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Flame-haired Emma Magnolia has a different brand of seduction than most. Not that this thicc, curvy, and totally gorgeous model-turned-porn starlet has to do much in the way of seducing when she sees a guy or girl who's just her type... but instead of candlelight and lingerie, Emma will simply ask you to join her in reading some erotica or doujinshi. As Emma says, it works every time! What if you want to seduce the lovely Miss Magnolia right back? Emma loves hearing what you're most passionate about... and she also loves big, luscious thighs! Check out this nerdy squirter's seductive scenes now. 

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Luna Star 在 'Hztv:雙浸畫家棒'

Luna Star - Hztv:雙浸畫家棒

輪到 Luna Star、Emma Magnolia 和 Manuel Ferrara 為 ZZ reno 房子注入他們的個人風格,雖然 Manuel 承認沒有使用油漆滾筒的經驗,但他有一根大棒可以完成另一項工作!當艾瑪推倒牆壁,艾瑪決定她要如何處理花園時,曼努埃爾等待時間,直到他可以開始工作,做他真正擅長的事情:他媽的!一旦露娜意識到面具後面的男人是誰,她就放下大錘,用嘴唇包裹住曼努埃爾的大雞巴,給他口交,然後他把它滑進她的陰戶!艾瑪不想成為唯一一個在她的同事們玩得開心時工作的人,所以她加入了三人行,這再次證明,雖然我們的 HZTV 工作人員在家庭裝修方面可能不是最高效的,但他們肯定知道如何他媽的!

Emma Magnolia 在 '小婊子吸取了一大教訓'

Emma Magnolia - 小婊子吸取了一大教訓


Jessie Rogers 在 '曲線美眉與巨大的雞巴'

Jessie Rogers - 曲線美眉與巨大的雞巴

一對曲線優美的美眉(Emma Magnolia 和 Jessie Rogers)齊聚一堂,與Isiah Maxwell 搭檔。看著這些大奶子和驢子搖晃,因為以賽亞給了他們倆一個狠狠的捶打!

Emma Magnolia 在 '砸碎、傳球或吃掉我的屁股'

Emma Magnolia - 砸碎、傳球或吃掉我的屁股

Kazumi 和 Emma 在一群猙獰的傢伙面前玩了一個不敬的「粉碎或傳球」遊戲,取笑他們,指指點點地權衡他們想操哪一個,然後在小組中發現了一個真正的梭哈——賽斯·甘布爾。他們邀請他上來,在人群為他們歡呼時,串聯吮吸他巨大的雞巴。艾瑪和和美不願讓觀眾失望,他們輪流捶打他們噴射的陰戶,在卡座上站起來,最終坐在沙發上。艾瑪騎著他的雞巴,而和美騎著他的臉,隨著人群催促他們達到射精的高潮和熱烈的掌聲,來回切換。

Alexa Payne 在 '鬼鬼祟祟的汽車轉銷商三人行'

Alexa Payne - 鬼鬼祟祟的汽車轉銷商三人行

Alexa Payne和Emma Magnolia正在做他們無聊的汽車轉銷商工作。為了打發時間,兩位曲線玲瓏的女神通常會偷偷溜進二手車的後座勾搭。然而,今天他們骯髒的經理告訴女售貨員出去賣一些汽車!Alex Legend和他的女朋友正在尋找一輛二手車,有競爭力的Alexa和Emma非常樂意提供説明。亞歷克斯得到的比他討價還價的要多,當他發現自己坐在一輛 SUV 的後面,華麗的 Alexa 和艾瑪崇拜他堅硬的雞巴!

Halle Hayes 在 '已婚夫婦圍攻角質按摩師'

Halle Hayes - 已婚夫婦圍攻角質按摩師

艾瑪·木蘭花(Emma Magnolia)是一位熱情的按摩師,水療中心人手不足,她隨時要管理一對夫婦(哈莉·海耶斯和米克·布魯)的按摩。她很敬業,但給哈莉·海耶斯多汁的屁股上油會導致艾瑪分心,她丈夫的雞巴膨脹。艾瑪盡力而為,在她決定將能量結合起來之前,在兩者之間切換。無論是艾瑪和哈雷像攪拌黃油一樣工作米克的雞巴,還是米克在吃 CJ 時捶打艾瑪的陰戶,這個水療中心的油都很多。在會議結束時,這對夫婦表達了他們對按摩的讚賞,米克將他的精液留在艾瑪的眼鏡上,哈莉在床單上留下了一些現金!

Emma Magnolia 在 '點燃艾瑪·木蘭花的火焰'

Emma Magnolia - 點燃艾瑪·木蘭花的火焰


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Emma Magnolia 在 'Wet Threesome With Squirting Redheads Emma Magnolia And Lumi Ray'

Emma Magnolia - Wet Threesome With Squirting Redheads Emma Magnolia And Lumi Ray

When Emma Magnolia and Lumi Ray get together there are a few guarantees…Big ass, perfect natural tits, squirting pussies mixed with smiles and horny moaning. This threesome combines two beautiful redhead sluts who make the night light up. These two ladies have explosive orgasms before Lumi uses her tight bald pussy to drain out a creampie and Emma uses her naughty little mouth to eat it up.

Emma Magnolia 在 'The Thickest Threesome'

Emma Magnolia - The Thickest Threesome

A girl with big natural tits and a huge juicy ass, not to mention a gorgeous face is extremely rare…well in this epic threesome, there are two. Emma Magnolia and Kylie Page are not only busty and curvy in all the right places but they have a genuine burning desire for both men and women. They enjoy touching and licking one another as well as sharing a rock-hard cock. This redhead and blonde duo love to feel a dick slide deep inside their wet pussies and equally enjoy watching the other feel the intense pleasure. This combination is one to remember!

Emma Magnolia 在 'Gets Tag Teamed By Three Guys'

Emma Magnolia - Gets Tag Teamed By Three Guys

Emma Magnolia shows off her curves to a group of horny guys! Her perfect round bubble butt gets these guys rock hard. Emma Magnolia makes sure she swallows every drop of their cum!

Emma Magnolia 在 'EMMA MAGNOLIA BJ 3-Way, Sloppy Specs'

Emma Magnolia - EMMA MAGNOLIA BJ 3-Way, Sloppy Specs

Bodacious, bespectacled babe Emma Magnolia flaunts thick thighs and luscious tits in a sheer, revealing outfit. When the strawberry blonde baddie encounters massively hung Hollywood Cash, she wastes no time stuffing his big Black cock deeply down her throat. Emma then gives Scotty P a turn, drooling and choking through a nasty blowjob, shot POV-style by director Jonni Darkko. Spit drips over her fleshy jugs as she slurps BBC shaft and laps balls. The guys squirt lube into Emma's pie hole and lewdly fuck her mouth, talking smack through a raunchy oral threesome. On her knees, Emma fondles their nuts while they masturbate. The dudes finally spray their hot sperm over Emma's specs. To conclude the cum facial, the guys use their boners to scoop hot spunk into Emma's hungry mouth!

Emma Magnolia 在 'The Total Package'

Emma Magnolia - The Total Package

Have you ever met a girl that is just so much of everything without even trying? No? Then meet Emma Magnolia because she is it. Her sexy brain, her beautiful body, her fucking dangerous ass. Wait. Was there a camera on us? Because I was just so lost in her being that I am pretty sure I forgot about that. Damn.

Emma Magnolia 在 'Curvy Queen Emma Magnolia Captivates Manuel With Her Curves'

Emma Magnolia - Curvy Queen Emma Magnolia Captivates Manuel With Her Curves

Big booty star Emma Magnolia shows off her ASSets to Manuel Ferrara. Manuel Ferrara does a great job inspecting all her curves. Emma Magnolia is in for a treat she loves Manuel Ferrara's big fat cock. Manuel Ferrara rewards her with a facial blast!

Emma Magnolia 在 'The Big Butt Connoisseur: Lexington Steele's Adventure With Emma Magnolia's Bubble Butt'

Emma Magnolia - The Big Butt Connoisseur: Lexington Steele's Adventure With Emma Magnolia's Bubble Butt

Lexington Steele, strolled into Emma Magnolia's residence with an expectation for an ordinary visit. As he made his way through the hallway, he suddenly caught the rhythm of a bubble butt echoing from upstairs. As he looked up, he was met with an unexpected spectacle. There on the staircase, Emma Magnolia was naked twerking on the staircase. The dance was provocative, and it instantly got Lexington Steele's BBC rock hard. They moved in rhythm, to the beat of Emma Magnolia's Ass. Their bodies weaving a silent conversation of attraction and desire. There was no need for words; Lexington Steele BBC was instantly attracted to Emma Magnolia's curves.

Emma Magnolia 在 'Luscious Bubble Booty Newcomer Emma Magnolia Shows Off Her Curves'

Emma Magnolia - Luscious Bubble Booty Newcomer Emma Magnolia Shows Off Her Curves

Jules Jordan can't wait to worship Emma Magnolia's ass. Emma Magnolia gets a facial from Jules she will never forget.

Emma Magnolia 在 'Horny Redhead PAWG Squirts And Creampied'

Emma Magnolia - Horny Redhead PAWG Squirts And Creampied

Emma Magnolia is a sexual powerhouse who is insatiably horny. This redhead ginger PAWG has got booty for days!! Her huge ass, big natural tits, and pretty face make her a true triple threat. But let's not forget her tight, wet, dripping pussy that grips like non-other. This tantalizing babe cums over and over and has multiple uncontrollable squirts. To finish the night she wants to be finished inside of…and she gets exactly what she wants with a deep creampie of cum in her incredible fuckhole.