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Queenie Sateen 在 'Brazzers' - Sateen Likes it Big and Sloppy (Brazzers Exxtra)

奎妮·薩汀(Queenie Sateen)非常喜歡它,在她的最新場景中,重磅炸彈對內森·布朗森(Nathan Bronson)進行了重磅炸彈的拍攝。奎妮天生的大奶子和濕潤的嘴巴是內森大雞巴的完美伴侶。

發布 : 11月7日, 2023
標籤 : 肌肉發達的男人, 美國男人, 棕色頭髮。, 短髮, 大迪克, 中等屁股, 競技, 高加索, 黑髮, 高跟鞋, 吊襪腰帶, , 修剪的貓, Innie貓, 大自然, 大山雀, 大胸部(天然), 天然山雀, 性別, 坐在山雀上, 暨射擊, 手淫, 屁股舔, 口交, 深喉嚨, 貓指著, 貓咪舔, 他媽的, 在室內, 奇聞趣事, 女牛仔, Doggystyle, 狗式 - 站立。, 傳教士, 反向女牛仔, 4K
男模特 : Nathan Bronson

Ella Hughes in 'Good Boy'

Ella Hughes in 'Good Boy'

圖片來自 Queenie Sateen 在 'Brazzers' Sateen Likes it Big and Sloppy

Queenie Sateen 在 'Brazzers' Sateen 喜歡它又大又邋遢 (縮略圖 1)
Queenie Sateen 在 'Brazzers' Sateen 喜歡它又大又邋遢 (縮略圖 2)
Queenie Sateen 在 'Brazzers' Sateen 喜歡它又大又邋遢 (縮略圖 3)
Queenie Sateen 在 'Brazzers' Sateen 喜歡它又大又邋遢 (縮略圖 4)
Queenie Sateen 在 'Brazzers' Sateen 喜歡它又大又邋遢 (縮略圖 5)
Queenie Sateen 在 'Brazzers' Sateen 喜歡它又大又邋遢 (縮略圖 6)

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Gia OhMy 在 '高大的姐妹會蕩婦腐敗了書呆子'

Gia OhMy - 高大的姐妹會蕩婦腐敗了書呆子

金髮美女 Gia OhMy 是聯誼會的新手,很難適應她的一些更具侵略性的室友,即奧古斯特·斯凱和奎妮·薩汀的權力夫婦。當吉亞洗完澡後走進來時,奧古斯特決定讓吉婭的舌頭工作,讓矮個子女孩吃她的陰戶。這導致了一些偷偷摸摸的交換,奧古斯特他媽的吉亞和她的女朋友奎妮。當奎妮弄清楚發生了什麼事時,她和吉婭有了自己的樂趣,然後奎妮和奧古斯特決定在一場激進的女同性戀三人行 v(包括一些綁帶動作!

Queenie Sateen 在 '鈮油'

Queenie Sateen - 鈮油


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Queenie Sateen 在 '040623 Qe Sa'

Queenie Sateen - 040623 Qe Sa

All it takes is a little inspiration to open up a woman's sexuality. When Jennie and Queenie happen to catch some girl on girl action, an experiment leads to them becoming something more than friends.

Queenie Sateen 在 '17 Days'

Queenie Sateen - 17 Days

A touch-starved woman undergoes a trial by deprivation for a chance at the man she's been craving.

Queenie Sateen 在 'A Royal Fucking Return'

Queenie Sateen - A Royal Fucking Return

All hail the Queenie! Thats right! Queenie Sateen is back, and this time I decided to team her up with Rickys Room alum Mazee the Goat. He was in awe and very appreciative when I presented him with his own delicious royal dish. Who wouldnt be? You dont want to miss it as these two hold court.

Queenie Sateen 在 'Indecision'

Queenie Sateen - Indecision

Queenie is tired of her unsupportive husband, So she calls her ex-unsupportive ex-husband off the bench.

Gianna Dior 在 'Entranced'

Gianna Dior - Entranced

Masturbation and matching lingerie: Gianna and Queenie must be having one of their afternoons in. This time with the help of Gianna's pocket porn studio, they're letting everyone else in on the action.

Queenie Sateen 在 'Private POV Creampie'

Queenie Sateen - Private POV Creampie

Sexy, dark-haired porn newbie Queenie Sateen poses in front of the mirror for acclaimed pornographer Mick Blue, smiling adorably as the director/performer showers her with compliments. His POV camera captures their intimate session. Queenie shakes her thick booty in black lingerie, masturbating her snatch to prepare for hot fucking. She jerks Mick's big cock to warm him up and then drops to her knees for a sloppy blowjob. When Mick's hard and ready, Queenie spreads her legs for his throbbing rod. She whimpers as Mick power-plows her twat, fondling her clit through an intense pounding. The private date serves up passionate kissing, rod riding ecstasy, and a pussy creampie climax. Finally, Queenie splays herself open, queefing as hot semen seeps from her slit!

Queenie Sateen 在 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Queenie Sateen - My Sister's Hot Friend

Queenie Sateen gets a visit by her friend's brother Apollo to get her phone back from her jerk ex-boyfriend. Apollo has some time to kill so he agrees to chill with her. Queenie has always liked Apollo and hearing about how big of a cock he has only made her want to hook up even more. If Apollo can keep this hook up a secret, he's in to slip and slide with Queenie's tight wet pussy.

Queenie Sateen 在 'A New Years Virgin No More - S17:E10'

Queenie Sateen - A New Years Virgin No More - S17:E10

Skylar Snow and Queenie Sateen are getting ready to go to a New Years bash. The girls are nice and flirt with one another, getting dressed together amidst light touches and passionate gazes. Things are nice and hot when Skylar realizes that her roommate's younger brother, Tyler Cruise, is watching them through the open door.The girls comment about how cute Tyler is as they mock his young age. They chat him up and extend their flirting to him as they ask him about his plans for the evening and his resolution for the new year. Both ladies are shocked when they learn that Tyler wants to lose his virginity, but they have an idea of how to make Tyler's night. Queenie tells Tyler that they've just now decided their new year's resolution will be taking his virginity.Pushing Tyler to his back, the ladies tag team his dick. Skylar and Queenie begin by working together, but eventually they move to taking turns as they each pull their big boobies out. Topless, the girls to ahead and each deliver a titty fuck to get Tyler harder than ever. That just makes it nice and easy to move things forward.Queenie takes the D first on her back with Tyler buried between her thighs. Kneeling beside her friend, Skylar makes out with Tyler. Then she gets a turn of her own as she kneels with Tyler banging her in doggy as Queenie kisses Tyler.Putting Tyler on his back, Skylar rides his cock while Queenie mounts Tyler's tongue. He demonstrates that he's not half bad at pussy eating. His reward is to bang Queenie as she lays with her thighs spread wide open.The girls let Tyler finish them off as Queenie stays on her back with Skylar on top of her. The double pussy stack is perfect for Tyler to pick and choose, leaving him free to get his dick wet until he's ready to blow his load. Once he pulls out and nuts on Skylar's back, the girls can play with the cum as they discuss their updated resolutions to keep doing this in the new year.

Queenie Sateen 在 'Gets A Facial Shower'

Queenie Sateen - Gets A Facial Shower

Naturally busty Queenie Sateen teases Manuel with her natural curves. Manuel rewards her for a job well done with a facial shower.