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發布 : 1月18日, 2017
標籤 : 大山雀, 黑髮, , 偷偷摸摸, 工作幻想

盧克是一年中最忙碌的一天,他的老闆決定將坎迪放在他身上,讓公司倒閉。 Candi不得不在爸爸的辦公室度過一天的大學課程,但她對他媽的興趣比金融學更有興趣。如果她的爸爸可能抓住她,她就會得到她應得的屁股,即使盧克必須在一天的工作中進行口交交易。

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Candi Kayne 在 'Brazzers' 帶你的青少年到工作日 (縮略圖 1)
Candi Kayne 在 'Brazzers' 帶你的青少年到工作日 (縮略圖 2)
Candi Kayne 在 'Brazzers' 帶你的青少年到工作日 (縮略圖 3)
Candi Kayne 在 'Brazzers' 帶你的青少年到工作日 (縮略圖 4)
Candi Kayne 在 'Brazzers' 帶你的青少年到工作日 (縮略圖 5)

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豐滿曬黑的摩洛伊斯蘭解放陣線Candi Kane低估了園藝工作的多少,但她朋友的兒子Jordi已經足夠幫助了!在她的大山雀意外溢出水後,笨拙的她,坎迪不知何故發現自己跪在她的內衣上,她多汁的嘴唇在Jordi的大雞巴上下晃動!現在冰被打破了,坎迪爬進她的獨輪車,將她的陰部擴展開來,這樣她的年輕鉚釘就可以用厚厚的工具將她填滿了邊緣!當他從後面犁起來時,屁屁Candi的大屁股,Jordi不能再忍住了,在Candi的臉和胸部上播放他的負荷。沒有什麼比走向花園更好的了。

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Posh raven-haired MILF Candi Kayne came into my office today, looking like a million bucks! And when I asked her what type of modeling interested her, she didn't hesitate before saying, "porn!" I just love a bird who's straight to the point. Candi said she enjoyed golden showers and rimjobs, and had hidden talents that she thought would make her an excellent pornstar. And as it turned out, Candi Kayne did have some hidden talents! She was an incredible deepthroater, easily able to swallow my big cock in one go--even upside down! I gave that hot MILF the piledriver treatment, then made her cum with my tongue before shooting a massive cumshot on those pouty lips of hers. If Candi Kayne isn't a star already, I'll make her one for sure!

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This sexy fucking MILF hopped in my car today and recognized me straight off! Candi Kayne was rearing to get pounded by the infamous pervy taxi driver, and since she was so goddamn sexy, practically bursting out of her little outfit, I figured I'd take the randy passenger for a special treat. I ate her pussy until she was cumming, shaking and screaming, then she pulled out my big dick for a blowjob, deepthroating me like she had a masters degree in blowjobs. She even tried to fit my dick and balls into her mouth at the same time! When I told her she was one bad-ass little cock brainer, the cheeky tart smiled up at me and said, "I sure am." Now that's my kind of woman.