Once upon a time Ayumi Anime was a mainstream model, but now she's crossing over and about to take the adult world by storm. Located in LA, Ayumi is a former competitive bikini fitness model who has posed for brands such as Nike, Chanel, and Armani. The world just can't take their eyes off Ayumi, a stunning babe that stands 5'7 with a chiseled bod that's curvy in all the right places. Ayumi's got that squat booty, perky tits, and a face so pretty she could fall in love with her own reflection. She's bold and fierce, but Ayumi has one weakness. The sweet sensation is addicted to chocolate, so she does extra daily cardio in order to maintain her thin waist. For now, the Anime princess will be performing exclusively in lesbian scenes, but who knows what the future holds? The sky's the limit for this LA beach babe, so make sure to follow Ayumi closely so you don't miss out!

最新更新特色 Ayumi Anime

Ayumi Anime 在 '在債務中的堤'

Ayumi Anime - 在債務中的堤

Ayumi Anime喜歡購物,但她豐滿的金發女友Bridgette B已經足夠了。現在是時候讓她的錢從這個亞洲可愛的小貓身上值得!撕掉Ayumi的全新T卹以獲得她的小山雀,Bridgette在陰部舔舔那些乳頭時抓住了她的女孩。 Ayumi正在享受這種懲罰太多了,是時候讓她去吸吮Bridgette的大假假山雀,然後再把她的舌頭放在她濕透的陰部上工作!這張信用卡賬單並沒有縮短,但這些寶貝磨得越緊密,Bridgette似乎就越不在意!

Ayumi Anime 在 '滑的剪刀'

Ayumi Anime - 滑的剪刀

這是Darcie Dolce的一天放鬆,所以她正在拜訪nuru按摩師Ayumi Anime。 Darcie放下後,她在床墊上變得舒服,讓Ayumi在曲線上工作。不久之後,Ayumi正在將她的赤裸身體蹭到Darcie的身上,除此之外,只剩下油了。這種性感的按摩很快就變成了抓癢,親吻陰部舔和剪刀。有什麼更好的方式來放鬆?

Ayumi Anime 在 '清新和連接'

Ayumi Anime - 清新和連接

這是自從黎明以來困擾人類的一個問題。女人為什麼要成對洗手間去清理呢?在Ayumi和Honey的情況下,這是因為他們聽到他們的日期談論胡說,都是厭惡的。親愛的,他們認為他們可以在這些人談論運動時相互fo fun fo。。女士們逃避可怕的晚餐,並決定通過舔和他媽的舔彼此清新,直到他們暨。

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Natasha Blue 在 'Dorm Birthday Surprise Party'

Natasha Blue - Dorm Birthday Surprise Party

All Liv's friends have gathered to surprise her as she turns 20, but the birthday girl herself is late! When the petite Latina finally arrives at the dorm, the fun can truly begin. Busty blonde Natasha starts the party off right by giving Liv some birthday spanks before all her friends twerk for her! Everybody stares when Natasha and Asian stunner Ayumi start kissing and taking out their tits... until Jay pulls Liv onto the bed and she gives them an even hotter show when she sucks his cock! That makes the lusty lesbians up the ante with a 69 and fill the room with their loud moans, so Jay pulls out all the stops with a hard fuck and even a stand-and-carry. The real winner is Liv, who ends her birthday with a big mouthful of cum!

Ayumi Anime 在 'Stretch it Out'

Ayumi Anime - Stretch it Out

When Lily Adams finds out her roommate, Ayumi Anime, stretched out her favorite tshirt, it's time for wet punishment! Lily spreads Ayumi's legs and stuffs her tongue deep in her Asian friend's pussy before having her pussy treated just as well!

Ayumi Anime 在 'Schoolgirl Dreams Cum True'

Ayumi Anime - Schoolgirl Dreams Cum True

Sexy Japanese schoolgirl Ayumi is everything her stepsister Katana wants to be...hot, popular and a total party girl. It's Katana's lucky day because Ayumi wants to party with her one-on-one! These two horny stepsisters attack each other's wet cunts moaning in delight. They eat each other out with passion, cumming in waves as they finger each other.