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Amy Amor 在 '沙發店、水桶和拖把'

Amy Amor - 沙發店、水桶和拖把

藍寶石拉皮德拉正在艾米阿莫爾的商店購買新傢俱,我們很快就發現,藍寶石有一個非常特殊的方式來測試她潛在的新購買!當艾米在電腦前翻閱她的庫存時,藍寶石把她甜美的腫頭和貓磨在一張乾淨的桌子上,當然想確保它堅固舒適地上床! 進入喬迪, 當他看到一個華麗的寶貝, 山雀出來, 讓自己下車時, 他簡直不敢相信自己的眼睛。他偷看藍寶石,當艾米看到她的顧客在做什麼時,事情變得非常瘋狂,因為兩人從事女同性戀性行為。喬迪無法控制自己, 抽搐著, 在沙發上悶悶不樂, 直到他被憤怒和角質的店主抓住!艾米和藍寶石把他拉進一個激烈的三人行, 油他們的山頭, 扼殺喬迪的臉與他們, 他媽的方式, 直到他們被他的暨覆蓋

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Amy Amor 在 'Horny Maid Cleans His Dick'

Amy Amor - Horny Maid Cleans His Dick

We called for a maid service to clean our house today, but didn't expect the maid to be so fucking sexy. I knew when she came in, I had to get her out of those clothes. I offer her some money to show off her bra. She was hesitant at first, but it's hard to say no to so much cash. After she lost her top, I needed to see that booty. Paid her a little bit more and got to see her twerk her perfect booty. I ended up getting her completely naked before I was way too hard to not stroke my cock. She was shocked at first but once she saw how big it was, her mouth was basically watering. I fucked her tits like never before and we fuck in multiple positions before I explode with jizz all over her body.

Amy Amor 在 'Amy Loves It Rough'

Amy Amor - Amy Loves It Rough

Amy Amor is here with us today and she's going all in. Her big tits and perfect round ass has all of us falling in love. She shows off her perfect body before we oil her up everywhere. Our boy Alberto steps in with a rock hard cock ready to fuck. She gives him an amazing blowjob before he fucks that pussy like no tomorrow. She moans with pleasure as he chokes her and really shows her how to fuck hardcore. Hw fucks her huge, oily tits before eventually busting a huge load all over her face.