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Astoundingly curvaceous Tokyolynn is all about experiences rather than objects. Lynn loves trying new things, which is why when she wanted to try out exotic dancing at age 18, she made it happen. This busty and bootylicious beauty would rather take a trip to Japan than score a designer bag... and she might just shoot an orgy scene or two while she's there! At the end of the day, Lynn says she has very simple tastes: "I'm just trying to eat bomb pussy and vibe and then order some fire food and watch scary movies."

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Tokyo Lynn 在 '從事粘性捕獲的中出'

Tokyo Lynn - 從事粘性捕獲的中出


Scarlit Scandal 在 '該死的,該死的...鯊魚!'

Scarlit Scandal - 該死的,該死的...鯊魚!

達米恩在大學分開一段時間後正在拜訪他的女朋友斯卡利特。Damion是一個真正的惡作劇者 - 反復鯊魚一個震驚和有趣的Scarlit。當他在一個不那麼寬容的東京嘗試他的策略時,他嘗到了自己的葯!通常保守的東京在達米安大雞巴的現場變得很熱和煩惱,導致一些偷偷摸摸的性愛,直到Scarlit線索進入並加入戰鬥!

Tokyo Lynn 在 '牡蠣派對節日:第2部分'

Tokyo Lynn - 牡蠣派對節日:第2部分

過了一會兒,詹娜仍然和她丈夫一起參加這個無聊的聚會。當老公試圖網路,詹娜是盯著她的下一個目標性感的樂趣:即東京林恩,另一個雞尾酒女服務員,和花哨的商業花花公子桑德科爾武斯,誰剛剛到達晚了黨。詹娜的丈夫揮手和桑德聊天, 但桑德對他媽的漂亮女人更感興趣, 比如詹娜。當東京過來供應飲料時,詹娜和桑德都趁機從後面指著她,把手卡住。詹娜的丈夫真的不知所措, 因為角質三人組前往一個更私人的地區, 以釋放他們的手指, 然後有一個野生三人行。當你被拖到一個無聊的聚會上時,你必須充分利用它。

Kendall Kayden 在 '他媽的兩個室友'

Kendall Kayden - 他媽的兩個室友

談論室友戲劇。東京林恩正在約會她的室友肯德爾凱登, 但也偶爾想從他們的男性室友桑德一些休閒迪克。東京幾乎避免被肯德爾抓住, 當她試圖給桑德在浴室快速吹工作。肯德爾然後把東京帶到他們的臥室去他媽的...而桑德偷偷地看著。當肯德爾在暨臥起坐后決定休息時, 桑德來拯救東京, 他仍然心情更激動。當肯德爾終於趕上東京和桑德時, 他們說服她加入, 並使它成為三人行!

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Tokyo Lynn 在 'gets a happy ending after massage from friend's husband'

Tokyo Lynn - My Wife's Hot Friend

Tokyo Lynn has heard how great her friend's husband, Will, is with his hands. He does massages out of his home and Tokyo has been having some back issues so she books an appointment to see him, but Tokyo has ulterior motives. She's always found Will attractive and she figured that he might get worked up working on her body. Her plan works and and soon Tokyo finds Will's fingers, and cock, inside of her.

Tokyo Lynn 在 'Big Booty Tokyo Lynn'

Tokyo Lynn - Big Booty Tokyo Lynn

Tokyo Lynn is desperate for dick. She has been jiggling her big fat ass all over Miami in an attempt to find the dick. But we take her home. She plays with her curves, even more, she gets oiled up and is nice wet and slicked. Johnny Love comes in and makes her happy. She puts her large mouth on his dick. She sucks it up like spaghetti. Her pussy is so wet for him that she hops on and rides the dick. Her ass is out of control and bounces everywhere. Johnny can't take it anymore and gives her a big fat load on her face.

Lil D 在 'Spying On Ass'

Lil D - Spying On Ass

The ass is fat, the sun is shining and Lil D is being pervert. The perfect recipe for a horny old ass parade. Tokyo Lynn is using her fancy outside shower in her tropic backyard to wash massage oil off her tits and ass cheeks. She notices Lil D spying on her and plans on making him so horny he'll have no choice but to get caught. Once he's too close for comfort she calls him out. First she makes him oil her shit up, then she rides his face. They go inside for some hardcore ass wrangling and when it's all over Lil D busts a load of warm jizz on her face.

Tokyo Lynn 在 'Huge Ass Asian Hottie Creampie'

Tokyo Lynn - Huge Ass Asian Hottie Creampie

Tokyo Lynn is an outstanding curvy asian slut who is ready to satisfy. Her big tits and HUGE ass are just a couple of incredible qualities this beauty brings to the bedroom. Tokyo's sexy face and bright smile light up when she gets what she came here for. Enjoy the feeling of this hottie deepthroating, tittyfucking, and twerking all night long!! Her juicy tight pussy grips in a way that makes it hard not to cum. But after a passionate fucking that's exactly what she wants…cum in her tight wet twat.