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Playful and cheerful Sinthia is creative and loves to party. Sinthia has tons of friends and likes just hanging with the girls. No matter how much fun she has at girl time, however, when her man calls, she likes to hop. She spoils her boyfriends and loves doting on them. The most fun she has had is going kinky shopping with her date for couple's sex toys, then taking them home to enjoy with a video camera and some wine. She tells us the sex swing was the best fun, but some of those little toys that buzz and vibrate can be used all sorts of ways!

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Synthia Fixx 在 '性玩具總動員'

Synthia Fixx - 性玩具總動員

Synthia即將舉辦一個朋友單打派對的第一個成人樂趣派對。當她出現在一個充滿內衣,油和性玩具的盒子裡的時候,Synthia的朋友無處可尋 - 但凱利,她朋友的熱門兒子肯定是。當凱爾同意觀看Synthia練習演講時,他不知道“成人樂趣派對”是什麼。在她親自動手演出的頭幾秒之後,他很高興他決定找出地獄。

Synthia Fixx 在 '照片完成在我的山雀'

Synthia Fixx - 照片完成在我的山雀

凱爾不敢相信他必須與他的爸爸和他的新Stepmom一堆愚蠢的照片。當Synthia決定在拍攝照片期間將凱爾的頭部埋在大量的山雀之間時,事情開始快速升溫。當她決定劫持他時,她將把它提升到一個新的水平,只會使事情完美。 Synthia不能幫助自己,所以她把Kyle帶到樓上,讓她在兩槍之間衝上去。她不會滿足,直到凱爾吹他的負擔,並給她的照片完整她的山雀。

Synthia Fixx 在 '家庭教育性愛'

Synthia Fixx - 家庭教育性愛

Xander Corvus是他的繼母,Synthia Fixx的家庭教學。 Xander最近變成18歲,Xander正在接受治療:他的Synthia將會教他Sex Ed! Fixx女士聘請了一名妓女(Kimmy Granger),他更願意當天為了Xander的玩具! Synthia不得不手牽手,並教練Xander如何正確地操作Kimmy - 但是很快,角質stepmom就會自己動手!

Synthia Fixx 在 '法律姐妹意味著好'

Synthia Fixx - 法律姐妹意味著好

Synthia Fixx是一個需要一些公雞身份的角色嫂子!只有當她丈夫出城的時候,她才下定決心找到一個值得毆打她甜蜜的貓的傢伙。 Synthia希望她的弟媳Keiran Lee能夠讓自己做得很好,但她決定和他一起玩耍。 Fixx女士不僅渴望一個很好的他媽的 - 她想要他媽的粗糙! Keiran能否給Synthia最想要的東西?

Synthia Fixx 在 '鏡子裡的Milf'

Synthia Fixx - 鏡子裡的Milf


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Synthia Fixx - Unfaithful MILFs

Crazy for cock, hard-bodied MILF Synthia Fixx models seductive bikini lingerie, but her tired husband tells her to masturbate. The tan, tattooed blonde pulls out her smart phone and digs manicured fingers in her shaved snatch. She texts Toni Ribas, inviting him to provide the dick she needs. Crazy Synthia wants to fuck on the bed right next to her slumbering old man. She kneels for a blowjob; Toni eats her pussy. The stud nails her on her back, gagging her with clothes to quiet her yelps, fingering her twat as he dicks it. Manhandling (choking, slapping, hair pulling, spanking, anal fingering, a foot clamping down on her head) makes her wail, almost waking the clueless cuckold. Toni fingers her wet box and feeds her pussy juice on his hand. She rides his cock, cumming. With a vigorous face fuck, Toni creams Synthia's mouth. He sneaks out as the husband snuggles up to the wicked, cum-coated cheater.

Synthia Fixx 在 'Horny Realtor Gets Her Asshole Stretched'

Synthia Fixx - Horny Realtor Gets Her Asshole Stretched

Johnny Castle and his wife are looking for a new house. However, with their new realtor, Synthia Foxx, he's getting more than just a new house. While his wife wasn't paying attention, Synthia decided to go for his cock. Time after time, she seduced him, until eventually she pulled his cock out and began to choking on it as his wife was in the other room. After the house tour continued. Johnny's wife walked out to answer her phone. This gave them the window to fuck. Synthia's pussy and asshole got stretched in several different positions before busting a giant load all over her giant tits.

Synthia Fixx 在 'Orgasmic Anal'

Synthia Fixx - Orgasmic Anal

Synthia teases in lingerie before passionate sex.