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Cute brunette teen Anna Chambers has a very simple set of demands for her sexual partners: he needs to have a big cock and make her cum! Not content to leave it up to chance, this Russian-born babe struck out for Porn Valley, where she knew that she'd have her pick of the biggest dicks and she'd be guaranteed nonstop orgasms. Anna describes herself as "funny, sexy, slutty" and she's sure to make you laugh as she makes you hard, then demand that you pound her in doggystyle! Check out this horny stunner now as she gets just what she wants.

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Anna Chambers 在 '餐車供應油膩的大屁股'

Anna Chambers - 餐車供應油膩的大屁股

紋身和性感的安娜·錢伯斯(Anna Chambers)被迫與父親一起在家庭食品卡車上工作。安娜感到無聊和饑渴,尋找顧客並尋找辣妹做愛。當詹姆斯·安吉爾(James Angel)到達食品卡車視窗時,黑髮安娜(Anna)找到了她的男人!詹姆斯偷偷溜進餐車,給安娜又大又漂亮的屁股上油,而她則繼續説明口渴的顧客。然後,兩人開始在餐車裡偷偷摸摸地做愛。這兩個人最好小心,因為在天氣晴朗的日子里,外面有很多人,他們隨時可能被抓住!

Carmen Valentina 在 '角質家庭主婦的幻想'

Carmen Valentina - 角質家庭主婦的幻想

卡門·瓦倫蒂娜(Carmen Valentina)作為家庭主婦的無聊生活也是如此。每天早上打包午餐,跑腿,無休止的家務;對於這個炎熱而角質的摩洛伊斯蘭解放陣線來說,生活已經變得太平凡了。最重要的是,她的丈夫甚至不能好好地操她!在卡門說!並開車去一個沒有目的地的那一天,她遇到了一對年輕的戀人,安娜·錢伯斯和奧利弗·弗林,他們睜開眼睛,看到了一個性放縱和放蕩的世界,這與她從未經歷過的任何事情都不一樣。安娜和奧利弗被邀請進入他們的家,勾引了卡門,卡門內心對狂野性愛的渴望被強烈的三人組滿足,讓她暫時逃離了她離開家鄉的生活。

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Anna Chambers 在 'Perfect Fucking Strangers'

Anna Chambers - Perfect Fucking Strangers

Anna Chambers wants to remodel a chicken coup into a greenhouse, but it will cost her an arm and a leg. So instead of an arm and a leg, why not fuck the contractor to get a better price?

Anna Chambers 在 'Cum Hungry Brunette Nymphos'

Anna Chambers - Cum Hungry Brunette Nymphos

When Anna Chambers and Xxlayna Marie are in the same room you know it's going to be a wet, nasty, hot, and horny evening. These two nymphomaniacs are ready to lick, spit, suck, and fuck until the sun comes up. Enjoy these brunette sluts as they don't hold back while they deepthroat the dick and slam their wet pussies up and down until they cum hard. These two really know how to share a cock and everything that cums out of it. They cum swap with each other and end the night with a big smile.

Anna Chambers 在 'Fucked And Dominated!'

Anna Chambers - Fucked And Dominated!

Busty, tattooed baddie Anna Chambers flaunts her hefty fun bags and needy holes in a sassy opening tease. The brunette's tight, see-through top perfectly hugs her big tits, matching nicely with colorful heels and skimpy booty shorts. Porn stud Danny Steele crudely gropes Anna's body. He douses Anna in oil to start, soon whipping out his stiff rod for a nasty blowjob. Anna drools through a graphic suck session, spit lewdly soaking Danny's thick prick. She moans when his meat penetrates her cunt and shouts through intense slit slamming. Wild, male-dominant action includes sloppy face fucking, hard spanking and intense cunt reaming. Nasty Anna rims his bunghole and talks dirty. Danny sends her off with creamy cum facial.

Anna Chambers 在 'Hood And Pearl Necklace'

Anna Chambers - Hood And Pearl Necklace

Mysterious vixen Anna Chambers bewitches in a face-covering hood and red vinyl fetish attire. Veteran director/fucker Mick Blue's POV-style camera focuses on her as he asks the twisted tart, 'Are you going rob my cock?' With devilish charm she replies, 'I'm going to rob your soul... and your cum.' Anna gives Mick a blowjob, servicing his joint through the opening in her mask. Anna peels off the headgear, exposing her lush-lipped kisser and letting her shoulder-length brunette locks drop. The doe-eyed trollop bounces her knockout knockers and shakes her big ass for the libidinous stud. He fucks her cunt doggie-style. Anna gobbles his dick again and then mounts his boner, her bushy box taking a wild ride. Mick masterfully crams her cunt in multiple positions across the king-sized bed. He devours Anna's twat and bangs her more. Mick pumps a load into Anna's open mouth. The cum facial leaves Anna wearing a silky pearl necklace.

Anna Chambers 在 'Kinky PAWG Pounded From The Back'

Anna Chambers - Kinky PAWG Pounded From The Back

Anna Chambers is an enthusiastic horny brunette slut who's ready to spread her hole and get filled up. This big booty slut is what's known as a PAWG!! Normally a girl so small doesn't have an ass this big…But Anna Chambers isn't built like most girls. She sucks this dick like a sloppy, cock hungry slut then lets her tongue wonder lower till this nasty girl is eating ass. When she's is done using her mouth to get dirty she opens her legs to get pounded. Her wet warm pussy is tight and inviting but things really turn up when she turns around into doggystyle to get her pussy slammed from the back. It's hard to last with an ass like that in your face so a creampie is what's in store.

Anna Chambers 在 'Cherries On That Ass'

Anna Chambers - Cherries On That Ass

Anna Chambers was showing off her beautiful body and cute ass. Tyler Steel showed up and started to play with her. He poured lots of oil on her young body. She gave him a nice blowjob. Then they fucked. First they started with doggy at the pool. Then she was riding him on the bench. Another BJ. Then some fucking while she was lying on her belly followed by some mish and a load in her face.

Anna Chambers 在 'Wild Girl Twerks For a Ride'

Anna Chambers - Wild Girl Twerks For a Ride

The bus is constantly out here, roaming the streets of Miami searching for girls that would do anything for some dough. This specific week, we came across this wild girl who was down from the get go. After flashing her some cold hard cash, she got completely naked outside the bus before hopping inside to make some more money. Inside the bus, she was shaking booty and begging to get fuck. All she cared about was how much bread she'd go home with. Eventually, she got what she was looking for. Peter Green was the one in charged of giving this chick the fucking she deserved. He penetrated her tight little pussy in several different positions all over the BangBus. Finally, after she got nutted on it was time to set her free. So they released her back to the streets. Later!! Have a nice life!