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Dee Dee Lynn is the hottest new redhead to step on the scene since Faye Reagan. With an all natural body, pale ivory skin, and a light dusting of freckles, she's got the look that all ginger lovers crave, not to mention a spectacular pair of 32DD big natural tits and a flawless tight butt. Dee Dee, who got her start webcamming, made the transition to porn by first making sexy home videos with her hubby. Once she got a taste of the big time, this nubile newbie had to have more, and jumped into the adult industry with legs spread and eyes open. When she's not busy getting her tight pussy stuffed by the biggest dicks in the business, you can probably find Dee Dee playing with her pets, playing computer games, or using her massive dildo collection to rub one out. So make sure to check out Dee Dee Lynn in her smoking hot debut, because naturally busty redheads don't come along every day!

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Dee Dee Lynn 在 '是最好的朋友,我們現在分享一切'

Dee Dee Lynn - 是最好的朋友,我們現在分享一切

至少最酷的女孩在學校和班級書呆子有一個共同點:一大口渴的渴望。當猩紅色瞥見Dee Dee的繼父從工作回家的時候,她開始流口水那個笨重的老大傢伙。 Dee Dee承認她曾經在淋浴裡看過他的雞巴,從來沒有忘記過她的濕度。後來,當約翰遜不小心走在赤裸的Dee Dee變化的時候,它開始了他和這些角質的青少年之間的鐵桿三人組。 Dee Dee加入了Scarlet吸吮Johnny的公雞,然後這些nymphos開始臥床,輪到他媽的坐在Johnny的臉上,直到他們充滿激情的高潮。

Dee Dee Lynn 在 '讓我們一起工作'

Dee Dee Lynn - 讓我們一起工作

泰勒尼克松從來沒有和他的姊妹Dee Dee Lynn一起走過,這讓他們的父母很瘋狂。所以當家人朋友Lezley Zen看到他們爭吵的時候,她決定緩解緊張局勢的唯一辦法就是要有一點性治愈!她開始剝下Dee Dee,炫耀她的大山雀,然後兩個豐滿的寶貝給了Tyler一個難以置信的雙重口交。 Lezley和Dee Dee輪流騎著泰勒的大公雞,舔彼此的緊緊的貓,直到他終於在他們的臉上爆炸了一陣!

Dee Dee Lynn 在 '愉快的Stepdaddy日'

Dee Dee Lynn - 愉快的Stepdaddy日

當Dee Dee Lynn在學校再獲得一個F的時候,她知道這對她來說意味著麻煩。但是,當她的Stepdad Johnny Sins給她一個很好的講話時,說要找到她的激情,跟隨它,無論什麼,她真的把它帶到心上。所以想像約翰尼的驚喜,當他去當地的地帶,看到Dee Dee搖擺她的東西在舞台上!他試圖讓她停下來,但她解釋說,她只是像他提出並追求她真正的激情:做一個妓女!他開始有點擔心,但是當她開始給他一圈一圈的舞蹈時,她可以感覺到他正在穿牛仔褲,並且知道他正在進行。她甩出他的公雞,吮吸它,舔屁股,而她的大軸。約翰尼把她的內褲放在一邊,用力攪拌,然後在柔軟的白色肚子和大天然的山雀上打破了一個肥胖的堅果!

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Dee Dee Lynn 在 'in My Friend's Hot Girl'

Dee Dee Lynn - My Friend's Hot Girl

Dee Dee Lynn just got back from the movies with her boyfriend's friend, Bill. Seems like Dee Dee and Bill have more in common than Dee Dee and her current boyfriend. Dee Dee and Bill quickly realize this and decide to take the plunge by having Bill plunge his giant dick inside of Dee Dee's vagina.

Dee Dee Lynn 在 'Pinup Doll 2'

Dee Dee Lynn - Pinup Doll 2

Dee Dee Lynn is living in the limelight. She's a Pinup model and a star, but when she needs to get aware from all the craziness that comes with fame, she has Ryan to come home to, to get her a glass of wine and relieve her tension with some much needed hard fucking. He leaves a nice load in her pussy and she leaves with a smile.

Dee Dee Lynn 在 'A Little Ginger In My Life'

Dee Dee Lynn - A Little Ginger In My Life

DeeDee wanted to break into porn and our boy Tony was more than happy to help her get her start. This slim redhead wasnt shy to let him know what she does and doesnt like and was happy to talk about her impressive 32DD tits! She told Tony they just grew over a couple of months and after all of this titty talk, you know he had to suck them! DeeDee has a nice round booty too and she bounced it all over Tonys member like a pro. After a nice hot blast of jizz on her ass, DeeDee was ready for whatever we threw her way next!

Dee Dee Lynn 在 'Big Titty Ginger Gets Pounded'

Dee Dee Lynn - Big Titty Ginger Gets Pounded

Dee Dee Lynn is a rarity in this industry. A beautiful ginger teen with an amazing pair of fun bags. This chick just turned 18 and loves to get titty fucked. After the pickup, Mirko destroys this tight little teens snatch and leaves her with a nice skeet treat. Fuck yes.