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Gianna Grey 在 '特殊任務 2'

Gianna Grey - 特殊任務 2

私人助理吉安娜·格雷來到她老闆家打掃和整理她的衣櫥。她老闆的丈夫,凱蘭李,然後揭示了她被派過來的真正原因:取悅他,做他說的。吉安娜不想讓她的老闆失望, 在拍了幾張要求的迪克照片後, 她能完成任務 — — 角質, 準備他媽的!

Gianna Grey 在 '畢業山雀'

Gianna Grey - 畢業山雀


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Gianna Grey 在 '- Cuckold Sessions'

Gianna Grey - Cuckold Sessions

Gianna and her husband Jordan have long wanted to take a trip to Hawaii and Jordan has just been waiting for that long promised bonus at work that never seems to come through. Gianna, frustrated with his inability to speak up for himself, realizes a Woman has got to do what a Woman has to do to get to Hawaii. She decides to surprise her husband at work all dressed up with a mind to solve this problem. When Jordan's boss walks in and sees Gianna and dressed for action he is quick to discuss the situation of that bonus and his obvious hard Cock shows Gianna just what she needs to do. Blowing the Boss for all she is worth he calls in his Vice President as well and she is more than happy to take both of them right in front of Jordan to get what she wants. She loves their Cocks so much it seems she will be going with The Boss and VP to Hawaii instead, Jordan suddenly has way too much work to do.

Gianna Grey 在 'My Wife's Hot Friend'

Gianna Grey - My Wife's Hot Friend

Gianna Grey and her friend's husband, Quinton, are on vacation alone for a bit while they wait for their significant others. Quinton comments on how amazing Gianna's body looks and she compliments him back. With the rental house to themselves for a few hours, they decide to pass the time fucking each others brains out until everyone else arrives. What a great start to a vacation.

Karma Rx 在 'Lucky guy can't resist cheating on his girlfriend when he helps Gianna Grey, Karma Rx, and Payton Preslee pick out lingerie'

Karma Rx - Lucky guy can't resist cheating on his girlfriend when he helps Gianna Grey, Karma Rx, and Payton Preslee pick out lingerie

Gianna Grey, Karma Rx, & Payton Preslee take a trip to their favorite lingerie store. Karma notices a sexy stud perusing the lingerie, looking clueless as to what to buy. Karma suggest she and her friend's model some outfits for the guy to help him determine a sexy piece for his girlfriend. But these hot babes just lured him into their private changing room so they can take advantage of him. Their plan works flawlessly as no man can resist the plump asses and huge tits on these gorgeous, slutty chicks!