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Busty babe Ashlyn Peaks says that one life lesson she's learned is the importance of being selective about where she spends her time ... and lucky for big natty fans the world over, she's decided to spend hers becoming the next big thing in Porn Valley! Blessed with a nice round ass and all-natural 34H tits, Ashlyn will have you wanting to spend your precious time exploring all her peaks! A classic girly girl, when Ashlyn's not on set she loves shopping, getting dressed up in hot outfits, and going out for a nice meal with her crew of BFFs. Spend some quality time with Ashlyn in her scenes below.

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Ashlyn Peaks 在 '大奶咖啡師'

Ashlyn Peaks - 大奶咖啡師

吉米·邁克爾斯(Jimmy Michaels)前往一家咖啡店快速補充咖啡因,但發現比他討價還價的要多。咖啡師Ashlyn Peaks抽煙很熱,奶子很大。吉米躺在魅力上,阿什琳是DTF。一旦阿什琳把她的其他顧客送走,她就讓吉米來到櫃檯後面,給她一個好的雞巴和一張滿臉精液的臉。

Conor Coxxx 在 '車庫被禁止'

Conor Coxxx - 車庫被禁止

Zoey和她的男朋友Conor正在她的車庫裏為他們的新大學樂隊“ ZZ Tip”做準備。Zoey的新繼妹Ashlynn只是想和她的新假陽具在她的臥室里獨處一段時間,但樂隊製作的球拍扼殺了人們的情緒。Ashlynn試圖與Zoey講道理,但Zoey太朋克了,無法推理,所以Ashlynn設計了一個陰謀,通過使用她美麗的大自然來分散Conor的注意力, 使其遠離搖滾。當Zoey發現他們時, 一場女孩大戰爆發,導致一個搖擺的公雞三人組!

SlimThick Vic 在 '超級熱鄰居和大自然摩洛伊斯蘭解放陣線排水變態新繼子'

SlimThick Vic - 超級熱鄰居和大自然摩洛伊斯蘭解放陣線排水變態新繼子


Ashlyn Peaks 在 '五星級汽車旅館'

Ashlyn Peaks - 五星級汽車旅館

性感的 Ashlyn Peaks 和 Tyler Steel 入住酒店,度過一個浪漫的週末。泰勒似乎被可愛的酒店女僕佐伊·辛恩( Zoey Sinn )分散了注意力,但阿什琳知道他可能只需要!當他們的勾搭被敲門聲打斷時,沮喪的阿什琳決定去洗個澡。泰勒應了一聲,令他驚訝的是,紋身的佐伊正站在那裡,準備跳到他身上。這兩個人最好小心,如果艾希琳抓住了他們,她會準備好給他們一個快速而艱難的教訓!

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Ashlyn Peaks 在 'We Already Made It This Far'

Ashlyn Peaks - We Already Made It This Far

Ashlyn Peaks and her fat ass is in need of some oiling! She cant reach that ass tho its too fat so she asks The Don Sudan for some help... The problem is that Sudan is her Stepdad so he's a bit weirded out by the whole situation. In the other hand, Ashlyn Doesn't give a fuck. She gets turned on mid oil application and decides that Sudan is gonna give her some dick. And she takes him for a hell of a ride.

Roxie Sinner 在 'How The Dick Stole Christmas'

Roxie Sinner - How The Dick Stole Christmas

A horny twist of a classic tale. How The Dick Stole Christmas tells the story of a small town called 'Hoeville' on Christmas Day. Living in Hoeville is an unfriendly bum who hates Christmas, they called him 'The Dick'. When the Dick decides to try to score some extra cash by stealing peoples presents, Roxie and Ashlyn decide to show him the true meaning of Christmas, Hoeville style. Beginning with some powerful lesbian sex, turned into a holiday threesome that'll have you beating your meat and nutting faster than baking a Christmas cookie. Happy holidays from Bang Bros.

Ashlyn Peaks 在 'try's out the new masseuse and his big cock!'

Ashlyn Peaks - Perfect Fucking Strangers

Ashlyn Peaks just hired a new masseuse, and she will train him to better satisfy her female clients, first a good massage to see how good he is with his hands, and then a deep stretch of her pussy to see how good he can fuck!!

Ashlyn Peaks 在 'Ashlyn Peeks That Dick'

Ashlyn Peaks - Ashlyn Peeks That Dick

Ashlyn Peaks is so horny by the pool. She has perfect big round titis ready to play with, she is relaxing at the pool, but her delicious tits are going wild. Just the slightest movement and her tits jiggle and bounce everywhere. She needs a dick to calm them down. So Jay comes over and wrangles them into compliance. He fucks her tits nice and good. She starts sucking his cock and it gets even harder. Jay can help but to notice her giant round ass. He fucks her pussy right. He cums all over her face and tits.

Ashlyn Peaks 在 'Insanely Huge Natural Tits'

Ashlyn Peaks - Insanely Huge Natural Tits

You're going to want to suck, fuck, and share Ashlyn Peaks tits with your homies. They're so big its amazing Danny Steele can even get his hands around them. Seriously her tits are so big they're like a dream come true. Not to mention she has a big fat ass too perfect for hitting from behind. Danny Steele fucks her hard and her humps and lumps jiggle all over his cock like an earthquake of sexual pleasure. She sucks and fucks his dick with her tits, and eventually he cums all on her tongue and the jizz and spit falls on her tits.

Ashlyn Peaks 在 'My Wife's Hot Friend'

Ashlyn Peaks - My Wife's Hot Friend

Ryan helps out his wife's friend, Ashlyn Peaks, to fix a pipe and she wants to pay him for his time. But Ryan says there is no way he'll accept any money from her or else his wife would kill him. Ashlyn decides to repay him with her body. She busts out her big natural tits and that's all it takes for Ryan to give in. Lucky, they both agree to keep this little 'sexcapade' a secret between the two of them. His wife will never find out!

Ashlyn Peaks 在 'Sneaky Neighbor'

Ashlyn Peaks - Sneaky Neighbor

Ashlyn Peaks is jogging her tits, jiggling everywhere. Jay Bangher can't help but watch. She Stops to stretch. She needs to take a dip in the pool. Jay Followers her. Get gets completely naked. Her big boobs are ready for the water. Jay is hiding in the plants watches every move as she gets in. She slashes around, getting her tits real wet. Jay moves closer and starts jerking it. She notices and gets up to scold him, but she is too horny to mad. She drags him into her house to fuck. Jay puts his meat inside her mouth, and she sucks it hard. She begs him to fuck her right in the pussy. Jay is happy to oblige. He gets in and starts making love. She loves his dick inside her. He cums all over her face.

Ashlyn Peaks 在 'Needs Some Dick'

Ashlyn Peaks - Needs Some Dick

Ashlyn Peaks was in the shower soaping her big natural breasts. Taking a shower always made her horny. Right after the shower she hopped into her bed and started to play with herself. When she was about to come there was a loud knock on the door. Frustrated she ran to the door. It was Jay Bangher. He looked confused that she was half naked. She just grabbed him. Told him she needs a dick and pulled him inside. She threw him on the bed and rubbed her breasts into his face. Then she sucked his cock. They fucked. In doggy, missionary and all riding positions. In the end he s**t his load onto her face and breasts.