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Amy Amor,Sapphire Lapiedra 在 'Brazzers' - A Sofa Shop, Bucket and Mop (Brazzers Exxtra)

藍寶石拉皮德拉正在艾米阿莫爾的商店購買新傢俱,我們很快就發現,藍寶石有一個非常特殊的方式來測試她潛在的新購買!當艾米在電腦前翻閱她的庫存時,藍寶石把她甜美的腫頭和貓磨在一張乾淨的桌子上,當然想確保它堅固舒適地上床! 進入喬迪, 當他看到一個華麗的寶貝, 山雀出來, 讓自己下車時, 他簡直不敢相信自己的眼睛。他偷看藍寶石,當艾米看到她的顧客在做什麼時,事情變得非常瘋狂,因為兩人從事女同性戀性行為。喬迪無法控制自己, 抽搐著, 在沙發上悶悶不樂, 直到他被憤怒和角質的店主抓住!艾米和藍寶石把他拉進一個激烈的三人行, 油他們的山頭, 扼殺喬迪的臉與他們, 他媽的方式, 直到他們被他的暨覆蓋

發布 : 9月9日, 2021
標籤 : 苗條。, 歐洲。, 短。, 大迪克, 眼鏡, 襯衫, 皮革, 大屁股, 沖孔, , 豐滿, 歐元, 黑髮, 高跟鞋, 禿頭的貓, Innie貓, 黑色絲襪, 大自然, 大山雀, 大胸部(天然), 天然山雀, 贓物短褲, Jean Shorts, 無袖衫, 中等屁股, 競技, 顧客, 增強, FFM, 性別, 三人組, 手交, 噴出, 偷窺, , 口交, 吹口 - 雙。, 吹口 - 波夫。, 面對坐, 頭髮拉, 貓指著, 貓咪舔, 拍擊, 他媽的, 蒂蒂法克 - 波夫。, 在室內, 商店, 25-34。, 大山雀崇拜, 工作幻想, 69, 女牛仔, Doggystyle, 操 n 舔。, 傳教士, 樁駕駛, 反向樁河, 剪式, 他媽的, , , 熱門廣告
男模特 : Jordi El Nino Polla

Ella Hughes in 'Good Boy'

Ella Hughes in 'Good Boy'

圖片來自 Amy Amor,Sapphire Lapiedra 在 'Brazzers' A Sofa Shop, Bucket and Mop

Amy Amor 在 'Brazzers' 沙發店、水桶和拖把 (縮略圖 1)
Amy Amor 在 'Brazzers' 沙發店、水桶和拖把 (縮略圖 2)
Amy Amor 在 'Brazzers' 沙發店、水桶和拖把 (縮略圖 3)
Amy Amor 在 'Brazzers' 沙發店、水桶和拖把 (縮略圖 4)
Amy Amor 在 'Brazzers' 沙發店、水桶和拖把 (縮略圖 5)
Amy Amor 在 'Brazzers' 沙發店、水桶和拖把 (縮略圖 6)

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Sapphire Lapiedra 在 '大山雀池日他媽的'

Sapphire Lapiedra - 大山雀池日他媽的

喬迪 · 恩普即將享受泳池日, 但被他的父親排擠在一邊。幸運的是, 他熱的新繼母藍寶石拉皮德拉並不羞於炫耀她的比基尼身體!一個絆腳石事故導致藍寶石的胸部滿足喬迪的臉後, 她取笑他與她的身體。喬迪的爸爸準備在泳池邊揉他的新婚妻子,這時他的工作電話分散了他的注意力,但喬迪非常樂意溜進來提供油按摩。藍寶石驚喜地發現,她的新繼子在摩擦。很快, 角質的女人忍不住偷偷溜進臥室做愛!

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Sapphire LaPiedra 在 'Sapphire's First Sex Scene'

Sapphire LaPiedra - Sapphire's First Sex Scene

Sapphire Lapiedra is shooting her first scene. Tommy Cabrio is lucky he gets to fuck her. She has big tits and a round ass. She fucks around on the stripper pole then fucks around on his cock. He likes fucking her and fucks her hard. She has that wet ass pussy and she knows what the fuck to do with it. She's so sexy. She cums on his big cock and then he cums on her phat ass.

Sapphire LaPiedra 在 'Tire Surprise'

Sapphire LaPiedra - Tire Surprise

Sapphire La Piedra was hiding behind some tires in the junkyard where Potro De Bilbao worked. When he found her he was first upset but then quickly realized why she was there and what she wanted. He slapped her breasts, she sucked his dick and they fucked out in the open. His dick was giant and he rammed it into her tiny pussy. Then he shot his giant load into her tiny face.

Sapphire LaPiedra 在 'Peeping Roommate Gets Lucky'

Sapphire LaPiedra - Peeping Roommate Gets Lucky

Sapphire is enjoying a nice shower alone, so she thinks. Her roommate keeps spying on her. We can't blame him. This girl is perfect. Pretty face, huge tits, amazing booty, and perfect body. A total fucking dime. She catches him while she's naked and tries to leave the room. He pulls out his dick and starts to masturbate. At first she's nervous, but then she sees how big his dick is, and her mouth basically starts to drool. She knows she wants to taste it. She starts to give him an amazing blowjob before he fucks her perfect tits. She eats his ass like it's dinner time and then they start to fuck hard in multiple positions. This girl is a freak, she likes it all. She gets spanked, slapped, and choked until she lets out multiple orgasms all over his dick. He shoots out a huge load and she slurps it all up.

Sapphire LaPiedra 在 'Junkyard Action'

Sapphire LaPiedra - Junkyard Action

Sapphire LaPiedra was sent by her husband to check on one of his workers. However, she had different things in mind. She went into the junkyard determined to get fucked. She walked up to Tommy Cabrio and started pouring water on her tits. She asked him if wanted some water, he'd have to drink it from her massive tits. From there, they hid in the middle of the junkyard and started fucking. Sapphire's pussy was stretched in several different positions. Finally, he busted all over her pretty face.

Amy Amor 在 'Horny Maid Cleans His Dick'

Amy Amor - Horny Maid Cleans His Dick

We called for a maid service to clean our house today, but didn't expect the maid to be so fucking sexy. I knew when she came in, I had to get her out of those clothes. I offer her some money to show off her bra. She was hesitant at first, but it's hard to say no to so much cash. After she lost her top, I needed to see that booty. Paid her a little bit more and got to see her twerk her perfect booty. I ended up getting her completely naked before I was way too hard to not stroke my cock. She was shocked at first but once she saw how big it was, her mouth was basically watering. I fucked her tits like never before and we fuck in multiple positions before I explode with jizz all over her body.

Amy Amor 在 'Amy Loves It Rough'

Amy Amor - Amy Loves It Rough

Amy Amor is here with us today and she's going all in. Her big tits and perfect round ass has all of us falling in love. She shows off her perfect body before we oil her up everywhere. Our boy Alberto steps in with a rock hard cock ready to fuck. She gives him an amazing blowjob before he fucks that pussy like no tomorrow. She moans with pleasure as he chokes her and really shows her how to fuck hardcore. Hw fucks her huge, oily tits before eventually busting a huge load all over her face.