A perfect balance of utterly wholesome and sexually wicked, Athena Palomino is a goddess. Born in the east coast city of Savannah, Georgia, this sunkissed angel was a home-schooled preacher's daughter who never waned from her family's values. This small town girl had followed the rules for so long that when it came time to head off to college, she decided to set her 3.6 GPA aside and grab life by the reins! At just 20-years-old, the sexy blonde moved across the country to grace the world of adult entertainment with her glorious natural tits and mind blowing, juicy booty. Devoting her natural curves and perfect pussy to a pursuit of porn stardom, Athena Palomino has success in her sights!

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Athena Palomino 在 'Athena For Dessert'
Athena Palomino - Athena For Dessert

當豐滿的金發寶貝Athena Palomino是最美味的食物時,誰需要草莓和奶油!跪在地上,她在一個大雞巴上上下舔嘴唇,就像她在吸吮洞裡一樣有博士學位! Keiran Lee比一顆鑽石更難,但在咬了那些大山雀後,他彎下腰,將那多汁的屁股擴散開來,並用巨大的陰莖填滿她的陰部。他更加努力地弄濕了她的濕洞,Keiran在雅典娜漂亮的臉上幾乎要靠近卸載,但這是一個溫暖的釉,她將浸透她的漿果進行性愛甜點。沒有什麼比一個小草莓金發女郎滿足甜食!

Athena Palomino 在 '檢查入雅典娜'
Athena Palomino - 檢查入雅典娜

雅典娜帕洛米諾致力於為她在前台工作的第一天留下深刻的印象,她的老闆約翰尼辛斯正在確保她能處理所有投給她的事情 - 包括他的大傢伙!在酒店大堂的顧客面前讓她品嚐一下她的口交專業知識後,約翰尼將他豐滿的新租房租到了69號房間,並撕下她的內褲,以更好的舌頭他媽的她的緊貓!約翰尼將她那龐大的多汁屁股展開,拉伸著雅典娜的陰戶,盡可能猛烈地捶打她,直到他釉上完美的自然山雀。在下一位客人登記入住之前,管家最好通過!

Athena Palomino 在 '針灸療法'
Athena Palomino - 針灸療法

豐滿金發的家庭主婦雅典娜帕洛米諾喜歡嘗試新的治療方法,儘管她無聊的丈夫認為,但是Acupussy Therapy可能只是她的新寵!作為他的客戶的大山雀和多汁的屁股,盧卡斯·奈特認為她應該是那個負責會議的人。讓她裸露的身體在油中摩擦下來,雅典娜感受到了一種新的平靜和幸福感,但是當盧卡斯開始舔她的屁股時,她需要看看這種療法到底有多遠!在那隻巨大的雞巴上彈著她適合的小陰莖時,她的洞口擴大了,而且在一個sl blow的口交之後,盧卡斯用他的理療負擔給她完美的身體塗上一滴奶油。她的丈夫可能得不到它,但盧卡斯肯定會這樣!

Athena Palomino 在 '選美皇后'
Athena Palomino - 選美皇后

在去年的選美大賽中遭遇慘敗之後,金發女郎雅典娜帕洛米諾準備為南美貝爾加冕做好準備。雅典娜出現在法官Brick Danger的家中,並且閃亮她的完美山雀以獲得他的興趣,但是當她圍著他的大傢伙包裹著美麗的嘴巴時,他得到了他的注意!這個書呆子不敢相信自己進了什麼,所以他決定進入雅典娜。當她散佈著多汁的屁股時,他一邊向前走,一邊乞求那個皇冠,一邊把她那緊密的陰部塞滿了邊緣。看起來這個曬黑的美女在得到她之後的所有東西之前將不得不採取全面的面部護理,但法官正在為此付出代價!

Athena Palomino 在 '玫瑰花'
Athena Palomino - 玫瑰花

當雅典娜回家找到紅色的玫瑰花瓣覆蓋的床時,她脫下衣服,享受在其中玩耍的樂趣。 Athena擁有緩慢脫衣舞和玫瑰花瓣的慢鏡頭拍攝,可以讓她感到舒服,然後Markus為了一些樂趣而加入。

Athena Palomino 在 '讓我再次開啟'
Athena Palomino - 讓我再次開啟

Athena Palomino被她的繼父問及修理他的電腦。由於知道自己可能只是用盡了所有的記憶,她會進入他的相冊刪除一些文件,以便發現展示他令人印象深刻的解剖結構的圖片集。凱蘭非常尷尬地透露他的秘密,但雅典娜一點都不困擾 - 事實上,她腦子裡唯一的一件事就是親眼看到它。

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Athena Palomino 在 'Stretch Me'
Athena Palomino - Stretch Me

Popular blonde blogger Athena Palomino wants to show all her fans her sexy dance moves, so she records a vlog of herself stretching and strutting her stuff at her dance studio. Suddenly who should arrive but her ex, Johnny Goodluck, and his new girlfriend! Athena wants to catch up with Johnny, and once his new chick leaves, he remembers just how great their fucking used to be as he licks her pussy and she sucks his cock. They have to hide behind the curtain as Johnny's girlfriend comes back, and Johnny fucks Athena doggystyle. Once the studio is empty again Athena shows off how flexible she is as she puts her leg up on the barre so Johnny can fuck her ballerina style. Johnny missed that luscious ass, so he loves watching it as Athena bounces on his cock before he cums on her beautiful face!

Athena Palomino 在 'Sugar Rush'
Athena Palomino - Sugar Rush

There's no question the beautiful Athena Palomino is a tasty snack, but when she's bathing in a bathtub full of candy, it's a sweet surprise. She loves licking her lollipop, but this busty beauty has a sweet tooth for a rock hard cock! Working her luscious blowjob lips up and down every inch of her man's tasty dick, Athena gets out of the tub and spreads her juicy ass wide so she can completely fill her tight little pussy to the brim, bouncing along with each powerful thrust. This guy can't hold back any longer, glazing her fit body in a warm load from her big tits down to her perfect pussy. That's the icing on the cake!

Athena Palomino 在 'Snatchchat'
Athena Palomino - Snatchchat

After finding other girls' numbers on her boyfriend's phone, Athena wants to let him know it's over in a way he can't ignore. She dresses up super cute to make a video just for her cheating guy, starting with flirting with a total stranger at the park. After introducing herself to Sean, Athena goes straight for his cock, and she's excited to find it's way bigger than her boyfriend's...and it tastes way better, too! This babe has her friend make her even cuter with whimsical filters as she sucks a stranger's dick and rides it on the bleachers. By the time she takes Sean's jizz all over her face and her big tits, it's clear that this sexy slut is heart-eyes for strange guys.

Athena Palomino 在 'Don't Die on the 4th of July'
Athena Palomino - Don't Die on the 4th of July

Busty blonde Athena Palomino is showing her patriotism this July 4th by showing off her big tits and juicy ass! Athena puts her blowjob lips to work for freedom, gets her tight pussy pounded for liberty, and takes a full load all over her pretty face in the pursuit of happiness!

Athena Palomino 在 'Hand Solo: A DP XXX Parody Scene 2'
Athena Palomino - Hand Solo: A DP XXX Parody Scene 2

When a smuggler ship explodes around a nearby planet, every smuggler in the galaxy wants a piece of the prize! Hand Solo, joined by his trusty crew of misfits, takes a perilous journey through space with the ultimate goal of becoming the most revered smuggler in the galaxy (and every inviting pussy that comes with it)!

Athena Palomino 在 'Hand Solo: A DP XXX Parody Scene 3'
Athena Palomino - Hand Solo: A DP XXX Parody Scene 3

When a smuggler ship explodes around a nearby planet, every smuggler in the galaxy wants a piece of the prize! Hand Solo, joined by his trusty crew of misfits, takes a perilous journey through space with the ultimate goal of becoming the most revered smuggler in the galaxy (and every inviting pussy that comes with it)!

Athena Palomino 在 'Hero's Welcome'
Athena Palomino - Hero's Welcome

Athena believes herself to be a widow after the army informed her that her husband was lost in action after a mission went awry. Months, years go by and Athena finally has some peace. That is…until her husband Alex shows up on her doorstep. Everything should be perfect, but while coping with her grief, Athena had begun a relationship with Alex's close friend Justin. When Alex finds out he can't contain his hurt and storms out. Fraught with regret and worry, Athena is desperate to get her husband back and when he returns home with a slightly cooler head, she does everything she can to remind him of the bond they share. Intense, possessive, desperate, and frantic, the couple engage in some of the hottest sex they've ever had as they try and piece things back together.

Athena Palomino 在 'While She's Gone'
Athena Palomino - While She's Gone

It is a hot summer, and Athena is spending a boring day at home - that is until she sees her neighbor's wife leaving for work - meaning that he is all alone. When she arrives at his house, it doesn't take much persuading for him to spend the time he has satisfying his favorite girl on the block.

Athena Palomino 在 'Athena's Risque Photoshoot'
Athena Palomino - Athena's Risque Photoshoot

Blonde babe Athena Palomino was just in for a photoshoot, but when the photographer has her whipping her big tits out, the photo session turns into a fuck session! Athena bounces her little pussy on his huge cock until he's filled her up with a creampie finish!

Lily Adams 在 'Straight Shot'
Lily Adams - Straight Shot

Lily Rader and Lily Adams are in the backyard playing catch. The girls have to test out the new girl, Athena Palomino, to see if she can make the cut for the softball team. When she finally arrives, the girls throw everything they got at her. They cringe as they watch her drop every ball that's thrown at her. What was Athena thinking? She stinks! She can't throw, she can't catch and she can't run. The girls have no idea what they're going to do with her. When Athena asks the girls if she made the team, the news is bleak. She can't run straight, she can barely hit the ball, she even broke one of their windows. The girls have no choice but to cut her. Athena is devastated; she wants nothing more than to be on the team and will do anything to make the cut. The girls look at each other and figure that if Athena is willing to do anything to make the team perhaps they can take advantage. When they take her inside Athena remarks about the rumors she's heard regarding the girls on the softball team being lesbians. Both Lilys can't help but confirm her suspicions as they smile. Athena is willing to try anything once. When she confesses she's never been with a girl before, the girls are delighted that they'll be providing her with her first lesbian experience. And when you have someone who's willing to take one for the team, the girls can't help but appreciate the gesture.

Athena Palomino 在 'Mick's Pornstar Initiations'
Athena Palomino - Mick's Pornstar Initiations

Athena Palomino is a beautiful blonde with long legs and an athletic build. In a tiny bikini, she playfully teases director Mick Blue. The lustful couple enjoys a passionate fuck, Mick pounding her cunt. Athena gives a slobbery blowjob, engrossed in worshiping Mick's thick prick. He spanks her ass while jackhammering her pussy. And Mick laps Athena's wet twat through a heated 69 session. She rides his big boner, whimpering, skin smacking as Mick's meat slams her slit.

Athena Palomino 在 'Sleeping Bag Swap'
Athena Palomino - Sleeping Bag Swap

Emma and Athena arrive at their old friend's place while passing through town, and Lucas can't keep his eyes off them! When his girlfriend patiently waits in bed, Lucas sneaks out into the living room where Emma and Athena are already face first in each other's twats, and ask hm to join in!

Athena Palomino 在 'Blonde And Boobalicious'
Athena Palomino - Blonde And Boobalicious

Athena Palomino is a blonde beauty with an amazing rack and body. She fucked and sucked like a pro too, and had no problem guzzling down some jizz. This girl definitely has potential to be one of the hottest up and coming starlets. What site should we shoot her for next? Comment below and tell us what you think!

Athena Palomino 在 'My First Celebrity Hook-up'
Athena Palomino - My First Celebrity Hook-up

Athena has been told that things move fast in Hollywood - but she didn't realize just how fast. She is in her first job from college - hired as an executive assistant to an influential talent agent and now she finds herself at one of the biggest celebrity parties - but that isn't the craziest part - when she accidentally spills champagne on one of the famous guests, it isn't long before she is doing things she never thought possible.