If you like your chicks ultra voluptuous with creamy ebony skin, let us introduce you to exotic Osa Lovely. This Texas-born siren has juicier curves than a Kardashian! Thick, jiggly, and fine as fuck, Osa got her start in the industry in 2008, and gained a legion of loyal fans before stepping back in 2010 to pursue other goals. During her brief hiatus, Osa went to university to study neuroscience, got married, obtained her real estate licence, started investing, and even opened a couple of businesses! But as they say: once a sex fiend, always a sex fiend. Newly divorced, this sensual sweetheart missed the rush and glamour of the porn life, and returned in true superstar form in 2016 with a raunchy cum-filled birthday gangbang. Now that she's back to hanging with rappers, chillin' on beaches, and twerking her big-ass booty on porn sets across the globe, Osa is totally in her element. Known for her hardcore interracial gangbangs and ability to stretch her asshole to take even the biggest of the BBCs, this nasty southern belle is just hitting her stride. Help welcome Osa Lovely as she makes her steamy Brazzers debut!

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Osa Lovely 在 '夢想的繼母'
Osa Lovely - 夢想的繼母

Xander Corvus無法判斷他是否正在做夢,當他不斷從一個涉及他的新繼母Osa Lovely的性感夢中醒來時。每當他醒來時,她都會彈回來,招呼他把他的大公雞放在她的內心!當Xander發現Osa在淋浴時帶著她的尼龍,他無法相信自己的眼睛,並且在那一點上並不關心發生的事情是否真實;他只是想搞他的熱門繼母!

Osa Lovely 在 '泳裝問題'
Osa Lovely - 泳裝問題

傑西瓊斯第一次見到他的新繼母,她的方式比他想像的還要熱! Osa Lovely喜歡與任何表現出一絲興趣的男人玩弄,她的新繼子看起來像一個美味的食物,她想要對待自己!當這個豐滿的黑檀木美女抓住Jessy把它拉到她在泳池裡的照片時,她甩出她的大乳房,然後跪下來,把她的口交嘴唇放在他的搖滾硬雞巴上工作!將她多汁的屁股擴散到她身體更深處,Jessy舔她的濕貓,直到她在泳池邊得到一個溫暖的面部!

Osa Lovely 在 '浸泡後媽媽'
Osa Lovely - 浸泡後媽媽

在漫長的一天結束時,Osa只喜歡享受豪華舒適的沐浴。點燃一些蠟燭後,用花瓣填滿浴盆並遮住眼睛,Osa準備好讓她的所有緊張感都消失......直到她偷偷摸摸的新的繼子馬庫斯在衛生間監視她,並決定仔細觀察。為了讓她親愛的丈夫誤會他,奧薩邀請馬庫斯入浴 - 這是一種理智的人無法拒絕的奉獻。發現馬庫斯的真實身份是否會阻止角質摩洛伊斯蘭解放陣線滿足她的性慾?

Nickey Huntsman 在 '脫衣舞俱樂部驚喜'
Nickey Huntsman - 脫衣舞俱樂部驚喜

當Nickey在去生日脫衣舞俱樂部的時候讓丈夫Jessy驚喜,她不知道自己已經是個常客了。當他和他最喜歡的舞者Osa在一個貴賓室裡面時,Jessy害怕他的愛妻終於會發現他的秘密寄宿在脫衣舞俱樂部。然而,當尼克去喝酒的時候,奧薩開始偷偷地騎著他,他的擔憂就消失了。當Nickey回來,注意到Jessy的表情有點滑稽時,她仔細看了他一眼 - 他是不是一直在她面前把Osa當作他媽的呢? Nickey通過向Osa提供一大筆現金在她的丈夫面前操縱她而報復。傑西感到震驚和興奮,直到尼克基告訴他,他不允許在行動!他能否說服女士給他第二次機會?

Osa Lovely 在 '新兵訓練營'
Osa Lovely - 新兵訓練營


Naomi Woods 在 '保姆冒險'
Naomi Woods - 保姆冒險


Kendall Woods 在 '他媽的兩隻小貓一隻骨頭'
Kendall Woods - 他媽的兩隻小貓一隻骨頭


Elsa Jean 在 '我們的小白色玩物'
Elsa Jean - 我們的小白色玩物

艾爾莎需要大學的錢,而奧薩需要在家裡幫忙。這個熱門的烏木家庭主婦非常樂意僱傭艾爾莎為她的私人女僕。每天Elsa過來,做任何Osa問。她很快意識到艾爾莎會以合適的價格做任何事情,所以她告訴青少年開始裸體清潔。埃爾莎不確定,但她是個好女孩。 Osa喜歡看著緊身的白色青少年擦洗她的地板。有一天,Osa的丈夫Flash早點回家了,那就是真正的樂趣開始了

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Osa Lovely 在 'Dark Divas 3'
Osa Lovely - Dark Divas 3

The oh so beautiful Osa Lovely seduces Dirk Huge with her dark skin, big tits and sweet pussy. He takes control and delivers some big dick and she cannot get enough.

Osa Lovely 在 'I Like Black Girls 6'
Osa Lovely - I Like Black Girls 6

John works with Osa and doesn't have the courage to tell her how he feels about her. Every time he is with her, he can't work, he can't think. All he can do is to dream what it would be like to be with her. Well today dreams become reality.

Lisey Sweet 在 'Pillow Princess'
Lisey Sweet - Pillow Princess

Lisey dotes on her girlfriend Osa, serving her breakfast in bed. Osa enjoys being fed strawberries, but she has a taste for something sweeter. The only thing better than a warm wet pussy in the morning is two!

Chanell Heart 在 'Step Mom and Daughter Share Cock'
Chanell Heart - Step Mom and Daughter Share Cock

Hot Ebony MILF Osa Lovely is cleaning up her step daughter Chanell's room, then she hears her come into the house with her boyfriend. Not wanting to be seen she hides in the closet. To her surprise, they start undressing and getting hot and heavy. As she watches her daughter suck on the big black dick, she gets turned on and decides to join in on the fun. Don't miss these two getting wildy fucked in a hot threesome.

Osa Lovely 在 'Pool Threesome'
Osa Lovely - Pool Threesome

Six strangers spend an intense time around a pool table. It's the occasion for bad boys and naughty girls to try anal, threesomes and other sins of the flesh!

Osa Lovely 在 'Front Street Cheaters'
Osa Lovely - Front Street Cheaters

Osa's husband treats her like shit, yelling at her for leaving his clothes at the cleaners. Luckily, her trainer Tyler is there to help her work things out.

Osa Lovely 在 'Fucking Lessons With The Stepmom'
Osa Lovely - Fucking Lessons With The Stepmom

Osa Lovely catches Juan getting ready for his date as he practices his sex moves. She enjoys the show and touches on herself before confronting him. She tells him that she will help him practice and that its okay being since she's his stepmother. She teaches him about first base and quickly moves on. She pulls out her big tits and shoves his head into them before she has him licking her pussy and sucking on his cock. She gives Juan a great deep blowjob before she climbed on top. She fucks him on various positions until she makes his cock explode his jizz all over her.

Osa Lovely 在 'Dorm Room Dick'
Osa Lovely - Dorm Room Dick

When her new stepson is headed to college, super hot Osa is there to help him unpack everything-- including his fat dick.

Osa Lovely 在 'Voyeur House Part 2'
Osa Lovely - Voyeur House Part 2

Competition in the Voyeur House finale is heating up and alliances are pushed to the breaking point. When Ian (Justin Hunt) spies on the babes from his alliance soaping each other up in the shower, he overhears that they're plotting to vote him out. Once he's discovered peeping by a rival team member, savvy player Helen (Osa Lovely), she quickly turns him to her side. But after they expel the game's biggest power player, Ian starts to get a bit too big for his britches, so Helen needs to keep him in line. Her plan involves dazzling him with her big breasts before a spot of well-timed seduction! Once the ebony beauty sees Ian's big dick, she knows this is going to be both business and pleasure! Helen sucks Ian's huge cock and gives him a sweet tit-fuck on the couch before climbing on top and letting her pleasure overwhelm her until she almost forgets about winning the game... Almost.

Osa Lovely 在 'Hot Maid Big Ass'
Osa Lovely - Hot Maid Big Ass

Osa Lovely is one of the hottest maid's you'll ever have the chance of hiring to clean your house. She's bending high and low to clean the house, teasing her delicious booty and succulent cleavage. After spending all day cleaning, the only thing Osa wants to do is get down and dirty! So when her boss Mr. Jason brings his buddy Brad Knight over after the gym, and they're greeted by his hot, curvy maid, Ms. Lovely, Brad can't help but stare. Osa loves the way Brad looks at her, tempted by her beautiful body and the thought of his friend's hot maid sucking and fucking his big cock gets him instantly hard. Good thing for Brad, Osa's dripping wet and having a serious craving for cock! When Brad's friend realizes he forgot his phone and has to go back to the gym to get it, Osa sees this as an opportunity to seduce Brad and get the dick she desires! But will the lovely Osa get caught fucking around on the job or will she be able to finish cleaning Brad's dick of his cum?

Osa Lovely 在 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend'
Osa Lovely - Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Osa Lovely can't find her beloved diamond necklace anywhere. Rushing out of her boudoir--in only her lace lingerie and stockings!--the ebony MILF demands to know if her cleaner Donnie Rock has stolen them. Always the honest man, he shakes his head in speechless surprise. But Osa isn't taking any chances. Besides there's a suspicious looking bulge in Donnie's pants! Making a grab for it, Osa is shocked to find that she just grabbed her employee's thick dick. Distracted by this huge discovery, the black babe seduces Donnie with a deepthroat blowjob, followed up by a wild round of sofa sex. As Donnie jizzes a cum facial onto Osa's lovely face, she thinks: 'Diamonds might be a girl's best friend, but Rock's cock comes in a close second!'

Osa Lovely 在 'Ethni-city Scene 3'
Osa Lovely - Ethni-city Scene 3

Award Winning Director Brad Armstrong and Wicked Pictures bring you one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year. ETHNICITY is that rare adult film that seamlessly blends intriguing storytelling with passionate, meaningful sex. ETHNICITY examines a diverse group of people as they navigate the ups and downs of life. Then one fateful night their destinies collide with tragic consequence.

Osa Lovely 在 'and Lucas Frost in My Girl Loves Anal'
Osa Lovely - My Girl Loves Anal

Osa is getting ready for her anniversary with Lucas.