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Sarah Blake is a cock-hungry bisexual who's down for exploring anything you can think of in the bedroom, so long as it's fun. She's an expert at all things erotic, including everything to do with fetishes and being a pro domme. This kinky porn star has plush curves and creamy skin, and you do not want to miss seeing her ass jiggle as she rides a fat cock. Sarah says that her hometown in Indiana was very conservative and boring, and that as soon as she could she left Squaresville behind to really be herself in Sin City. As soon as this redheaded Milf set up in Las Vegas in 2007, Sarah says she "quickly found out that my real love was for the adult industry, being naked, having sex, and being around others in the business."

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Sarah Blake 在 '我在這里為公雞'

Sarah Blake - 我在這里為公雞


Ariella Ferrera 在 '交易種族'

Ariella Ferrera - 交易種族

谷裡有一些奇怪的事情。當詹姆斯和肖恩今天完成他們的拍攝時,雙打一個熱門的小星星,一個奇怪的法術改變了他們的個性。他們的女朋友馬上就去了身體外的BS。莎拉·布萊克希望她的男人像以前一樣,阿里拉·費拉拉(Ariella Ferrara)會做任何事,讓男朋友的黑色蟒蛇再次回來。

Sarah Blake 在 '夜間移動'

Sarah Blake - 夜間移動

範只是不得不在他的朋友的房子裡碰到,就在客廳的沙發上。杜德的媽媽,總共Milf,從派對回家,所以好惡,她甚至不能等待和她的貓一起玩。當莎拉·布萊克(Sarah Blake)發現,沙發上藏著一條繃帶的年輕男子,她只需要立刻拿到一塊肥豬。

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Phoenix Marie 在 'XXX Red Light District Foot Worship XXX'

Phoenix Marie - XXX Red Light District Foot Worship XXX

XXX ASS FOOTING! Business Women in Amsterdam's Red Light District Pick Up Cherry, The Window Girl, and Use Her Holes with their FEET!!!

Sarah Blake 在 'Game Day'

Sarah Blake - Game Day

Game day passion

Sarah Blake 在 'Claire Adams vs Sarah Blake'

Sarah Blake - Claire Adams vs Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake returns for heavy foot torment, 15 consecutive orgasms, unique and isolating bondage, and lots of pain games!

Sarah Blake 在 'and Johnny Castle in My Wife's Hot Friend'

Sarah Blake - My Wife's Hot Friend

Sarah Blake is a-strollin' through the woods when she sees her friend's husband Johnny perched upon a bench, waxin' philosophic and being one with nature. He lives nearby and offers to fill her up on water before she goes home, and when they get to talking, they discover how much they have in common. Coincidentally, Johnny's wife is away at the mall all day, leaving he and Sarah ... alone. Each has a case of hot-day horniness, and there's only one thing that can cure it: fucking! Sarah flops out her big tits and kneels down to suck Johnny's hard cock before they take care of business!