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Though she also goes by "Vic Marie," this curvy blonde bombshell's porn moniker of "SlimThick Vic" might be easier for her fans to remember since it so perfectly encapsulates her mouthwatering form. Blessed with a big, bouncy set of tits and a tight little waist, it's her breathtaking bubble butt that will make you do a double-take. That booty looks amazing in a thong on the beach, and even better when she throws it back on a big cock, so stop in and don't be afraid to stare: Vic loves to show off her ASSets!

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SlimThick Vic 在 '牛奶罐混合'

SlimThick Vic - 牛奶罐混合

曲線的夫婦兔子麥迪森和斯利姆西維克是進入一些...有趣的戀物癖。他們喜歡角色扮演,探索不同的扭結,甚至偶爾會變得有點混亂。今天,他們決定測試一個小小的以牛為靈感的調侃的角色扮演 - 在lesdom身體崇拜幻想中,在彼此的美味分散注意力的曲線上層疊牛奶。每一滴都雕刻在活潑的山雀和圓屁股上的線條......液體擁抱每一個曲線和柔軟的大腿...但是,當他們最新的實驗被室友Zac Wild粗魯地打斷時......好吧,為什麼不邀請他加入混亂?!畢竟,三個人是一群人,可能還有更多可以玩的,而不僅僅是一些覆蓋著白色液體的柔軟媽媽擠奶工!

SlimThick Vic 在 '大山雀維克追逐老雞巴'

SlimThick Vic - 大山雀維克追逐老雞巴

性感的SlimThick Vic與她的姐姐和姐姐的男朋友Scott Nails住在一起。當斯科特誤以為維克是他的妹妹並從後面來到她身上時,維克被打開並決定她想試試斯科特的雞巴。維克把斯科特的淋浴口角,向他閃過她的大奶子。很快,她就給了被帶走的男人一個很好的吸吮和!

Oliver Davis 在 '説明手角質摩洛伊斯蘭解放陣線第1部分'

Oliver Davis - 説明手角質摩洛伊斯蘭解放陣線第1部分

Slimthick Vic和Mick Blue歡迎Mick的大學兒子和他的女朋友Asteria Diamond週末到他們家。維克是米克的新婚妻子,她的使命是用她對雞巴永不滿足的渴望來取悅他。Asteria也有雞巴發燒,到達後很快就會吸吮她的男人。在眼鏡上的早期爆破鏡頭讓Asteria失明後,她向浴室走去,卻意外地瞥見了Vic和Mick他媽的。維克偷看了她一眼,決定去幫她把所有東西都清理乾淨,在一個骯髒的女孩對女孩的淋浴中,導致浴室地板上的剪刀。

Oliver Davis 在 '説明手角質摩洛伊斯蘭解放陣線第2部分'

Oliver Davis - 説明手角質摩洛伊斯蘭解放陣線第2部分

在Slimthic Vic和Asteria Diamond在淋浴時享受了一些肥皂樂趣之後,Vic將Asteria偷偷帶進了她男朋友的臥室,並邀請Mick Blue加入。米克的兒子撓撓頭,在房子里到處尋找阿斯特裡亞。維克轉移了他的注意力,他伸手轉過身來,然後邋遢地口交,導致他再次彈出並奔跑。維克的計劃是成功的,她又回到了她一直渴望的三人行中吸吮雞巴和陰道。

SlimThick Vic 在 '超級熱鄰居和大自然摩洛伊斯蘭解放陣線排水變態新繼子'

SlimThick Vic - 超級熱鄰居和大自然摩洛伊斯蘭解放陣線排水變態新繼子


SlimThick Vic 在 '讓她的盒子裝滿'

SlimThick Vic - 讓她的盒子裝滿

Slimthick Vic已婚,但她沒有從丈夫那裡得到她需要的雞巴。在一次試圖勾引他失敗之後,斯利姆蒂克感到角質和不滿足。因此,當Keiran Lee敲門送包裹時,Slimthick決定她也要拿走他的大包裹!凱蘭無法抗拒斯利姆蒂克濕漉漉的陰部和自然的大奶頭。Keiran剛剛交付的大盒子在他們需要躲避Slimthick的丈夫時派上了用場,他不知道他的角質妻子在隔壁房間做什麼!

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Ryan Reid 在 'Guess What Were Up To - S42:E20'

Ryan Reid - Guess What Were Up To - S42:E20

Slimthick Vic and Ryan Reid are really interested in having a foursome with their husbands. The hubbies aren't totally on board with it, so the girls take matters into their own hands. Ryan and her husband Jay Romero have Vic and her hubby Ryan McLane over for game night.The boys can't understand why Ryan and Vic have been so excited for game night all week. Now that the moment is finally here, the girls give their husbands a kiss and go to the kitchen to retrieve a pair of blindfolds. The boys are uncertain, but they let the girls blindfold them. That's when they learn that the game is that the girls will touch them and they have to guess which wife it is.Overriding Jay's objections, Ryan caresses her husband's pecs while Vic mirrors her with her husband. Then the girls walk around the couch and each climb into their husband's lap to straddle them. Swapping husbands, Ryan goes for a kiss with Vic's husband while Vic locks lips with Jay. The girls move lower down each other's hubby's bodies in tandem to deliver a BJ between giggles.The men are finally allowed to take the blindfolds off just in time to watch their wives get to their feet and make out. The girls undress each other between kisses, undoing each other's bras at the same time so that they're standing there in their thongs. Vic relieves Ryan of her thong first so she can spank and jiggle her BFF's ass. Then Ryan gets on her knees and gives Vic's bare twat a naughty little lick as she's working Vic's thong down her thighs.Returning to the boys, Ryan goes back to licking and sucking down Ryan McLane while Vic does the same for Jay. Bringing the girls to the couch with kisses, the boys go to work with their mouths. Jay starts licking to prove that he's as good with his tongue as Vic's husband is with his, while Ryan does the same. Holding hands, the girls moan and sigh as the boys make magic with their mouths.When the boys take a seat, the girls know just what to do. Ryan climbs aboard Ryan McLane's cock while Vic mounts Jay's. The girls go to work bouncing away in reverse cowgirl. Then they get on their knees while the men swap back to their wives to do them in doggy as the girls watch each other.The men switch out again so that the Ryans are going at it in missionary while Vic and Jay spoon together on the couch. When the boys are at their very limit, they each pull out. Jay covers Vic's breasts in his jizz, and then Ryan McLane has a big bang all over Ryan's chest. The girls lick their treats and then exchange kisses as the boys announce that they like this game.

Francesca Le 在 'Sassy MILF's Threesome'

Francesca Le - Sassy MILF's Threesome

Rising starlet Slimthick Vic looks stunning in a tiny yellow bikini. The sassy MILF kicks off the scene with a sexy tease, shaking her fleshy jugs and round rump. Vic spreads open her chunky cheeks for the camera and blows a kiss before meeting Hall-of-Fame husband-and-wife pornographers Francesca Le and Mark Wood. Tanned, beautiful Francesca gropes Vic's booty to start. She and Vic treat Mark to a drooling double blowjob. The ladies share lesbian fun -- Francesca rims Vic's bunghole and eats her pussy. Vic hops on Mark's lap for hard pussy pounding. An intense, slit slamming threesome delivers raunchy cocksucking and rowdy rod riding. Vic bends over for a furious, cunt-cramming crescendo, and then opens wide as Mark finishes her off with a creamy cum facial.

Slimthick Vic 在 'Takes You To Big Butt POV land'

Slimthick Vic - Takes You To Big Butt POV land

Slimthick Vic teases you with her ASS in POV. This girls ASS will fill up your screen. There is no monitor or television to cover this ASS!

Slimthick Vic 在 'Naturally Busty and Lusty'

Slimthick Vic - Naturally Busty and Lusty

Cute blonde Slimthick Vic radiates lusty heat, teasing in a sheer bikini, playfully showing her natural body. A poolside intro features a sexy strip show, soon evolving as Vic talks with director Mick Blue. The distinctively named girl flaunts her fleshy tits for Mick, oiling up her luscious body for action. Indoors, she and Mick make out on the couch, and Vic strokes his big cock. She drools as she gives a nasty blowjob, and then hops onto Mick's lap for rowdy rod riding. Mick rails her hot twat and harshly fucks her face! Vic gives him a raunchy, mid-scene rim job, and she tongues his balls. They share a slick titty fuck. This heated affair includes intense slit slamming and a cum facial finale.

Aubree Valentine 在 'Summer Vacation kicks off with Aubree Valentine, Kay Carter, and Slimthick Vic poolside in sexy bikinis awaiting your cock'

Aubree Valentine - Summer Vacation kicks off with Aubree Valentine, Kay Carter, and Slimthick Vic poolside in sexy bikinis awaiting your cock

Aubree Valentine, Kay Carter, & Slimthick Vic and Summer Vacation and rented out a sweet house for the weekend. While chilling in the back yard by the pool, Aubree rubs Kay and Vic down with some sunscreen and tanning lotion. Aubree needs some too but the other girls refuse to move and soak up the sun. Luckily for Aubree though, she secretly got the number of the next door neighbor the day before. She shoots him a text to come over a lend a hand. Soon after the neighbor arrives, the girls start thinking naughty things. decide to skinny dip, and share the neighbors dick.

Laney Grey 在 'Hot and horny pornstars Laney Grey and Slimthick Vic oil themselves to bounce on your cock!'

Laney Grey - Hot and horny pornstars Laney Grey and Slimthick Vic oil themselves to bounce on your cock!

Laney Grey & Slimthick Vic have a special evening for you, starting by getting their body's oiled up and slippery so that big cock of yours can slide right in their tight wet pussy's.

Slimthick Vic 在 'Slimthick Takes Dick'

Slimthick Vic - Slimthick Takes Dick

Slimthick Vic is hot as hell so it's no surprise that Michael Stefano can't wait to get his big cock in her tight pussy. The two fuck hard and enjoy every moment.

Slimthick Vic 在 'Caught In An Oil slick'

Slimthick Vic - Caught In An Oil slick

Slimthick Vic is also slick in this scene filled with liquid refreshment from Slimthick Vic is wearing beautiful orange lingerie. If 'Lucky Charms' made women's nightwear they would release this. It's full of detail and when you couple it with Slimthick Vic's frame you have a true boner factory on your hands… The scene begins with the blonde teasing, but in this scene Slimthick Vic is the meal and oil is the condiment of choice. She immediately drizzles some on her front then unleashes her tits. Next her pussy is soaked and flossed with her panties. They made sure to have plenty of oil on hand as Vic's massive buttcheeks are next for the laquering. All of that done during tease and with crystal clear POV mixed in. First time in history oil to produce jizz instead of CO2. With no time for leniency Slimthick straddles a black leather lounge. She twerks her massive donka as oil rains down from the heavens. A merciless sight that should transfix honest booty lovers. Michael Stefano is the fortunate soul that makes ready use of Slimthick's soles. He titty fucks then gets Slimthick Vic's tootsies involved in the drubbing. Slimthick Vic spreads her legs wide while sitting on the lounge and Stefano fucks her while shooting even more oil onto the now shiny tart. Now some smother ensues with Stefano continuing to have focus on Slimthick Vic's hams. Vic's ass is the affirmative star as it's placed in doggy and side saddle as Stefano pounds it on the reg. The winning 'sexcretion' oriented scene ends with Slimthick Vic feeding on Stefano's gusher. A glistening Slimthick Vic giving a quick peek-a-boo then swallow of goo on fade…

Slimthick Vic 在 'Slimthick Vic's Perfect Ass'

Slimthick Vic - Slimthick Vic's Perfect Ass

This week we are joined by Slimthick Vic. She's new to the business but her assets are sure to skyrocket her to the top. Vic has a tight body, great tits and an amazing ass. We spent some time worshiping her perfect attributes and then it was time for the real fun to begin. Our Boy Jovan Jordan was the one in charged of giving her the good diking that she deserves. Slimthick's pussy was stretched in several different positions making her cum multiple times. Watching her ass bounce up and down is a beautiful sight. Eventually, she received what she wanted most, a huge load all over her face and tits.

Slimthick Vic 在 'Neighbor Affair'

Slimthick Vic - Neighbor Affair

Slimthick Vic and her husband are very distant since Vic cheated on him. But she still has needs and urges to fulfill. Since her husband won't touch her, she sets her sights on her neighbor and gets his cock sliding in her wet, horny pussy!

Slimthick Vic 在 'Anniver…Sorry'

Slimthick Vic - Anniver…Sorry

Slimthick Vic had everything ready to spend her anniversary with her husband. However, her step son, Johnny, was trying to do anything to ruin it. She told him to please get out of the house for the night and he refused to it. On top of that, when she was cleaning around the house, he decided to lift up her skirt and slapped her ass. Fed up with him, she decided to ignore him and go along with her plans. She changed into a sexy outfit as she waited for her husband to arrive home. However, she received a call that her husband got held up at work and won't make it in time for their anniversary plans. Disappointed by the news, she decided that she still wanted to get fucked. So dressed in her sexy lingerie, she went back to the living room and dragged him into the bedroom to give him a night that he'll never forget. She took her step son's cock in several different positions. Stretching her tight pussy with every single stroke. She enjoyed every second of before receiving a huge load all over her pretty little face.

Slimthick Vic 在 'takes big black dick to save husband's job'

Slimthick Vic - Big Cock Bully

Slimthick Vic stops by her husband's boss' hotel room to give him a piece of her mind. She's tired of her husband's boss always picking on her husband and she wants it to stop. Her husband's boss, Rob, isnt' going to just stop because Vic said so. He requires something in return. So he has Vic put on this strappy lingerie set before shoving his big cock into her wet and waiting pussy. Rob fucks Vic like her man can't and promises to stop bullying her hubby.

Slimthick Vic 在 'craves some married cock'

Slimthick Vic - I Have a Wife

Athletic Slimthick Vic is back from a workout and is getting stretched out by her married personal trainer. She seems very horny getting stretched out that she also wants her wet pussy workout now.

Slimthick Vic 在 ''They Call Her Slimthick Vic.... Enough Said''

Slimthick Vic - 'They Call Her Slimthick Vic.... Enough Said'

Slimthick Vick brings big league curves and Jules Jordan puts them in all the right positions in this jack-tastic classic. Slimthick is outdoors and poolside as Jules is mesmerized by Slimthick's fleshy goodness. Blue-eyed Vic is adorned in tropical colored shorts that hug her better than bulbous ass. Jules states 'I bet this ass has gotten you in trouble'. He then has the curvy concubine sit on a plexiglass bench. Vic pops her cheeks as she straddles then drizzles oil onto her hams. Glazed for the punishing stroll up the stairs. Slimthick enters the bedroom topless with her shorts rolled down her backside. Jordan has her sandwich his cock between the meaty mounds. She dances on it and smiles then turns around and titty fucks Jules. She then turns back around and sits on Jordan's cock. She braces herself on the floor while Jules palms her glutes and glides them up and down. Slimthick produces some higher pitched fuck-tones then stands straight up as Jordan continues to pump from behind. Combined with Vic's arching we have a stellar fuck show developing... The couple move to the bed and Jules folds Slimthick producing a wondrous ass pleat that he pile-drives. She then goes heels over head. Her white pumps are the only thing left on her sexy frame and the position rounds out her butt for still more eye candy. At one point Jordan points and says 'That's what we call Slimthick right there'. Jordan has Vic ride him in reverse-cowgirl. She slides on his rod with that noted arch while Jordan squeezes her ass like he's testing ripeness of melons at a grocery. Vic gets on her knees and consumes Jordan's rod. He pops while saying 'redecorating that pretty face'...