axis Evol, a Burning Angel newbie from Las Vegas, Sheridan Love, and Jessie Lee all on the set of Killer Kleavage From Outer Space. Big tits, shiny space outfits, and squirting - I, for one, welcome our new Areolan overlords. Take me to your leader! Axis made Sheridan cum so hard, she squirted the camera across the room. Oops. Apparently, you should not squirt towards a six thousand dollar piece of equipment. Find out which Burning Angels believe in aliens, and who wants to have sex with not only Predator, but a creepy clown, in today's behind the scenes clip!

Larkin Love 在 'BTS Episode 32'

Larkin Love - BTS Episode 32

We got to know Necro Nicki, one of the stars of BBQ Titmasers, and got up close and personal with her heavily inked hot body the day she let BurningAngel pop her porno cherry on her first shoot ever! Necro always knew she was cut out to be a perfect porn slut, and we love having her! Then we went on the prowl seeking a little private time with big tittied sweetheart Sheridan Love (34H to be exact), and long-tongued, equally big-boobed vixen Larkin Love on the set of their kitty cat neko cosplay lesbian scene! Things get real boobular when they squished my face between their bazongas! Find out exactly what cosplay means to the girls in this fun behind the scenes clip.

Sheridan Love 在 'Top Heavy Chef'

Sheridan Love - Top Heavy Chef

You've heard of the Ramsey TV show Kitchen Nightmares? Sheridan Love (Hard SCORE 5 on DVD) is a Kitchen Wet Dream. Walking half-asleep in the kitchen and finding a scantily clad Sheridan preparing breakfast for you would be one of the greatest experiences a man could have. Not much cooking would get done. So who cares about that. "I always feel more confident and relaxed on SCORE shoots. You guys were my first," says covergirl Sheridan, who recently tongue-tangoed with bombshell blonde Holly Brooks in a scene that included snapping selfies on a smartphone during their tittie-tussling. So what makes Sheridan feel sexy? "Sexy costumes, lingerie and stiletto heels. Not slutty per se. Sometimes I like the formal but sexy look too. What's something Sheridan's done that was kinda kinky? "I rode a dildo in the moving truck to Las Vegas.

Larkin Love 在 'I Wanna Pet You'

Larkin Love - I Wanna Pet You

Larkin Love, Sheridan Love, neko (cat) cosplay, big milky boobs and long tongues used for lapping. Holy fucking balls, this brings pussy licking to the next level. Purrboating, ass play, scissoring, and squirting - you don't see tail like this everyday!

Sheridan Love 在 'The Love Boat'

Sheridan Love - The Love Boat

Sheridan Love is off to show her mad skills on a boat called "Wet & Slippery." Sheridan was destined to skipper this boat around Miami. Now it's called The Love Boat. She's boob-jacked this vessel. Sheridan pole-dances on the party boat on the way to a quiet spot of beach where she can disembark and play in the surf. Then it's back to the boat and off to home port, sticking her big boobs in the wind while she chats. No ship's masthead was ever this sexy or big-boobed. When it comes to naval maneuvers, Sheridan Love has got sea legs. And boobs. And ass. She'll shiver yer timbers.

Sheridan Love 在 'Boob Shaker Cocktail Maker'

Sheridan Love - Boob Shaker Cocktail Maker

Sheridan Love is always a lot of fun. She treats her visits to SCORE like a holiday. Sheridan has a great sense of humor and enjoys herself whether the camera is on or off. She enjoys feeling a part of the big boob community. At the recent winter '14 AVN Expo in Las Vegas, Sheridan signed copies of her two cover issues, March '14 and Holiday '12 SCORE and posed for fan pictures with them in her hands. She is clearly proud of being a magazine covergirl and knowing that those issues were on racks in thousands of stores around the world. You'd be hard-pressed (and hard) to find a cocktail server as busty and as shapely as Sheridan. This set of pictures brings that thought to life. Shaken, always, not stirred! "If I wore baggy T-shirts, you would think I have a big belly because my boobs stick out so far," says Sheridan, describing what Daphne Rosen once called "The tent effect." That phenomenon doesn't happen in that tight dress Sheridan wears, and later takes off, in this pictorial.

Sheridan Love 在 'Sheridan's Toy Tingler'

Sheridan Love - Sheridan's Toy Tingler

She's a baby-doll beauty with big boobs and a bubbly, bigger-than-life personality. Her figure is the template for an hourglass. Sheridan Love is a busty toy lover. Sheridan's bottom, like Daylene Rio's rear-end, is also a booty-lover's sex dream. "I'm so proud of the way I look that I don't mind going out and flaunting it," says Sheridan. The world's a better place for it. The flaunting is a good thing and even better when girls do it at SCORELAND. "If you've got it, flaunt it. I want guys to look! I either need to have things that lace up or halter tops or an outfit with stretchy material, like this one. I've had big boobs since I was little, so you just kind of learn some of this stuff.

Jayden James 在 'Girls Love Girls 4'

Jayden James - Girls Love Girls 4

Busty brunette Jayden Jaymes is in the mood for some lesbian love. Fortunately, she's got the plush, voluptuous body of huge-titted BBW Sheridan Love at her fingertips! Jayden worships Sheridan's massive boobies, drools on her soft globes and eats the plump princess' shaved, pierced pussy. Sheridan returns the favor by going down on Jayden's hole while the sexy slut buzzes her clit with a vibrating wand. The two dark-haired beauties caress each other until both of these Sapphic sweethearts reach a sensual climax.