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Certified cumslut Hailey Rose has the full pornstar package: a gorgeous body, luscious hair and lips, a nice round bum, and a sensational rack. The Los Angeles native loves shaking her huge tits in front of the camera, and she likes it even better when they're dripping in cum after treating some lucky guy to an oily titfuck! In fact, Hailey was recently nominated for an AVN award for "Most Spectacular Boobs!" The stunning brunette and her husband, pornstar Max Fills, live the swinging lifestyle together, and Max enjoys collaborating with the ever-horny bisexual on set as she "cheats" on him with multiple men! So, if you've been looking for a petite babe with big boobs and a rabid sex drive, look no further!! Check out busty Hailey's sensational scenes right here!

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Hailey Rose 在 '照顧他媽的生意(捶打辦公室陰戶)'

Hailey Rose - 照顧他媽的生意(捶打辦公室陰戶)

曼努埃爾·費拉拉 (Manuel Ferrara) 是一個聽話、上班的僵硬人,崇拜例行公事。他的同事可能會形容他為「泥濘中的一根棍子」,但當他性感、大胸的同事(倫敦·洛朗飾)將鉛筆塗在她的陰部汁液中時,費拉拉嗅到了新辦公室文化的到來。洛朗在自助餐廳里甩開她的大奶子,(新解放的)費拉拉用他未切割的巨大雞巴打了他們。不久,另一位同事(海莉·羅斯飾)注意到了,他們都在吮吸他的雞巴——團隊合作!費拉拉在自助餐廳里操他們,女孩們在騎著他的豬和把胸部搗碎在他的臉上之間交替。一旦 Hailey 的陰戶開始流動,很明顯新的辦公室合作正在發揮作用。忠實於他的本性,費拉拉僵硬地工作他們的嘴巴和陰戶,然後在他們的臉上塗上精液。這是專案管理和解決問題的典範,但出現了一個新問題:在那之後,誰能重返工作崗位?

Hailey Rose 在 '夢之隊'

Hailey Rose - 夢之隊


Esperanza Gomez 在 '親愛的,我的手銬在哪裡'

Esperanza Gomez - 親愛的,我的手銬在哪裡


Hailey Rose 在 '雙定時與大自然'

Hailey Rose - 雙定時與大自然

海莉·羅斯的男朋友裡科·埃爾南德斯(Rico Hernandez)儘管有明顯的進步,但她仍然注意力不集中,所以她把注意力轉向正在玩遊戲的室友馬克斯·菲爾斯。當海莉閃現她的大天然奶子時,麥克斯立即被打開,導致在裡科的鼻子下偷偷做愛。雖然麥克斯破壞了從海莉陰部滴落的大負荷,但她還是悄悄溜走了,在淋浴時洗掉了。然而,麥克斯還沒有完成,他跟著她進來,又開始操她。當里科進來想加入海莉時,一個濕熱的淋浴被打斷了,只是為了讓她用口交分散她的男朋友的注意力,而麥克斯則一直在浴簾後面操她,沒有被發現。海莉知道如何同時處理多項任務並得到她想要的東西,但問題是她能否僥倖逃脫。

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Hailey Rose 在 'Happy Birthday - S45:E21'

Hailey Rose - Happy Birthday - S45:E21

Hailey Rose has a real great present for her boyfriend Quinton James. She starts the party with a cupcake and has him blow the candle out. She asks Quinton what he wished for, and he hedges a bit.That's okay; Hailey knows exactly what will make Quinton happy. She calls Jade Maris into the room and gives her a deep kiss as she explains that Jade is Quinton's birthday gift. They're going to have a threesome.The girls confirm that they're very into each other as they make out for Quinton's benefit before leading him to the bedroom. Sitting Quinton down on the bed, the girls continue to come together with soft lips and exploratory caresses. As Jade's tits are released from her dress, Quinton gets busy with his hands and mouth mapping this new territory. Hailey get some good suck of her own, ensuring she doesn't feel left out.Pushing Quinton onto his back, Hailey and Jade work together to pop his hardon free. Jade takes the first turn sucking it as she loves on that thick dick. Hailey joins in eventually, creating a double BJ that gets Quinton's cock hard as hell and standing right to attention. Jade takes the first ride on the D, with Hailey climbing onto Quinton's face. They take him together, then switch it up so that Jade is rocking her hips on Quinton's tongue while Hailey gets to enjoy the D. The girls adjust themselves to create a pussy double stack, with Jade on her back feasting on Hailey's tits as Quinton dips from one pussy to the other.Even as Quinton slams into Hailey's coochie, Hailey urges Jade to scoot backwards so that she can feast on her friend's twat. Then Jade is on her knees beside Quinton, delivering a handie. When Quinton is about to nut, Jade directs the cum shot to Hailey's ass where she can lap at the treat and snowball it with her friend.

Hailey Rose 在 'November 2023 Fantasy Of The Month - S45:E19'

Hailey Rose - November 2023 Fantasy Of The Month - S45:E19

What more could a husband want than a hottie like Hailey Rose making treats for him? Wearing just a sexy little number complete with a sheer bra and apron, Hailey gets her bake on. By the time Max Fills arrives home, the muffins are ready and Hailey is all set to give him twice the dessert.Max's week at work hasn't been the best, but Hailey's surprise has surely brightened him up. Those muffins look nice, but Hailey is even more appetizing. She's happy to let Max do whatever he needs to brighten his day. That turns out to be eating Hailey out as she leans forward. Hopping onto the counter, Hailey continues to open herself up to Max's tongue and fingers.When Hailey gets on her knees so she can suck Max down in a deep throat BJ, his week continues to look right up. Popping her lovely boobs out, she delivers one hell of a titty fuck. Now that they're both primed, Hailey once again leans forward over the counter and spreads her thighs so Max can come into her from behind.That's just the beginning of their lovemaking! Hailey gets Max on his back on the countertop so she can climb aboard and ride him like a cowgirl. In return, Max puts Hailey prone on the stools so he can go to pound town in her cream filled cooch. Lifting one of Hailey's legs to hook her ankle over his shoulder, Max opens her nice and wide so he can give her a nice creampie. As they come down from their mutual delight, Max admits that he is indeed feeling better.

Hollywood Cash 在 'Naturally Gifted Busty Slut Hailey Rose Embracing Every Inch Of Hollywood's BBC'

Hollywood Cash - Naturally Gifted Busty Slut Hailey Rose Embracing Every Inch Of Hollywood's BBC

It's time for Breast Worship! Hailey Rose shows off her 38G big naturals. It's the battle of the naturally gifted. Hailey Rose's 38G big tits Vs Hollywood Cash's 11 Inch BBC. Watch now! Find out who wins the battle!

Hailey Rose 在 'CoEd hottie Hailey Rose just has to wrap her big tits and lips around her friend's dad's big dick'

Hailey Rose - CoEd hottie Hailey Rose just has to wrap her big tits and lips around her friend's dad's big dick

Hailey Rose stayed the night at her friend's house. Her friend just took off to work so Hailey heads to the kitchen to find some tea and start her day. Her friend's dad is in the kitchen all alone. They get to chatting and Hailey realizes he's looking at her tits. She apologizes for wearing such skimpy clothes this morning but the dad assures her nothing is wrong. Hailey likes older men and has been checking out her friend's dad from time to time anyhow. She asks him if he wants to feel them and of course he does, who wouldn't want to cop a feel at some big natural college-aged tits?! One thing leads to another and this lucky dad gets to have his way with his daughter's hot friend.

Hailey Rose 在 'Eyes Glued on Her Tits'

Hailey Rose - Eyes Glued on Her Tits

Max just wanted to play a silly prank on his step sister Hailey Rose. However, things quickly went awry when he accidentally glued his hards to her shirt. After a few attempts, he finally pulled harder and his hands got free, the only problem was that he ripped her shirt with it completely exposing her perfect tits. From there, Hailey quickly got an idea, since he had already seen her tits it was only fair for her to get a peek at his private parts too. Soon, she was choking on his cock right in the living room. And not long after that, Max penetrated his step sister's pussy in several different positions making her scream in pleasure. All culminating with a huge load all over her face.

Hailey Rose 在 'Give Me Some Honey - S19:E2'

Hailey Rose - Give Me Some Honey - S19:E2

Hailey Rose loves to dress up in lingerie that hugs her busty curves. Her boyfriend, Max Fills, loves it, too. Today's getup is red with black lace on that really draws the eye. The outfit is completed with black stockings and high heels. She eyes herself in the mirror while fluffing her boobies, then goes to where Max Fills is hanging out.Handing Max a bottle of water, Hailey insists he drink it. After all, he'll need to be hydrated for when he breeds her later. When Max doesn't immediately respond, Hailey takes charge. While describing exactly what her boyfriend should be doing, she puts her foot on his hardon and pulls his head to her cooch to begin eating her.Shoving Max onto his back, Hailey climbs on top of him to smother his face in pussy. He tongue the twat, then reaches up to knead her titties as she grinds against his lips. When it's time to hope off Max's lips and give something in return, she goes for an enthusiastic BJ. Since her boobies are already out, it's a simple thing for Hailey to deliver a titty fuck, too.Max is already on his back, which makes it nice and easy for Hailey to straddle his hips and climb on top. Sliding down, she takes him for a juicy pussy ride in cowgirl. That even gives her the opportunity to smush her breasts into his face for her own pleasure. When she gets on her knees, Max gives it to her as hard as she could want in doggy.The couple finishes with Max spooning behind Hailey, banging her from behind. Lifting Hailey's leg nice and high, Max makes sure she hits the big O one last time before taking his own pleasure. Ever the obedient boyfriend, Max blows his load inside Hailey's coochie to hopefully breed her.

Hailey Rose 在 'Small Girl With Big Natural Tits Gets Two Cumshots'

Hailey Rose - Small Girl With Big Natural Tits Gets Two Cumshots

Hailey Rose is a brand new babe with a body that will make your head explode!! This all natural petite hottie has a pair of tits made for a girl twice her size. This ethnic beauty is almost too much to handle with her tan skin, big tits, cute smile and tight pussy. ITs a struggle not to but a load immediately when encountering a girl such as her. Needless to say it is one of those nights where one round simply isn't enough. Enjoy the pleased look on her face when she realizes the night isn't over after getting one load dumped on her chest. After a solid pussy pounding while covered in cum she milks out a second load right on top of the first one.