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Your favorite pornstars have some competition, because fierce, big-titted babe Armani Black is on the scene, and she loves being the ultimate slut! Armani's got a big set of brown eyes you'll want to fall into, and luckily she's got some conveniently located huge boobs to catch you. This hottie never says no to a good dicking, whether she's on set with some of the biggest stars in the biz or getting so horny watching her own scenes that she just has to pick up a stranger to use his cock!

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Armani Black 在 '填充阿瑪尼的所有柔性孔'

Armani Black - 填充阿瑪尼的所有柔性孔

靈活的阿瑪尼·布萊克對公雞有渴望。不僅僅是一個,而是這個令人驚訝的豐滿的黑髮想要的不止於此。她想要兩個男人 - 米克·布魯和以賽亞·麥克斯韋 - 滿足她的每一個願望,填補每一個洞。嘴巴,陰道,屁股...阿瑪尼會彎下腰,迷失在狂喜的衝擊快感中,直到她被扭曲成各種姿勢來實現它。為了滿足於做分裂,在橋接兩隻公雞的同時乞求,並懇求雙重插入!因為阿瑪尼·布萊克想要這一切...她明白了。

Kyler Quinn 在 '早動機械手'

Kyler Quinn - 早動機械手

加拿大外國交換生迭戈·佩雷斯(Diego Perez)已搬到佛羅里達州邁阿密的家中接待阿瑪尼·布萊克(Armani Black)和她的新繼女凱勒·奎因(Kyler Quinn)。迭戈偷偷地看著阿瑪尼換衣服,然後說服她通過減輕球的壓力來説明他解決社交焦慮。接下來,迭戈窺探凱勒從男友盧卡斯·金那裡得到了內褲。詭計多端的卡納克設計了一個陰謀,讓兩個女人都採取更多的行動,最終形成了一個的三人組和一個憤怒的當地人!

Armani Black 在 '蒙上眼睛,屁股豎起來'

Armani Black - 蒙上眼睛,屁股豎起來


Mocha Menage 在 '雙倍預訂'

Mocha Menage - 雙倍預訂

角質蕩婦和辦公室惡作劇!Xander正試圖在他的家庭辦公室里完成一些工作,這時他在一旁的同事/女孩Mocha Menage出現在他的窗戶前,以獲得一些雞巴。唯一的問題是,Xander的妻子Armani Black來來去去,她也可以使用一個硬他媽的。Xander起初在兩人之間徘徊,但Armani最終抓住了躲在植物後面的Mocha。事情看起來緊張了一秒鐘,但Xander說服了女士們,他的雞巴是可以分享的。

Armani Black 在 '在榮耀的釉面上'

Armani Black - 在榮耀的釉面上

Armani Black和Summer Col潛入公共浴室,利用隱私在水槽櫃檯上蹲下來弄髒。他們被看門人打敗了,看門人對搗碎堅果更感興趣,而不是給他們一個艱難的時間。與此同時,吉米·邁克爾斯(Jimmy Michaels)一直在浴室隔間的一個光榮洞里看著。在看門人射精后,女士們告訴他去遠足,吉米停止了這個機會,把他的雞巴伸進洞里,招手叫角質寶貝。女士們拿著他堅硬的雞巴享受歡樂,並製造了一個悶熱,美味,三人混雜的空間。等到看門人得到這個負載。

Armani Black 在 '等待下來'

Armani Black - 等待下來

女神阿瑪尼·布萊克(Armani Black)正在等待下來。她穿著黑色的大腿高靴子和緊身緊身衣在房子里走來走去,炫耀著她所有最好的五官。阿瑪尼華麗的大奶子從她的低胸上衣中露出來,她的屁股在她的緊身丁字褲中充分展示出來。當Keiran Lee終於出現時,角質的Armani已經玩弄了她完美的陰道,她已經濕透了。阿瑪尼可以整夜去,她只是希望凱蘭悸動的雞巴能跟上!

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Armani Black 在 'Delivery Guy Gives MILF Anal'

Armani Black - Delivery Guy Gives MILF Anal

Armani Black is fed up with her man being away all the time. She needs a good dicking and the delivery guy Jay is just in time to deliver his package. She preps for anal but needs him to fill her up. When the butt plug comes out the huge cock goes in. He fucks her hard and enjoys every moment of her sexy fake tits and her tight asshole. He fucks her until she cums. Then he obviously cums on her face.

Francesca Le 在 'Busty MILF's Threesome'

Francesca Le - Busty MILF's Threesome

Tan-skinned, ultra-hot MILF Armani Black looks sexy in skimpy swimwear, teasing and stripping. The leggy starlet masturbates her pussy and shakes her big tits, soon encountering married XXX co-directors Francesca Le (another busty MILF) and Mark Wood. The ladies share a lesbian kiss as Armani strokes Mark's meat, and a wild threesome ensues. Francesca instigates the action, rimming Armani's bunghole as Arrmani gives Mark a drooling blowjob. The fun accelerates: When Armani bends over, Mark stuffs his big cock in her pussy for a thrilling, fulfilling fuck. Francesca eats pussy and sucks dick through a nasty menage-a-trois. Hardcore, rowdy rod riding leads to a creamy cum facial for Armani.

Armani Black 在 'Designer VS Designer'

Armani Black - Designer VS Designer

Why can't Armani stop fighting with her boss? Maybe she's looking to provoke him into an agreement. Or maybe she's looking to provoke him into something else.

Armani Black 在 'Armani's First Anal Scene'

Armani Black - Armani's First Anal Scene

On this episode of big tits and round asses Armani Black joins BangBros and Danny Steele sporting a butt plug because she's prepared for her first anal scene. Her anal cherry needs to be popped and it gets done professionally by Danny and his hard cock. Armani enjoys every moment. They start off slow but in no time it turns into some hardcore anal stuffing. A lot of anal all up in that anus in the hot tub and on the couch. Up and down, round and round, tits bounce and he obviously he cums on her face after she cums on his dick.

Armani Black 在 'Titty Fuck and Anal Gaping'

Armani Black - Titty Fuck and Anal Gaping

Tall, tan porn starlet Armani Black teases, showing off her beauty in a skimpy bikini. The busty anal goddess strips off her top to reveal massive breasts, soon chatting with director Mick Blue. Armani oils up her big boobs with Mick's assistance, and she gives a slobbering blowjob. Armani swaddles Mick's shaft in her shiny knockers for a titty fuck and then lies spread-eagled on the couch for Mick's pussy eating. As his big cock fucks her cunt, Armani's breasts bounce with every thrust. She rides his thick rod, moaning, and plays with her clit when Mick opens her butthole with a toy. Armani spreads widely, proudly posing her gaping rectum. A hard-banging buttfuck comes with nasty, ass-to-mouth fellatio and more sloppy cleavage cramming. Hot-assed Armani rudely rims Mick's bunghole! She opens wide for a messy cum facial.

Armani Black 在 'Fucking Armani Black'

Armani Black - Fucking Armani Black

Armani Black gets hosed down and washed up while playing with her big titties. She puts them all in your face and shows off her sexy little ass to get you nice and hard. When she's done getting cleaned up she's paired with Filthy Rich for a filthy fucking. He dominates her tight pussy and titty fucks her hard. They get it on hardcore in the living room while she makes super hot fuck faces. She rides his dick and gets pile drived like a good slut. Then Filthy obviously cums on her face.

Armani Black 在 'Stepmom's Secret Anal'

Armani Black - Stepmom's Secret Anal

Armani Black comes home and wants to get her stepson's opinion on some outfits she bought. While trying on some sexy clothes, Danny notices that she's got a butt plug in her ass, she tells him that his dad never fucks her in the ass. She notices how hard her stepson has gotten and she can't keep her hands off. She sucks his dick and wraps those tits around his hard cock. He sticks in her ass just like she likes it. They fuck in multiple positions and that ass makes Danny nut all over her face.

Armani Black 在 'Is A BBC Anal Maniac'

Armani Black - Is A BBC Anal Maniac

Head-turner Armani Black is on the prowl in this scene from Dressed in a bikini with zebra print and metal o-ring links that connect the fabric together. She's then draped in a see-through black robe that's light as a feather. Armani Black is a stunner. She removes the robe and her body brings that animalistic outfit to heal. When standing she widens her stance and you can see her firm butt cheeks from the front… Inside Jules Jordan asks Armani Black 'Are you ready for your next assignment'. She hops on the bed and crawls. Jordan says 'On the prowl'. The cock she's hunting appears and the beautiful Armani goes to work sucking. She then positions into doggy and her wonderful ass cheeks are dutifully put in motion. The back and forth is hypnotizing. Armani Black is so very statuesque even in missionary. She's so bendy yet full. Just viewing her grabbing her ankles as her heaving breasts sit is a major eyeful. Armani takes it in the ass during sidemount. She then folds herself over and the powerful Armani Black visual continues. Lastly she moves into doggy on a separate round lounge. That stunner of an ass teased then Black is again fucked in doggy. She finally takes her well earned bounty to that dazzling face of hers…

Armani Black 在 'Busty Exotic Armani Black Gives Up Her Ass For Jules Jordan'

Armani Black - Busty Exotic Armani Black Gives Up Her Ass For Jules Jordan

Warning as you may become an 'Armani Black addict' after watching this anal-palooza from We open with brown-eyed bedazzler Armani Black outdoors and poolside. Garbed in a 'built-for-her-chassis' bikini that's part black velvet, part jeweled hardware. The velvet is diamond embroidered and attached to gold c-clamps encrusted with jewels. The description may somehow sound garish but it's very tasteful. Especially with Armani's body underneath… Jordan chats with the charismatic treat, then thankfully grabs a bottle of oil. He uses it to create a mouth watering boob luster. Armani Black's set ruthlessly fully sheened. The exhibitionist gets on all fours to show off her pussy and ass. She pats her twat and says 'I call this the champion and I call this the legend'. This prompts Jordan to ask if she would like 'the legend' to make use of a butt plug… The POV shots are legendary… then Jules stuffs his cock into Armani's pussy as her asshole is occupied by the turquoise toy. The couple both comment how good it feels then Black moves to suck on Jordan's rod. After a titty fuck they volley and Armani Black spreads out her legs. Jordan works on her clit. A doggy and anal doggy session takes place and Jules says 'right in that sweet, tight little asshole'. Next Armani moves into missionary. Her flexibility and massive juggs deliver a monumental moment in visual enchantment. The anal optics erupt wen Armani Black folds her leg over and brings it to her chest… Jordan concludes the onslaught, putting Black in a boob-fuck guillotine. She takes globs of glamor glue to her pretty face. Licking her fingers and grinning on fade…

Armani Black 在 'Bum, Fun, Love'

Armani Black - Bum, Fun, Love

Armani Black is concerned for her stepson, Johnny Love. Who ironically has no one to love on Valentine's Day. She has a big idea; she tells Johnny to get ready. She quickly changes and gets the gift. She sees him in the living room and presents the gift, her body. Johnny is shocked and aroused. Armani presses her tits against his face. He loves it. She commands him to eat her pussy. He goes to town. She begs him to fuck her up the ass. He impales his dick in her hole. She screams in delight. He cums all over her face. Happy Valentine's Day.

Armani Black 在 'Maid Likes It Raw'

Armani Black - Maid Likes It Raw

Armani Black has some new tits she wants to show off. Sean Lawless gives her an opportunity and some money to do just that. He's not into topless maid services because he is fixing to have sex and they don't do that. Armani Black is horny and ready for action. She rides his dick in his living room and gets on all fours to take it from the back. She sucks him up and titty fucks him with her nice fake tits and she moans all sexy while he plows her pussy. He obviously cums on her face.

Armani Black 在 'Poolside Creampie'

Armani Black - Poolside Creampie

The beautiful Armani Black is here with us again, living in paradise. We hang with her by the pool as she shows off her perfect tits and sexy body. She's horny and ready to FUCK. Johnny oils up her body before fucking those titties. She sucks his huge dick and then the real fun begins. They fuck by the pool in multiple positions until he fills up that pussy with a gushing creampie.

Armani Black 在 'gets therapy and perscribed some big cock'

Armani Black - My Wife's Hot Friend

Armani Black is over her friend's house because her friend's husband is a therapist. Shes suffering from a lack of dick due to her recent split in her relationship. Her friend's husband can provide good advice and some good fucking.

Armani Black 在 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Armani Black - My Friend's Hot Mom

Armani Black comes home from a business trip and the house is a disaster. Her husband and son are nowhere to be found, only person there is her son's friend Johnny. Armani forces Johnny to tell her all that happenned and she finds out there was a lot of fun, females, and sex. Now, she's not only pissed, but jealous as well. To get revenge, she decides to fuck Johnny until he makes a gooey mess all over her.

Armani Black 在 'Stepmom's Soapy Secret'

Armani Black - Stepmom's Soapy Secret

Armani Black just got home from work and sees that her stepson is home too. She takes a bath and realizes she needs his help to wash her back. At first, he's nervous, but she promises him that she'll never tell his dad. He starts to rub her perfect tits and gets a boner, which Arami sees and decides to have some fun with him. She gives him an amazing blowjob in the tub and then they take it to the bedroom for the real fun to begin. They fuck in multiple positions, making a young step son's dreams come true. He lets out a huge load all over her face.

Armani Black 在 'Swinger Wife Fucks For Cash'

Armani Black - Swinger Wife Fucks For Cash

We got a real treat today on the bus. While driving we meet up with this sexy chick named Armani and she talks about being engaged, so we wanted to interview her a little more. During our interview process we find out she's actually a swinger and she gets to have sex with whoever she wants to as long as her fiancé approves it. We knew at that point we needed to get her on the bus and see some tits. She gets on and we throw some money at her to show us her huge, perfect boobies. Our boy Johnny was starting to get really horny, so we video call her fiancé and ask his permission to let her fuck our boy for 2 thousand bucks. We get the stamp of approval and then they fuck in multiple positions before we drop her ass off.