Lexi Luna is as new as they come to the porn world, but like her name implies, her celestial body is already changing the tide of the industry. Originally hailing from Florida, Lexi grew up striving to be the very best, be it at school, in dance, or later in life, in the bedroom. Of course, Lexi has always harbored secret sexual desires that were more risque than her friends; delicious perversions that she now embraces openly and without fear. And whether it's masturbating to the steely muscles of bodybuilders, worshiping the long, fat cocks of her male co-stars and private fuck partners, or exploring the bondage and submission lifestyle as an active mistress, Lexi is all about pushing the human body to its limits and lusting over the results. One look at this vivacious new vixen's scenes, and you will be pushed to your own limits of desire.

最新更新特色 Lexi Luna
Lexi Luna 在 '我的繼母是他媽的'
Lexi Luna - 我的繼母是他媽的

Lexi Luna很高興見到她的新繼子Oliver Flynn,並希望給人留下良好的第一印象。 Lexi試圖讓Oliver和他的父親吃上一頓豐盛的晚餐,但她並不是她假裝成的熱門家庭主婦。在Lexi將食物燒得酥脆之後,Oliver的父親將他送到廚房幫助她。奧利弗的父親很少知道,萊西的目標不僅僅是伸出援助之手。

Lexi Luna 在 '男孩玩具豪華版'
Lexi Luna - 男孩玩具豪華版

Lexi Luna從老公那裡找到一張紙條,裡面寫著“去釣魚”。週一回來'沮喪,她坐下來開始玩她的假陽具,但這還不夠!她上網並訂購了一款名為“The Boy Toy Deluxe”的東西。晚上,Lexi不耐煩地等待她的包裹。突然,門口響了起來......她打開門,遇到了一個大大的男人大小的盒子。她撕開它露出一個赤裸裸的盧卡斯弗羅斯特,帶著堅硬的陰莖!她得到的不僅僅是她討價還價,但是誰知道,這可能很有趣......看起來她的周末計劃剛滿了!

Lexi Luna 在 '鄰里抓舉委員會'
Lexi Luna - 鄰里抓舉委員會

Lexi Luna將在家舉辦社區觀看會議。她不情願的丈夫在那裡,而Keiran Lee是唯一出現的鄰居。 Lexi希望重新制定可能出現的可疑情景,當她讓Keiran和她的丈夫在沙發上看電視時,冒充竊賊。當她的丈夫完全無視她的注意力(為了鄰居的安全)時,她決定把目光放在Keiran上並給他一些值得關注的東西......

Lexi Luna 在 'Lexi變得濕透了'
Lexi Luna - Lexi變得濕透了

Lexi Luna穿著一件緊身的小禮服進入淋浴間,在將她的笨拙的身體壓在玻璃淋浴牆上之後,先將鏡頭取下來,然後移到浴缸裡,剝下來,用肥皂洗淨自己。當約翰尼·辛斯進入並展示他那個大而硬的傢伙時,萊西不禁有品味。

Lexi Luna 在 '夢幻實驗室舞者'
Lexi Luna - 夢幻實驗室舞者

在他的實驗室里呆了幾個星期後,Alex Legend博士終於創造了他的終極創作 - Lexi Luna!有一大堆假山雀,一個多汁的屁股,和一個如此緊,但同樣濕潤的貓,他終於完成了不可能的事情。現在唯一要做的就是通過帶她乘坐他的大雞巴來測試他的新實驗!就像他給她編程一樣,她每一寸都沒有嘮叨反射漱口他的球和口水。她將自己的整個陰莖深深地放在她的陰部內,並且變得更加靈活,以確保亞歷克斯博士有一把屁股可以抓住,因為他將她展開!

Cory Chase 在 '去HAM或回家'
Cory Chase - 去HAM或回家

當她丈夫的前女友需要住宿時,Cory Chase不高興 - 特別是當他的前任是Lexi Luna時!就在這個豐滿的摩洛伊斯蘭解放陣線開始接受這種情況的時候,她抓住Lexi的內衣試圖操她的丈夫!沒有這樣的運氣,科里不會在沒有吸取教訓的情況下讓她的客人去。 Lexi知道她即將讓她的陰部性交,但她不知道這將是一個綁帶揮舞Cory!有一個摩洛伊斯蘭解放陣線舔她的屁股,因為她對自己的女士來說是不夠的,她需要跨越Lexi的濕漉漉的陰蒂,並在這個懲罰結束之前吮吸她的大假奶子!

Lexi Luna 在 'Stepmom被浸泡'
Lexi Luna - Stepmom被浸泡


Lexi Luna 在 '貓呼叫'
Lexi Luna - 貓呼叫

在被一輛充滿兇手的汽車沿襲街道之後,Lexi決定給他們準確的要求他們 - 正如預期的那樣,Lexi在場上他們的要約比他們處理的要好。當查爾斯,一個有幫助的好的撒馬利亞人,從遠處看到那些從Lexi大喊大叫的人,他急著幫忙。在查爾斯的幫助下,Lexi決定教這些玩家一個教訓 - 如果你要提出要約,請確保你可以通過。

Lexi Luna 在 '你打鼾,她。'
Lexi Luna - 你打鼾,她。

Lexi生病,厭倦了當她的婚姻被推到一邊,更不用說她的美容休息。但是,當熱和角質交換學生Xander進入圖片時,他做的不僅僅是暨她的救援。 Lexi的丈夫今晚可能會有一些非常大聲的夢想!

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Lexi Luna 在 'Pearls Before Pies'
Lexi Luna - Pearls Before Pies

Lexi is a perfect MILF, with a pair of big fake tits that even make Ryan take notice. She shows him her cute thong with a row of pearls that rub against her pussy just right. Ryan doesn't hesitate to eat that pussy in the hallway, before fucking those huge tits and Lexi's mouth. Once they make it to the bedroom, he gives her a hard pounding and deep creampie.

Lexi Luna 在 'Separate Rooms Pt 2'
Lexi Luna - Separate Rooms Pt 2

Having caught his slutty stepmother, who he thought was a conservative and uptight about sex, coming out of his girlfriend's bedroom, Kyle can't believe that Lexi would fuck his own girlfriend under his watch! After following the busty Lexi back to his dad's bedroom after just fucking his girlfriend, Kyle decides to go and confront his stepmom in her room, but she doesn't want his father to wake up. Luckily for him, Lexi's still fucking horny and craving some cock so she's more than happy to let her stepson pound her pussy bedside! But when Kali hears them banging from down the hall, she wants to get in on the fun too! Can these three get each off without waking up the dad in the room?

Lexi Luna 在 'Separate Rooms Pt 1'
Lexi Luna - Separate Rooms Pt 1

Kyle Mason has his college girlfriend, the cute as a button Kali Roses, over at his dad's house. These two horny teens are having some fun under the covers while watching a movie with his dad and his new stepmom, Lexi Luna, in the same room. But when the cock blocker that is Kyle's new stepmom alerts his dad that these sneaky teens of having sex under his roof, he reminds them that they have to sleep in different rooms while they spend the night. Only, these teens can't get enough of each other and decide to break the rule. That's when Lexi has no choice but to step in and teach the bratty Kali a lesson in following rules! Lexi spanks Kali, but this only makes her even wetter! Ms. Luna decides the only way Kali's going to learn is by eating out Kyle's stepmom's pussy and learning how to take sexual orders from a busty MILF! They might be sleeping in separate rooms, but there's still plenty of fucking to be had in this house!

Lexi Luna 在 'Friendly Neighborly Milf'
Lexi Luna - Friendly Neighborly Milf

Stunning MILF Lexi Luna is minding her own business, watering her plants on a hot summer day. She's looking sexy as fuck in her tight denim attire, showing off ample cleavage and getting her next door neighbor Damon Dice absolutely sprung! Damon's had the hots for this sexy MILF next door ever since she moved to the neighborhood and he and his buddy decide to peek in on how this busty slut spends her afternoon. When Damon spies on Lexi changing in her living room, she catches him and decides to teach this pervert a lesson he won't ever forget--as in, how to fuck a MILF properly! One thing's for sure, this friendly neighborly MILF is one cock craving cutie who can absolutely suck and fuck dick like a professional slut!

Lexi Luna 在 'Past Her Curfew'
Lexi Luna - Past Her Curfew

Blonde teen Addison Lee loves to be a bad girl! Addison snuck out to a bar after her curfew, but as she enjoys a smoke and revels in her wickedness, suddenly her stepmom, Lexi Luna, pulls up in a cab and makes her get in! The brunette MILF may have put an end to Addison's fun at first, but when they get back home Addison realizes that she can have a whole different kind of naughty fun with her new stepmother. Lexi eats her stepdaughter's sweet pussy and even tongues her ass, and then the cute teen rubs her clit over her stepmother's big tits before lapping at Lexi's twat! Addison's new curfew is definitely home by 69.

Lexi Luna 在 'Robbing Momma'
Lexi Luna - Robbing Momma

MILF Lexi Luna finally has the house to herself, the perfect opportunity to put on her hottest lingerie and touch herself just the way she likes. She's rubbing her clit when suddenly her alarm is set off by two masked figures breaking and entering! What Lexi doesn't know is that the would-be robbers are her daughter's friend Kenzie Reeves and Kenzie's boyfriend, Seth Gamble, and crime is Kenzie's favorite aphrodisiac! Lexi watches on the security cams as Seth fucks Kenzie doggystyle, then goes to teach these teens a lesson, starting with making them eat her pussy. Momma's the one who gets what she wants: Seth's dick in her pussy as she 69s with Kenzie before she sits on the blonde teen's face and then takes Seth's cum in her mouth! But just giving Lexi a great fuck isn't enough to get Kenzie and Seth off the hook...

Lexi Luna 在 'Hungry And Waiting'
Lexi Luna - Hungry And Waiting

Lexi Luna orders some food and decides to have sex with the delivery boy.

Kitty Carrera 在 'My Girlfriend, Their Threesome Slut'
Kitty Carrera - My Girlfriend, Their Threesome Slut

Kitty Carrera's boyfriend won't fuck her, and his roommate sounds like he's pounding his girlfriend hard! But when Kitty barges in to make them stop, she gets pulled into a threesome! Both babes slobbering on a big dick, tasting pussy, and sucking on each other's perky tits!

Lexi Luna 在 'Mechanic Appreciation'
Lexi Luna - Mechanic Appreciation

Cute Asian teen Vina needs her car fixed, and her friend Oliver is happy to help out, especially when Vina decides to thank her with a blowjob! When Vina has to take a break to answer her phone, she doesn't realize that her stepmom Lexi decided to take over. When Vina finds her stepmother sucking her friend's cock, Lexi leads the teens into the bedroom for a threesome, teaching Vina exactly how to deepthroat Oliver's cock before eating her stepdaughter's pussy. Oliver gives both babes some thorough bodywork before jizzing all over Lexi's huge tits and watching Vina lick it off!

Lexi Luna 在 'Lexi Having Wild Fun Around The City'
Lexi Luna - Lexi Having Wild Fun Around The City

The hot and playful Lexi Luna takes a day to hang out and get fucked with us. In todays update we see her great body and attitude as we're out across the city. This chick is down for public fun and we get to see her show her tits to random guys before she starts sucking on cock and running to not get caught. She's horny and ready to take cock anywhere. She gets fucked as they tried to hide the best they could. These two get wild as they fuck with the hight traffic behind them. The rain changed our plans so we had to sneaked into a neighbors patio to finish making Lexi cum.

Anya Olsen 在 'Stepmother Seduction'
Anya Olsen - Stepmother Seduction

Anya Olsen comes back to her dad's place after her first week of college and meets her new stepmom, Lexi Luna. Her eyes immediately wander to Lexi's big tits and she simply can't keep her eyes off her cleavage, which makes her super horny. She pretends she has to study and runs upstairs where she wanders into the master bedroom. She finds her stepmom's dildo and starts masturbating with it. Lexi eventually goes to check up on Anya and finds her playing with her favorite sex toy. She watches for a few moments before joining the horny teen for a hot lesbian fuck. The hot MILF and her stepdaughter then take turn licking and playing with each other's dripping wet pussies!

Lexi Luna 在 'All The Right Curves - S4:E6'
Lexi Luna - All The Right Curves - S4:E6

Lexi Luna can't decide what to wear so she puts on a fashion show for Bambino. Her busty figure and slender body look good in almost anything, but when she flips up her miniskirt and can't get Bambino's attention she changes dresses. Her next dress is also a hard sell, but when she pulls the top down to display her big tits Bambino seems a bit more interested.When Lexi finally comes strutting out in just a lingerie bra and thong, Bambino is finally willing to give her the acknowledgement she craves. Lexi rewards him by whipping her tits out once again, and this time she even lets Bambino touch and lick the large globes.Pushing Bambino backwards, Lexi climbs on top of her boyfriend and rubs his stiffie across the softness of her breasts so he can feel the contrasting hardness of her nipples. Then she opens her mouth and licks along his shaft before engulfing him in the warm wetness. Sucking and slurping, she delivers a blowjob that only ends when Lexi gets on her knees so Bambino can fuck her slicked-up titties.Leaning back on the couch, Lexi keeps up the titillating stimulation to her knockers with her own hands as Bambino shifts his attention south. He pushes her thong aside to lap at the sweet musk of her pussy juices. Liking what he tastes, he takes things another step further by peeling off Lexi's underwear and sinking balls deep into her creamy fuck hole. Lexi can't stop moaning as Bambino bangs her, especially when she lifts one leg so his angle of penetration is deeper than ever.Climbing on top of Bambino's lap Lexi slowly impales herself on her boyfriend's fuck stick as he guides her with his hands on her hips. She grinds her hips as she bounces up and down, creating a delightful friction for both of them. Moving with enough force that her generous bazongas quiver with each thrust, Lexi doesn't stop her stiffie ride until she explodes with delight.Still not satisfied, Lexi leans forward on the couch and groans with delight when Bambino grabs her big ass and guides his fuck stick back inside. The doggy style pussy pounding is a hard one, with plenty of ball-slapping strokes. When Lexi rises so that her back hits Bambino's chest, he reaches up to squeeze her boobs as he brings her home once again.Finally sated, Lexi turns around. Still on her knees, she reaches out to start stroking Bambino's hardon with one hand as she props her boobs up with the other. When he's on the edge of cumming, Lexi aims his hardon at her tits so he covers her in a shower of salty love.

Dolly Leigh 在 'Stupid Cupid'
Dolly Leigh - Stupid Cupid

Cupid Lexi is done with hooking people up and spreading the love; she's alone on Valentine's, jealous of her roommate, Dolly, and her own boyfriend, Jessy, and ready to think about herself for a change! When Jessy arrives with flowers for Dolly, Lexi will do anything to get a hand on his cock-- including a threesome!

Lexi Luna 在 'Sexual Anticipation - S4:E3'
Lexi Luna - Sexual Anticipation - S4:E3

Victoria June and Lexi Luna can't keep their eyes or their hands off each other. The girlfriends kick things off with gentle caresses up and down each other's bodies, but they can't abstain for long. Victoria relieves Lexi of her top and then bends forward to use her hands and mouth to worship the large mounds of Lexi's breasts. Eager to match her lover, Lexi watches with delight as Victoria lifts her shirt and then indulges herself in the taste and feel of her girlfriend's titties.It's not long before both girls have discarded their tops. Lexi lays Victoria down on the couch to fill her mouth with her girlfriend's breasts and diamond hard nipples. She gradually works her way down Victoria's body, discarding the busty beauty's remaining clothes along the way. When Lexi's fingers brush the creamy sweetness of Victoria's twat, a moan escapes her lover's lush lips.Applying herself to Victoria's absolute delight, Lexi takes her time licking and sucking Victoria's cream filled snatch. Victoria enjoys every moment while working her hands over the mounds of her boobies. When Lexi slides a finger deep inside to hit Victoria's g-spot, the raven-haired coed comes apart in her girlfriend's arms.Getting on her hands and knees, Lexi waves her enticing rump while Victoria presses her bust to Lexi's back. Sliding her hands down, Victoria works Lexi's shirt and thong off. Once Lexi's twat is bared, Victoria is quick to settle on her knees behind her girlfriend so she can indulge in a lusty pussy feast. Lexi's gasps of delight soon fill the room, encouraging Victoria even as Lexi pinches her own nipples in a prelude to her climax.Wishing to once again warm Victoria up, Lexi settles herself between her lover's thighs and applies her talented tongue and magic fingers to long, slow strokes up and down Victoria's slippery slit. When Lexi presses two fingers deep inside, Victoria throws her head back in ecstasy. Her girlfriend's undeniable sexual need makes it easy for Lexi to arrange them both in a 69 with Victoria on top. From there, they can each lick and finger the other to a final climax that leaves them both finally satisfied.

Stoney Lynn 在 'Fulfilling Her Femdom Fantasy'
Stoney Lynn - Fulfilling Her Femdom Fantasy

Stoney Lynn was in a bind for cash and was willing to do anything to get it. Her boyfriend recommended an unsavory option, but Stoney was incredibly desperate. She was sent to a big mansion where she met Lexi Luna. Within minutes of meeting her, Stoney was presented with a fat stack of cash and commanded to worship Lexi's feet. Stoney followed instructions promptly, and before she knew it her tits were out and Stoney was getting DYKED hardcore style. Lexi then began to power finger her pussy and had Stoney lick her juicy mature cunt. Lexi then defiled Stoney's pussy with a taut strap on dildo until she was fully satisfied. Stoney got her money, and Lexi fulfilled her femfdom fantasies for the week. What could be better?

Lexi Luna 在 'Room Service Seduction'
Lexi Luna - Room Service Seduction

Lexi Luna seduces the room service delivery guy at her posh suite.

Lexi Luna 在 'and JMac in My Girlfriend's Busty Friend'
Lexi Luna - My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

There's something to be said for being single. JMac is five hours fresh out of a relationship, and he's as happy as can be. But his ex-girlfriend's friend Lexi Luna is not. She tells JMac that his ex is a nightmare when she's single, dragging her out to party and try to get dick at all hours of the night, and that he HAS to get back with her. But J's enjoying bachelorhood so far, and has no reason to look back. But that's when Lexi gives him two reasons: big tit 1 and big tit 2! Yup, she's willing to let him play and suck on her big tits a few times a months if he gets back with his ex so she doesn't drag Lexi into her single-lady train wreck. Sounds like a plan to JMac! And it gets better when she asks him if he's ever thought of fucking her, and suggests he does! Keep your girlfriend and fuck her big-breasted best friend a few times a month…he needs to go play the lottery!

Cristi Ann 在 'Step-Sisters Lexi Luna and Cristi Ann end up sharing a cock'
Cristi Ann - Step-Sisters Lexi Luna and Cristi Ann end up sharing a cock

Conniving Lexi Luna seduces Cristi Ann's man for his cock. This chick is super hot so it wasn't long until we see her sucking on cock and getting fucked. The two go over to her room while Cristi is looking for Lexi all over the house. We see Lexi sexy body take a hard pounding before Cristi Ann angrily walks in. She's mad at first but she takes this opportunity to finally do the threesome that she's been fantasizing about. Yup, Cristi Ann and her stepsister Lexi Luna get wild with JMac's cock. These two fuck on various positions while licking each other until they both end with their pretty faces glazed.

Lexi Luna 在 'Titties In Charge'
Lexi Luna - Titties In Charge

Bruce was slacking at work and his gorgeous boss caught him redhanded. She piled the work onto his desk and demanded he got it done ASAP. If not, there would be hell to pay. He could never keep his eyes trained on her eyes and instead always let them wander down to her cleavage. He would stare at her ample bosom and couldn't help himself. He started daydreaming about burying his face into her big tits and drifted into la la land. His fantasy became an extremely vivid dream and he enjoyed every minute of manhandling her boobs and plunging his cock into her tight, wet pussy.

Lexi Luna 在 'Fuzzy Peach'
Lexi Luna - Fuzzy Peach

It was a rainy day out last week but Bruce still insisted on checking out the pool at his building. Of course, there was no one in sight when we got there. We were about to leave when we struck gold, this amazingly hot chick came by wearing next to nothing as a bathing suit. We went to talk to her right away and found out she was staying at a friends house. She got really interested in coming to Bruce's place when she heard he had his own balcony to sunbathe. When she came over, Bruce just took her straight to the couch where they started fooling around. You have to see the giant knockers on this hot momma and the rest of her awesome curves. It did not take long before Bruce was jamming his tongue in her wet pussy then ramming his cock balls deep down her mouth. You can not miss one minute of this hottie going off on the cock, she will not disappoint.