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Canadian born Sophia Santi is a pornstar heart throb that isn't afraid to show her dirty side to the camera. While being born in Winnipeg, Sophia spent most of her life in Vancouver, British Columbia. By age 20, she decided to move to Los Angeles, California. Working under the alias of Natalia Cruz, Sophia quickly became Penthouse Pet of the Month in 2002, and came close to securing the title of Pet of the Year for 2005. Soon after, Sophia signed a contract with Digital Playground, changed her alias to Sophia Santi, and quickly trademarked her name. Sophia Santi is one all natural pornstar that you can't miss.

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Sophia Santi 在 '山雀他媽的為達'

Sophia Santi - 山雀他媽的為達

索菲亞和她的男朋友正在為她檢查紋身。在那里工作的凱倫,不能等待他的機會讓索菲亞的熱身和大山雀雙手。 Keiran告訴男朋友要離開,因為他喜歡獨自工作。索菲亞坐在椅子上,凱蘭探索她的身體,在她的山雀,屁股和貓上提出了一堆紋身。最後,他只是把她全部噴出來。

Sophia Santi 在 '由院長鑽研'

Sophia Santi - 由院長鑽研


Britney Foster 在 '一塵不染的unt子'

Britney Foster - 一塵不染的unt子


Angie Savage 在 '太吸煙了'

Angie Savage - 太吸煙了


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Sophia Santi 在 'Feet Heaven'

Sophia Santi - Feet Heaven

Today's Magical feet update features the always sexy Sophia Santi,. This babe is tall and sexy. Ready to give some lucky fucker a fabulous foot rub. Daniel has no idea what he's in for. He should consider himself lucky having these sexy toes clinched onto his cock. Sophia Santi definitely knows how to jerk a cock with her feet. Absolutely amazing!

Sophia Santi 在 'Cum a lot with Sophia Santi'

Sophia Santi - Cum a lot with Sophia Santi

Milf Soup is proud to present to you the very sexy Sophia Santi. This babe is so fucking fine. Body shaped like coke bottle. Mike couldn't believe his eyes when he seen who was laying on his couch. Excited and always ready as he is. Mike goes in for the taste. Biting her juicy ass and getting a taste of that good pussy. Sophia Santi definitely put it on him. Mike busted like he's never done before. That's what MILF's are made for. Enjoy!