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Halle Hayes 在 'Brazzers' - Hide The Pickle (Brazzers Exxtra)

發布 : 3月20日, 2020
標籤 : 競技, 大山雀, 大山雀崇拜, 褐髮, 泡泡屁股, 暗黑皮膚, 烏木, 增強, Innie貓, 性玩具, 短裙, 無袖衫, , 修剪的貓, 工作幻想


Ella Hughes in 'Good Boy'
Nicolette Shae in 'Saves The World'
Ella Hughes in 'Good Boy'

圖片來自 Halle Hayes 在 'Brazzers' Hide The Pickle

Halle Hayes 在 'Brazzers' 隱藏泡菜 (縮略圖 1)
Halle Hayes 在 'Brazzers' 隱藏泡菜 (縮略圖 2)
Halle Hayes 在 'Brazzers' 隱藏泡菜 (縮略圖 3)
Halle Hayes 在 'Brazzers' 隱藏泡菜 (縮略圖 4)
Halle Hayes 在 'Brazzers' 隱藏泡菜 (縮略圖 5)
Halle Hayes 在 'Brazzers' 隱藏泡菜 (縮略圖 6)

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Halle Hayes 在 '工作到很晚'

Halle Hayes - 工作到很晚

性感的哈莉·海斯(Halle Hayes)和斯科特·奈爾斯(Scott Nails)今晚深夜工作,以查看他們本月的不良人數。事實證明,他們倆對數字的興趣比對數字的興趣更大,而他們的加班很快就變成了一場熱鬧的狂歡。不幸的是,他們不是辦公室裡唯一的人。

Halle Hayes 在 '共享床'

Halle Hayes - 共享床

哈莉·海斯(Halle Hayes)知道她哥哥的所有朋友都想他媽的她,但唯一吸引她的是害羞的盧卡斯·弗羅斯特(Lucas Frost)。當指定的司機盧卡斯(Lucas)在一個大夜晚之後將她的兄弟帶回家時,哈勒(Halle)教他如何放鬆。

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Halle Hayes 在 '- Gloryhole Initiations'

Halle Hayes - Gloryhole Initiations

Halle's boyfriend is nice. but not really satisfying Halle's sex drive. He's always pre-occupied with something. She wants to spice up her sex life, so they go to an adult video store. As she's looking around for something fun they can share in the bedroom...his phone goes off again. This time it's a friend talking sports. While he steps outside to take the call, Halle decides to step into the viewing booth. Well, looks like Halle might get some spice in her life after all. The cocks come through the wall and she immediately drops to her knees to...inspect. First the touch test...yep they are real. Next the taste test...yep for sure they are real. She sucks back and forth, teasing each one with her mouth before she backs her big ass up and lets them fill her pussy up with cock. She throws that ass all over...using the dicks for her pleasure. She twerks on one until it blows hot sperm inside her and sucks the other one until it blows on her face. Maybe she just needed a couple random cocks to spice things up.

Halle Hayes 在 'I Like Black Girls 8'

Halle Hayes - I Like Black Girls 8

Zac Wild has just been dumped by his no-good cheating girlfriend and is really feeling down in the dumps. Then his good friend Jim sends him a text that a present is on the way to cheer him up. What is going on? -- Zac thinks. Soon there is a knock at the door and a gorgeous black woman is standing there. Turns out Jim sent him a stripper. Halle Hayes puts on quite a show, dancing and teasing Zak into a frenzy. Seeing how hard he is getting she tells him to pull it out and jack it for her. It makes her dance better. And wow does she ever as she dances above his rock hard white cock and soon does some dancing pussy work on that pole. Sliding into this super wet and tight black pussy may be the happiest moment of young Zak's life. Soon he has forgotten all about his girlfriend and drowns in the pleasures of sex with a black girl. Halle fucks the hell out of this young white stud and leaves an indelible mark on him that he will carry for the rest of his life. Zac is now addicted to black pussy.

Halle Hayes 在 'Glamour Girl'

Halle Hayes - Glamour Girl

Halle is an amazing woman! Standing at an awe-inspiring 6 feet tall, she demands attention. This ebony beauty conquers Ryan's dick, making sure he hits all the right spots and giving her a 2 big loads of cum deep inside her!

Halle Hayes 在 '- We Fuck Black Girls'

Halle Hayes - We Fuck Black Girls

Halle is hot, she can pretty much have anyone she wants. So when her friend Zack was falling behind in class, she offered to help him study, it was a class she had taken before so she knew exactly what their professor needed. But there was a bit of a 'quid pro quo' caveat... if Halle were to help him pass, she would get his body in return as a reward. The slut inside her couldn't resist making the deal even if it meant risking their 'friendship'. He accepted and when semester grades came out, turns out her time paid off. He was so happy to have passed and Halle was even happier to remind him of their 'arrangement'. She demanded him right then and there, in her yard, and within minutes he was oiling up her big round ass and she was clapping it for his hard pink dick.