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Melissa Stratton 在 '嫂子放蕩的秘密'

Melissa Stratton - 嫂子放蕩的秘密

饑渴的家庭主婦梅麗莎·斯特拉頓 (Melissa Stratton) 一心想從她丈夫的兄弟 Keiran Lee 那裡得到最後一次他媽的。雖然他們過去曾勾搭過,但凱蘭最近結束了他們熱氣騰騰的戀情,並竭盡全力避免誘惑。當凱蘭出現在他哥哥家過週末時,他以為頭髮梳理的梅麗莎不在城裡。然而,鬼鬼祟祟的梅麗莎會改變任何計劃,如果這意味著她最後一次將豐滿的嘴唇包裹在凱蘭的肥雞巴上。梅麗莎毫不猶豫地在她丈夫的眼皮底下偷偷地戲弄凱蘭,以獲得她想要的東西!

Aubree Valentine 在 '繼兄弟姐妹競爭和他媽的自拍'

Aubree Valentine - 繼兄弟姐妹競爭和他媽的自拍

奧布里·瓦倫丁(Aubree Valentine)正在玩一個有趣的時光,獨自玩一個用自拍棒假陽具操她的陰部的遊戲,而且很熱。突然,奧布里的媽媽來到門口介紹她的新繼妹梅麗莎斯特拉頓。 梅麗莎對奧布里的遊戲很聰明,在奧布里媽媽的背後偷走了她的玩具,並引誘奧布里來從她那裡拿回它。 奧布里順著吸力假陽具發現梅麗莎把它安裝在客臥門上。奧布里接過玩具,剪刀吃梅麗莎的陰戶。

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Melissa Stratton 在 'Perfect Brunette Beauty Melissa Stratton Creampie'

Melissa Stratton - Perfect Brunette Beauty Melissa Stratton Creampie

Melissa Stratton is the definition of beauty. This blue-eyed brunette babe has an athletic body, big tits, perky ass and smooth skin. Her wet mouth and tight pussy know exactly how to grip a cock. Her horny attitude and sexual enthusiasm make her one of the most desired women on the planet. When she says 'You can cum anywhere' the choice is hard…but deep inside for a creampie just feels so right.

Melissa Stratton 在 'Pornstar beauty, Melissa Stratton, shows you why she's top-tier'

Melissa Stratton - Pornstar beauty, Melissa Stratton, shows you why she's top-tier

I'm one lucky dog because I finally got the opportunity to bang the gorgeous Melissa Stratton. I've seen all her videos. She's drop-dead stunning to see and even more so in person. I loved how she sucked my cock while staring at me with those piercing blue eyes. Melissa put everything into this and will never forget how she made my cock explode all over her.

Hime Marie 在 'VIP Treatment'

Hime Marie - VIP Treatment

Melissa Stratton and Hime Marie give Danny Steele the VIP treatment at the strip club. He joins them in the backroom and blows multiple loads in their pussies.

Melissa Stratton 在 'I Have a Wife'

Melissa Stratton - I Have a Wife

Melissa Stratton is brought in when Ryan and his team need help closing deals. She's in town tonight to celebrate their latest deal. After dinner with Ryan and the team, Melissa decides she wants to keep celebrating with Ryan in her hotel room, but Ryan is a married man. He would never dream of cheating on his wife... that is until Melissa shows him her amazing tits and ass! So what's Ryan to do except follow her to her room and pound that wet pussy. A naughty little secret the both of them will take to the grave.

Melissa Stratton 在 'Perfect Fucking Strangers'

Melissa Stratton - Perfect Fucking Strangers

Melissa Stratton is working out at the park when she notices some hunk checking her out. She's actually kinda flattered so she makes sure that he gets a good eyeful of her stretching out her tight bod. After a few minutes of teasing him, Melissa has him follow her to an old shack where she rides his cock for her second workout.

Melissa Stratton 在 'Thundercock'

Melissa Stratton - Thundercock

Melissa Stratton notices Lawson cleaning her pool; since it's hot out, she invites him in for water. While inside, Melissa talks to Lawson about his dating history and asks to see his profile pic on his dating app. She's pleasantly surprised to see that his pic is of his long, big dong. It's so huge, in fact, that Melissa doesn't believe it's his actual size. She asks him to prove it so Lawson takes off his pants. Melissa becomes enamored with Lawson's thunderous cock and can't help but play with it before taking it in her tight wet pussy.

Melissa Stratton 在 'Sexy teacher Melissa Stratton knows you only learn when the lesson is taught without clothes'

Melissa Stratton - Sexy teacher Melissa Stratton knows you only learn when the lesson is taught without clothes

Your sexy teacher Melissa Stratton is very disappointed on your grades and you might not pass the class but she is in a real good mood and wants to help you. Apparently the only way you will learn is if you get her tight wet pussy on your big cock!

Melissa Stratton 在 'Naughty Office'

Melissa Stratton - Naughty Office

Melissa Stratton is spending her new year's eve late at work and she just finds out they surpassed their quota for the year. Being that it's midnight and time to celebrate, her co-worker breaks out all the drinks and party supplies... plus his big hard cock for Melissa to enjoy!

Melissa Stratton 在 'Perfect Fucking Strangers'

Melissa Stratton - Perfect Fucking Strangers

The tight body on Melissa Stratton makes guy's eyes pop out of their sockets. And when she's horny, guys can tell she wants some dick ASAP. Looks like the library on campus is the best place to fuck a total stranger at the spur of the moment.

Melissa Stratton 在 'Melissa's Hot Blowjob!'

Melissa Stratton - Melissa's Hot Blowjob!

Horny hot brunette Melissa Stratton flaunts her lingerie and touches herself before swallowing Mick Blue's big cock.

Melissa Stratton 在 'POV Fuck and Creampie'

Melissa Stratton - POV Fuck and Creampie

Glamorous, busty brunette Melissa Stratton shows off her tan body. The starlet enters view wearing pantyhose and a revealing top, teasing and playing with her sweet twat. She shares a private date with top director/performer Mick Blue, whose POV-style shooting captures the intimacy. He gropes her from behind the camera. Melissa hops on the bed and takes off her heels to get comfy. When she unleashes her big boobs, her diamond-hard nipples stand at full attention. Mick oils up her luscious breasts. Melissa kicks up her long legs and gives him a foot job. She follows up with a slippery blowjob, moaning and drooling at the sight of Mick's mammoth meat. Melissa rips a hole in her leggings for Mick's access, and he stuffs his big cock into her cunt. An intense fuck features doggie-style drilling, rowdy rod riding and passionate kissing. For the finale, Mick thoroughly plows Melissa, leaving her with a pussy creampie.