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Cute freckled girl-next-door Callie Black describes herself as a freak in the sheets...and also a freak on the streets! This curvy blonde loves getting kinky in her webcam shows, performing with a mindblowing array of naughty sex toys that even longtime porn aficionados may have never seen before! You might think after taking in one of her legendary solo performances where she stretches out all of her holes that Callie has already done every dirty thing there is to do, but this wicked bisexual babe still has plenty of unfulfilled fantasies she wants to bring to life in porn now that she has access to an unlimited supply of hot men and women!

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Callie Black 在 '繼母的母親節輪姦'

Callie Black - 繼母的母親節輪姦

凱莉·布萊克很高興能作為全新的繼母慶祝她的第一個母親節。在她的丈夫通過吮吸她的奶子喚醒她後,她決定通過在床上自慰來享受一些假期樂趣......只為她的新繼女維多利亞·洛博夫(Victoria Lobov)想要參與行動!她把凱莉吃掉,然後在早餐時用手指指她的陰部,然後她被她的朋友吉米邁克爾斯和派克安布羅斯打斷。當維多利亞去打包他們的海灘旅行時,兩個辣妹忍不住想通過在丈夫面前偷偷操凱莉來表達他們對她美好的熟女的讚賞!一旦他離開(達里烏斯·道森和GI Joey都出現了),真正的樂趣就開始了。凱莉吸吮著四個男人,享受著他們雞巴的味道,然後讓他們輪流操她的陰戶。維多利亞不想讓她的新繼母玩得開心,她加入了輪姦,讓四個男人搗她的緊洞!一旦凱莉和維多利亞花完了,男人就會輪流在凱莉的嘴裏射精!談論完美的母親節禮物!

Callie Black 在 '抽吸我姐姐的熱朋友'

Callie Black - 抽吸我姐姐的熱朋友


Callie Black 在 '填滿她的兩個洞'

Callie Black - 填滿她的兩個洞


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Callie Black 在 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Callie Black - My Sister's Hot Friend

Callie Black is cleaning up after a party she threw last night when her friend's brother, Donny stops by. It seems that Donny's sister left her purse at the party and sent Donny to reclaim it for her. Callie finds the purse and hands it over to Donny but she asks Donny to stay and chat for a while, as Callie has something to tell him. She let's him know that he's had a crush on him for a while and Donny confesses his feelings for her as well, which leads to a passionate make out session before Callie shoves Donny's BBC into her wet pussy.

Callie Black 在 'Naughty America'

Callie Black - Naughty America

Callie Black just loves having sex but her insurance plan that her dad has her on is not discrete enough. She calls over a family friend who works within the insurance company to see if she has alternative options. Only one way to help Callie is with more dick and boy does he deliver.

Callie Black 在 'Naughty America'

Callie Black - Naughty America

Callie Black needs some professional pictures of her taken for her page, luckily her dad's friend has all the equipment needed to make that happen. He starts snapping away and Callie starts losing her clothes. Her dad's friend is a little taken back, but Callie assures him that it's all good. In fact she wanted him to see her naked in order to seduce and fuck him. Her naughty plan works flawlessly!

Callie Black 在 'Thrill Of It'

Callie Black - Thrill Of It

Killing it in houndstooth, Callie has that sun-kissed West coast aura about her. Catch up with this cute, curvy free-spirit and discover why there's such a fuss about California girls.

Callie Black 在 'spends Halloween night fucking her friend's big cocked boyfriend'

Callie Black - My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

It's Halloween and Johnny Crusty has come back to wreck havoc. But really it's just Rory's boyfriend, David, dressed up like Johnny to scare the girls. It scared Rory enough to runaway, leaving David and Callie Black alone for the night. Callie is one of Rory's best friend's and she has noticed that Rory doesn't treat David all that well, so Callie decided to show David the appreciation he never gets by fucking his brains out, giving David the best treat he's ever had on Halloween.

Callie Black 在 'gives up her pussy and fucks her friend's brother for a big favor'

Callie Black - My Sister's Hot Friend

Callie Black seeks help from her friend's brother, Ryan, because seniors are bullying her brother. He might be able to help him out, but what will Ryan get in return? He wants that tight wet pussy of hers before committing to anything.

Callie Black 在 'Perfect Fucking Strangers'

Callie Black - Perfect Fucking Strangers

Callie Black is at the laundromat finishing up when a stranger walks in. She can't help her hot and horny self and starts rubbing one off. She finally gets his attention and his big black cock where she wants it...Right in her wet and juicy pussy!

Callie Black 在 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Callie Black - My Sister's Hot Friend

Callie Black is over her friend's house to work out but only her friend's brother Peter is home. She's been having some stretching problems that Peter can help with. Stretching that pussy and her nice round booty is going to get Callie that summer bod she has been working towards.

Darcie Dolce 在 'Picture Perfect Pussy'

Darcie Dolce - Picture Perfect Pussy

Callie is relaxing when the tempting and teasing Darcie convinces her to take some provocative photos with their instant camera. Darcie shows her how to pose and put her picture-perfect assets on display. With a little encouragement, Callie is in the same mood, flirting, flashing, and teasing. Sometimes staying in is a lot more entertaining than going out, and we have the photographic proof…

Callie Black 在 'Eager For Anal 2'

Callie Black - Eager For Anal 2

In her sequined halter, choker and panties, blonde Callie Black shows us her great, natural boobies. This pale, busty young lady pushes a glass dildo up her ass while stroking her bald pussy. She kneels to suck on Mark Wood's big, erect cock; he fucks Callie's sexy face and then bangs her from behind. She lies back to rub her clit while Mark stuffs his throbbing boner into her rectum. Callie enjoys some relentless anal reaming, till her butthole gapes! Mark cums in Callie's mouth.