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Beautiful Kenyan Zaawaadi has a banging body, a big ass, and gorgeous tits, but it's her confidence that makes her a draw in the smut biz. Seemingly always in control, and in tune with her pursuit for pleasure, Zaawaadi's cool self-assurance is beyond seductive. Originally getting her start in smut by shooting with her husband, Zaawaadi traveled to Berlin where she became a camgirl. Her success led her to try shooting full on porn, and a star was born. Now shooting with some of the top pornstars Europe has to offer, it's only a matter of time before this sensual beauty and her signature hairy pussy become a household name!

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Zaawaadi 在 '時尚達人他媽的'

Zaawaadi - 時尚達人他媽的

苗條的Zaawaadi一直是一個喜歡做愛的時尚達人。她穿著金色的身體鏈子和一對無屁股的小夥子,她華麗的圓屁股被放在一個基座上。Zaawaadi 飾有金箔;對於這個魅力四射的壞蛋來說,沒有什麼是過分的。扎瓦迪打扮得無處可去,半裸著身子在皮沙發上擺姿勢,炫耀她完美的陰戶和乳房。當 Danny D 到達時,他擁有 Zaawaadi 整天都在等待的那根又大又硬的雞巴!她用豐滿的嘴唇包裹著它,然後懇求丹尼把它滑進她濕漉漉的陰戶裡。

Zaawaadi 在 '女僕雙組'

Zaawaadi - 女僕雙組


Zaawaadi 在 '熱線辣妹栩栩如生'

Zaawaadi - 熱線辣妹栩栩如生

足球運動員奧利弗·弗林(Oliver Flynn)被擺在一個扭曲的角度上。感到饑渴,他打開電視,開始撫摸自己到性熱線寶貝,大奶子扎瓦迪和多汁的阿麗亞娜范X.奧利弗打電話給他媽的夥伴,希望她會過來,但她讓他掛乾了。奧利弗轉回性感的電視廣告,開始脫落他的石頭。他不會給跳進屏幕的東西!等一下,扎瓦迪和阿麗亞娜剛剛說了他的名字嗎?!似乎那些漂亮的女人正看著他。奧利弗的終極幻想即將成真嗎?

May Thai 在 '枕頭嗡嗡作響的房間'

May Thai - 枕頭嗡嗡作響的房間

帕夫洛斯只是想玩得開心, 他的假屁???性玩具, 但室友梅泰發現他和電影他在行動, 他的尷尬。然後,梅向帕夫洛斯的女友扎瓦迪炫耀她的錄音:女孩們被打開, 開始一起駝背枕頭。現在輪到帕夫洛斯偷偷溜起來拍下女士們了...除了他很快被抓住和拐彎。梅和扎瓦迪把帕夫洛斯扔到床上, 決定用他的雞巴完成滿足自己。

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Zaawaadi 在 'Tonight Only'

Zaawaadi - Tonight Only

Elegant and enchanting, Zaawaadi is a bridge between the highbrow and the exotic. Let this mysterious beauty mesmerize you.

Marcello Bravo 在 'Zaawaadi and the Ranger'

Marcello Bravo - Zaawaadi and the Ranger

Beautiful, black, big tits and a great ass, that's Zaawaadi, a sexy new babe who debuts today on in Private Specials, Alpine Lovers, and this might just be one of our hottest debuts yet! A long walk in the mountains soon turns into so much more when Zaawaadi stumbles across the ranger's house, and it doesn't take long before this unique beauty is masturbating and taking selfies out front as she looks to lure in ranger Marcello Bravo for a wild outdoor fuck that has her big tits bouncing all the way until her ass is covered in cum!

Zaawaadi 在 'Only The Best For Zawaadi'

Zaawaadi - Only The Best For Zawaadi

Hotel Vixen Episode 4

Zaawaadi 在 'Pure Black Magic'

Zaawaadi - Pure Black Magic

Ebony African supermodel Zaawaadi pleasures Bangkok with her hot pink snatch. Those tits are perky perfection as she rides that dick for a deep creampie.

Zaawaadi 在 'Breeding Black Pussy'

Zaawaadi - Breeding Black Pussy

Statuesque, striking, Amazon, gorgeous. There are lots of words to describe Zaawaadi, most importantly is insatiable! This black beauty can just not get enough dick. She's willing to ride Sam's big dick, bouncing that beautiful ass until he can't hold back, blasting her womb with cum!

Zaawaadi 在 'Spanish Stallion: Wild Beauty Sc. 4'

Zaawaadi - Spanish Stallion: Wild Beauty Sc. 4

During a track workout, hot blonde athlete Cherry Kiss sees Black stunner Zaawaadi and sizes her up: 'Fucking slut.' Heavyweight boxer Maximo Garcia arrives on his motorbike. Zaawaadi finds herself lured inside and fitted with a bondage collar, fulfilling a fantasy. Cherry angrily accuses the exotic beauty of fucking her boyfriend. 'Destroy her for me,' Cherry instructs the smiling Maximo. Leashed Zaawaadi deepthroats his dick in an obedient blowjob. With Zaawaadi stripped out of her tiny dress, Maximo shoves his face between her ass cheeks and rims her butthole. He delivers a standing, doggie-style pussy plowing. The strong stud holds Zaawaadi up off of the floor and slam-fucks her, face-to-face. Her rectum engulfs his big cock, and she takes an anal reaming. Zaawaadi's tongue slathers his boner ass-to-mouth. They go the full 12 rounds -- Maximo finally shoots a cum facial, with jizz dripping from her long tongue and chin.

Zaawaadi 在 'Girlbossed'

Zaawaadi - Girlbossed

When a shoot isn't working, a fashion model, Zaawaadi, takes command, catching fashion designer Manuel's eye in the process. Zaawaadi notices Manuel's interest and demands a date.

Zaawaadi 在 'Spanish Stallion: Wild Beauty Sc. 1'

Zaawaadi - Spanish Stallion: Wild Beauty Sc. 1

Veteran porn stud Erik Everhard manages championship boxer Maximo Garcia. Friendly rival Vince Karter watches the yoked Maximo train as Black beauty Zaawaadi enters the gym. Maximo flirts with Zaawaadi (despite Erik's cock blocking). But it's Erik and Vince that take her upstairs and peel off her dress for a threesome! Stuffing her mouth with cock, the lithe, gorgeous Zaawaadi serves a nasty blowjob. Vince rims her tight asshole. He plows her pussy doggie-style as she strokes Erik's thick prick. Zaawaadi gyrates her cunt on Erik's erection as she swallows Vince's pole. They fill her snatch and asshole in a pulsing double-penetration! The guys fuck her mouth, and Zaawaadi shows her taste for ass-to-mouth fellatio! The hole-stretching workout climaxes with a creamy, double cum facial as each prick erupts onto Zaawaadi's tongue and chin. Pugilistic pulchritude!

Zaawaadi 在 'The Spanish Stallion: Undefeated Sc. 4'

Zaawaadi - The Spanish Stallion: Undefeated Sc. 4

Nominated - Best International Anal Sex Scene, AVN 2022

In the world of boxing, passionate, physical workouts are not limited to the ring! Drop-dead gorgeous African beauty Zaawaadi meets handsome, Black trainer Joss Lescaf. Joss peels off long-legged Zaawaadi's lovely outer attire to reveal her sexy lingerie. She drops to her knees to suck his big Black cock. Joss plants his face in her crack for a rim job while she grinds on him. He fucks her cunt doggie-style. Joss holds her long, stockinged gams up while his massive meat thrusts in her hairy pussy. And he nails her tight asshole with a thrilling anal fuck. Upside-down, she gives him a flavorful, ass-to-mouth blowjob! Their backdoor boogie climaxes when Joss' enormous, dark pole creams Zaawaadi's tongue and chin with a dripping cum facial!

Zaawaadi 在 'Real Zaawaadi Action'

Zaawaadi - Real Zaawaadi Action

The statuesque Zaawaadi rocks her Kenyan body in a sexy red dress contrasting perfectly with her dark skin. She loves getting fucked by a big white dick and taking a massive load in her pink pussy!

Zaawaadi 在 'Black, Bald, Beautiful'

Zaawaadi - Black, Bald, Beautiful

All the way from Kenya, Zaawaadi has come to drain big white dicks of cum! With a killer body, she knows just how to get every drop from Tommy's cock deep in her pink pussy.

Cherry Kiss 在 'My Name Is Zaawaadi Sc.4: DP Surprise'

Cherry Kiss - My Name Is Zaawaadi Sc.4: DP Surprise

Busty Italian MILF Malena and blonde Euro-starlet Cherry Kiss have a special surprise in store for young African stunner Zaawaadi: They bring in three black studs, Mike Chapman, Oscar Batty and Yves Morgan, for an epic anal orgy! They take turns -- one guy slam-fucks Zaawaadi's cunt while she sucks another's big cock. Zaawaadi plays with her pussy as Cherry and Malena take over; Cherry and Malena moan in ecstasy through graphic double penetration. A freaky melee of hot sex includes slobbering, ass-to-mouth blowjobs. The men immerse Zaawaadi in multiple cum facials.

Cherry Kiss 在 'My Name Is Zaawaadi Sc.3: Girl Orgy'

Cherry Kiss - My Name Is Zaawaadi Sc.3: Girl Orgy

African beauty Zaawaadi walks in unison with fit blonde Tiffany Tatum, oblivious to the events about to take place. The girls meet gorgeous Euro-star Cherry Kiss, who immediately turns her attention to young Zaawaadi. Tiffany, Cherry and busty MILF Malena spank and dominate Zaawaadi through an intense lesbian foursome! They kiss her passionately and eat Zaawaadi's cunt, ravishing the horny, Nubian newbie. Hot action includes decadent rimming and kinky foot fetish. The women pour milk over Zaawaadi, immersing her dark, beautiful body.

Zaawaadi 在 'My Name Is Zaawaadi Sc.2: BBCs and More'

Zaawaadi - My Name Is Zaawaadi Sc.2: BBCs and More

At a luxurious pool, slim blonde Tiffany Tatum introduces young African stunner Zaawaadi to Italian cutie Martina Smeraldi. In the water, the girls can't help playing, making out and fondling each other's twat! Martina and Tiffany inform Zaawaadi of a surprise: Mike Chapman, Oscar Batty and Yves Morgan arrive, taking Martina away for a wild anal foursome! Indoors, Martina gives the three black studs a graphic, triple blowjob. Action ramps up with raunchy rimming and rowdy double penetration drilling! Nasty sodomy comes with throat fucking, ass-to-mouth fellatio and multiple cum facials. Afterwards, Zaawaadi and Tiffany return, swapping semen and enjoying a kinky lesbian threesome!

Tiffany Tatum 在 'My Name Is Zaawaadi Sc.1: Anal 3-Way'

Tiffany Tatum - My Name Is Zaawaadi Sc.1: Anal 3-Way

Young, Nubian beauty Zaawaadi came from a poor village in Africa, and she's always worked various jobs to help her close relatives. Zaawaadi's life has led her to Europe, where she works at a golf course. When she assists sweet, wealthy blonde Tiffany Tatum, the two hit it off quite well. Tiffany invites Zaawaadi to visit, and the two indulge in a kinky lesbian affair. Fervent action features passionate kissing and cunnilingus. Tiffany's husband, Vince Karter, makes it a menage-a-trois. He and Tiffany treat the fresh, black vixen to intense anal fucking. This wild threesome features a drooling, ass-to-mouth blowjob; rimming; and rampant throat fucking. Vince splashes the girls with a creamy cum facial, and they share sloppy, sperm-swapping kisses.