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Josephine Jackson's secret to the perfect day is to always start out in a good mood, and if your days look like hers, that's an easy feat! This curvaceous, all-natural Ukrainian blonde likes to wake up and clothe her big, natural tits in some of Europe's finest duds before heading off to set to get fucked by huge cocks till she cums! Then Josephine might treat herself to something scrumptious in a fancy restaurant and rub shoulders with celebrities before jetting off to her next fabulous destination, where she'll do it all over again. This positive-thinking pornstar is sure to put a big smile on your face!

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Josephine Jackson 在 '放鬆, 室友'

Josephine Jackson - 放鬆, 室友

喬迪有一個新的室友,約瑟芬傑克遜,她有點太放鬆了,走遍了房子沒有她的內褲,剩下的暨從她最新的他媽的仍然滴下她的大腿內側,並炫耀她熱緊的身體,而伸展在他面前。喬迪試圖忽視她, 但它達到了沸點, 他只是不能控制自己了, 迫切需要抽搐。約瑟芬意識到她一直把她的新室友逼瘋了, 當她看到他的公雞有多大時, 她很樂意説明他!

Josephine Jackson 在 '那是暨在你的鞋角'

Josephine Jackson - 那是暨在你的鞋角

約瑟芬·傑克遜有鞋癮。當她走進安吉洛 · 戈德沙克的鞋店時, 她正暨到正確的地方。安傑洛喜歡腳, 迫不及待地想得到約瑟芬漂亮的數位。她衝動的男朋友對足部遊戲和約瑟芬不斷增長的鞋收藏感到厭惡。她把他推開,開始和安吉洛做生意。安傑洛按摩她修剪整齊的托蒂,這立即使他的傢伙硬。只有當他意識到她沒有穿內褲時, 這種情況才會加劇。他瞪大了眼,走到後屋去拿另一雙高跟鞋。當他不在的時候,約瑟芬發現了幾個鞋角,並用它們作為貓的傳播器。這打擊了安吉洛的頭腦, 因為他間諜和抽搐到鞋。當安吉洛把鞋裡塞給約瑟芬時, 她並不生氣, 她角質。

Josephine Jackson 在 '該死的物理!'

Josephine Jackson - 該死的物理!

約瑟芬傑克遜已經出現在她討厭的男朋友的物理治療會議,但他們的理療人員短缺。約瑟芬立即向布賴恩·拉格納斯通(Brian Ragnastone)走去,後者也在那裡參加一個會議,他們在她的足球和完美的天然山雀上粘在一起,就在約瑟芬男友的鼻子下調情。當約瑟芬與布賴恩配對串聯伸展, 她使用設置取笑他與她的山雀和屁股, 磨成他的硬公雞。在行動的休息允許約瑟芬偷偷溜到按摩區,在那裡布賴恩能夠油她和適當的崇拜她的身體。當理療師發現他們時,布萊恩被指示用手指指著約瑟芬時驚呆了。從那裡,情況演變成一個油膩,偷偷摸摸的混蛋。原來,扭結約瑟芬需要工作了,終於採取了一個適當的大小迪克。

Josephine Jackson 在 '早晨的榮耀'

Josephine Jackson - 早晨的榮耀

約瑟芬·傑克遜起床,前往浴室,脫光了她的PJ,在浴缸裡重新振作起來,當她的室友的男朋友安吉洛·戈德沙克不小心走進她。安吉洛的道歉,但約瑟芬似乎不介意;她寧願看看他藏在毛巾下面的東西!看到安吉洛的大硬公雞后,約瑟芬讓安吉洛洗澡,但她堅持偷看他,同時揉她的貓之前,她前往她的臥室完成。但安吉洛顯然無法克服他剛才看到什麼, 並決定拜訪約瑟芬。當他看到她赤身裸體在床上, 屁股在所有四, 他滑他的迪克在她的貓一些驚喜的早晨性愛!

Josephine Jackson 在 '烹飪與約瑟芬'

Josephine Jackson - 烹飪與約瑟芬


Josephine Jackson 在 '約瑟芬的高強度鍛煉'

Josephine Jackson - 約瑟芬的高強度鍛煉


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Josephine Jackson 在 'Sweet Josephine'

Josephine Jackson - Sweet Josephine

Glasses and an old timey skirt and sweater will draw your interest for Josephine Jackson, but her innate sensuality and of course her big titties will keep it. She's quick to shed her clothes and make love to her breasts and clit with her fingers, but a vibrating toy will bring her to the orgasm she's chasing.

Josephine Jackson 在 'Stacked'

Josephine Jackson - Stacked

If you want sex on two legs, look no further than bubbly cutie Josephine Jackson. There's nothing better than watching her DDs bounce out of her shirt and her thong pulled tight into her twat. That is, of course, until she grabs a vibrator and uses it to make bare pussy hum!

Josephine Jackson 在 'Sexual Appetite'

Josephine Jackson - Sexual Appetite

What would you do to get into bed with a bombshell like Josephine Jackson? This bubbly babe is always looking for the next person to help her cum! When she's on her own, she pays tribute to her big tits as she shucks her miniskirt dress and panties. Grabbing a toy, she goes to work on her greedy twat.

Josephine Jackson 在 'Pink Pleasures'

Josephine Jackson - Pink Pleasures

Looking lovely in pink, Josephine Jackson will make your mouth water with her certified nubile body. You'll get even hotter for this cutie as she flaunts her huge all naturals and squeezes her nipples to hard peaks before moving on to rubbing her clit and grabbing a toy that yields explosive climactic results.

Josephine Jackson 在 'Ms Jackson is For Real'

Josephine Jackson - Ms Jackson is For Real

What else is there to say about Josephine Jackson's amazing, huge, all-natural, juicy juggs??? With a plaid skirt and thigh-high socks, she is irresistible and knows it, playing coy and teasing Tommy's dick until he's about to burst. He goes balls deep in her pussy but she wants that load all over her massive tits!

Josephine Jackson 在 'Juicy Ms. Jackson'

Josephine Jackson - Juicy Ms. Jackson

Josephine's monstrous mammaries love to be sucked on and she loves sucking on cock while wrapping those big juicy tits around it. Watch as she bounces on Alberto's dick and backs her round ass up, getting that cock balls deep until he blasts his baby batter inside her.

Josephine Jackson 在 'Ukrainian Curves'

Josephine Jackson - Ukrainian Curves

Josephine shakes her big natural titties and ass to get young Tommy's attention. You'd have to be blind for these crazy curves not to pull you in, burying your face between those giant boobs before being blessed by her tight pussy.

Josephine Jackson 在 'Josephine's Gigantic Juggs'

Josephine Jackson - Josephine's Gigantic Juggs

You love big natural tits, we love big natural tits, everyone loves big natural tits. Josephine can't resist pulling those gigantic tits out of her top and shakes them in Alberto's face before wrapping them around his cock for a proper titty fucking! She rides his dick like a cowgirl, giant boobs bouncing as she makes him nut inside her!

Josephine Jackson 在 'Going The Distance - S11:E3'

Josephine Jackson - Going The Distance - S11:E3

Josephine Jackson and her trainer Vince Karter have an arrangement. Vince is helping Josephine get fit, and in return Josephine is giving Vince some major sugar. It helps that both of them find working out together to be a total torn on. By the end of each training session, Vince and Josephine are both hot and horny for one another in a way that can't be denied.Crawling up the piece of equipment on which she had been practicing wrestling moves, Josephine pulls Vince's hardon out of his shorts. She opens her mouth and leans close, lapping her way up Vince's shaft before sucking him down. When Vince lays down on his back, Josephine continues her BJ with plenty of stroking to keep Vince standing tall and proud. When she disengages and shoves her generous breasts together for a titty fuck, the sensation is incredible.Since Vince is already prone on the ground, Josephine takes the opportunity to climb on top of him and slide down on his man meat. She rides him slowly at first to get settled on his big dick, then picks up the pace. Soon enough, Josephine's jugs are jiggling on every single bounce. Hopping up onto the edge of the boxing ring that they've been fucking within, Josephine spreads her thighs for Vince to lap away at her dripping puss. She winds her fingers through his hair, keeping his head exactly where she wants it. As Vince explores Josephine's folds and clit, all he can think of is slamming back inside her velvet glove. Vince gets his chance to get back in there as Josephine gets to her feet and lifts a leg to welcome her lover back inside. Wrapping his arms around Josephine to hold her in place, Vince pushes in. Then he turns Josephine around so he can give it to her as she leans forward over the edge of the boxing ring. As the pleasing melody of Josephine's moans fill the room, Vince pounds her harder and harder.Josephine isn't done with her lover yet. She gets down lower on a sandbag, laying on her belly so Vince can continue to give it to her from behind. Rolling onto her back, Josephine locks eyes with Vince as he works her body to one last climax. He's near his own ejaculation as Josephine gets on her knees and resumes sucking his cock. With her talented mouth and tongue, Josephine brings Vince to the edge of nutting so he can cum all over her magnificent breasts.

Josephine Jackson 在 'Rub You Right - S10:E4'

Josephine Jackson - Rub You Right - S10:E4

Josephine Jackson is a masseuse who likes to set the scene for her seductions properly. Candlelight and a massage table are designed to make Renato comfortable. Josephine grabs a pitcher of oil and rubs her slicked hands against Renato's back. Making sure there's plenty of oil, she caresses him hard and deep to help him relax.Once Josephine has finished with Renato's arms and legs, she slides her hands beneath the towel to get to his ass. Climbing onto the table, she digs in deep to make sure Renato's bottom is worked nicely. Then she prepares for something a little more sensual by peeling off her shirt and lubing up her huge naturals. Once they're slippery, Josephine leans forward to massage Renato with her tits.Removing the towel, Josephine flips Renato over and then climbs back on top. Her jug of oil comes in handy once again as she drizzles it over his chest. Leaning forward, Josephine rubs her breasts against Renato's chest, then lower to give him a titty fuck between those magnificent jugs. When Renato's fuck stick is nice and lubed up, Josephine slides down his body to open her mouth and start sucking.Once Josephine has sated herself with cock, she peels off her tight pants and climbs onto Renato's hardon. Sliding down on his fuck stick is easy since he's nice and lubed up. Leaning back, Josephine rocks her hips in a tantalizing rhythm that revs both of their engines.Riding Renato is a delight, but he's not interested in letting Josephine keep all the power in this coupling. He urges Josephine onto her hands and knees. Still on the table, he comes up behind Josephine and slides in. Doggy style leaves her moaning for more, especially once Renato tugs her backwards so that she is kneeling as he is buried inside her.Rolling onto her back, Josephine spreads her thighs to welcome Renato back inside. She's all smiles as he leans in for an intimate pussy pounding where they maintain eye contact as Josephine explodes in delight. Then Renato pulls out and goes in for a titty fuck, which goes on until he blows his load in Josephine's smiling face.

Emily Bright 在 'Just The Girls - S10:E2'

Emily Bright - Just The Girls - S10:E2

Horny girlfriends Josephine Jackson and Emily Bright are having a girls only weekend. They meet at their villa with a kiss, then walk hand for a little bit more privacy. They're still outside when Josephine stops and jiggles Emily's breasts as she pops them out of her lover's shirt. Emily gives Josephine the same treatment before they take each other's hands and run to the house.Now that they're safely inside, the girlfriends can really take the time to enjoy each other's charms. Josephine holds her boobs up for Emily to suckle the nipples to hard tips. Then she presses her tits to Emily's. Emily isn't anywhere near finished with Josephine yet, though.Relieving Josephine of her clothes, Emily lays her down on the couch. She follows Josephine down, planting herself between Josephine's breasts. Her tongue finds Josephine's clitoris as Josephine rubs her own breasts. Then her hand roams to Josephine's fuck hole to join in the fun. Her pussy fingering coupled with her clit licking leave Josephine moaning with purse carnal bliss.Josephine is quick to turn the tables on Emily in the most sensual way possible. She gets Emily onto her hands and knees, then pushes her fingers all the way inside Emily's twat. Leaning in, Josephine laps at Emily's anus. The combined pressure is just what Emily needs to start hurtling towards a climax of her own. The girls take a moment to rub tits together once again, but there's still so much pleasure to be had that they can't stop there. Laying on her back, Emily pulls Josephine close when her busty girlfriend climbs onto her chest. Josephine's pussy is in the perfect position to be licked clean of juices, and the position puts Josephine's sweater puppies at exactly the right height for Emily to heft them in her hands.When her climax has ripped through her, Josephine once again presses her breasts to Emily's to enjoy the press of their softest parts against one another. Then it's Emily's turn to cum again. Josephine lays Emily down on her back and goes back to work with her fingers and mouth. Her pierced tongue adds an extra element of bliss as Emily works her own knockers.Even after Emily has enjoyed another big O, the girls can't keep their hands off of each other. Caressing one another and exchanging deep kisses, they enjoy the afterglow together. As they come down from their pleasurable high, they jiggle their massive chests together one last time as they share a smile.

Josephine Jackson 在 'Sweet Sensations - S9:E9'

Josephine Jackson - Sweet Sensations - S9:E9

Josephine Jackson is hanging out on her phone when Jason X sneaks up behind her and slides a blindfold over her eyes. Filling his palms with her giant titties, Jason indulges in those big globes for a few moments before moving on to hotter pastures. He slides Josephine's underwear aside, then slides his fingers over Josephine's clit as she indulges in the sensation. Loving every moment of this blindfolded seduction, Josephine lets herself be guided backwards on the ottoman so she can fill her mouth with Jason's fuck stick. When he removes the blindfold, Josephine takes advantage of her sight to keep on deep throating with renewed vigor.Peeling off her clothes is a quick thing as Josephine gets into position. On her hands and knees, Josephine moans as Jason slides on home. It's not long before she takes over setting the pace, rocking back and forth on her own human dildo as her breasts bounce beneath her. Jason links his arms into Josephine's drawing her back to change up the angle of penetration for even greater pleasure.Rolling Josephine onto her side, Jason lifts one of her thighs so it is flush with his body. That lets him press deep inside, filling her greedy snatch with every inch of his thick cock. When she rolls over entirely, Jason responds to her wordless request and plunges deeper still until his balls slap against her bottom.Climbing onto Jason's lap, Josephine settles herself on his man meat and goes for a ride. Her hands creep to her bosom as she works her hips in a sensual rhythm, ensuring that every inch of her body is filled with peak enjoyment. As Josephine continues to work her sexual magic, Jason gives in to the demands of her juicy snatch. Driving his hips up, he gluts Josephine with a creampie of cum that drips out slowly as they cuddle together in the aftermath.

Josephine Jackson 在 'Sexual Distraction - S9:E6'

Josephine Jackson - Sexual Distraction - S9:E6

Looking fine in an evening gown, Josephine Jackson makes her way downstairs where her date Max Dior is waiting patiently. She doesn't even make it to the couch before she gives in to the temptation to pop her titties from her dress and heft them up into Max's face. Josephine knows Max can't resist the allure of her bosom, so she'll get the cock she's craving!As expected, Max watches the show Josephine has put on with an increasing boner. By the time Josephine has peeled of f her dress and panties, he's hard as a rock. He takes the time to worship her lush body, suckling her boobs and feasting on her juicy pussy with plenty of finger bang action. Only then does he pop his stiffie out for Josephine to start sucking in a BJ that leads to a titty fuck.When Josephine is ready to take their romancing to the next level, she climbs into Max's lap and slides down on his hardon. Bouncing away while her jugs jiggle, she rides him like a true cowgirl. Then she gets on her knees so Max can continue the party in a doggy style pussy pounding that hits all the right buttons. That position is even more enjoyable for Max since he gets to both set the pace and fill his palms with Josephine's sizable tits.On her back, Josephine lifts one leg high and hooks it behind Max's neck. That opens her up completely for his continued attention. With long, deep strokes, Max does whatever it takes to ensure Josephine's absolute bliss before he takes his own pleasure. Pulling out, he lets Josephine guide his cum shot to hit her right on her chest. Cum covered and smiling, Josephine rubs the evidence of Max's love all over her soft skin.

Josephine Jackson 在 'Big boobs paid to fuck'

Josephine Jackson - Big boobs paid to fuck

I was walking with my friend Max when we saw Josephine Jackson, an all-natural brunette who looked stunning in her short white skirt. I went up to her and started talking, but she didn't speak Czech, so I continued in English. I told Josephine I was casting for a TV show, and I would pay her 100 euro to show me her boobs. Josephine did not believe there was a TV show, but she did like money, so she accepted the offer anyway. For more money, she showed us her big ass, and then I asked her to suck both our dicks! Josephine didn't like me so much, but agreed to suck and fuck my friend Max until she wanked him off for a facial!