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Bunny Colby 在 '綁定和磅'
Bunny Colby - 綁定和磅

幾個星期以來,Bunny Colby一直渴望Charles Dera的大而硬的陰莖,她決心要得到它!兩個人安頓下來,度過了一個安靜,淫亂的夜晚,並決定嘗試一些熱門的BDSM性......希望這能滿足兔子的骯髒慾望......

Bunny Colby 在 '吱吱作響的清潔和準備暨'
Bunny Colby - 吱吱作響的清潔和準備暨

性感的Bunny Colby在淋浴時變得乾淨但是沒有用,Keiran Lee即將讓她變得非常非常臟!在她的熱水淋浴後,大屁股的兔子移動到床上,並且用油潤濕美麗的身體 - 當金發兔子按摩它們時,她的巨大的乳房發出光芒並且反彈。很快,Bunny將她的口交嘴唇纏繞在Keiran的堅硬的陰莖上,並且正在她緊身濕潤的陰部中採取每一寸Keiran。這個漂亮的女孩需要另外洗澡,因為Keiran無法幫助自己,他在她華麗的臉上突然出現了巨大的負荷!

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Bunny Colby 在 'Happy Hour'
Bunny Colby - Happy Hour

Ruckus finds himself on the streets when his girlfriend tosses him out. His buddy Wolf Hudson offers him a place to stay but Ruckus is worried it might be weird. You see, he used to date Wolf's wife Bunny Colby. But that's okay, nothing will be weird promises the married couple. Ruckus is relieved and goes to sleep in their guest room. Soon, he is joined by the wife who misses his cock so much. Soon enough, they are joined by the husband. Apparently, he too would like to see what his wife has missed. Ruckus always thought Wolf was straight but tonight, as he rode up and down on that big cock, he started having second thoughts. This whole bi thing is pretty cool he figured.