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Like the glamorous gemstone she takes her name from, Amethyst Banks shines in every scene she's in. Growing up in Chicago, the beauty's head was filled with daydreams of dancing on stage and making big money, but opportunity was scarce. As her teen years rolled around, Amethyst's drive for fame got the best of her, driving the bisexual babe to head down towards Las Vegas in search of the life she'd always dreamed of. With luscious blowjob lips, a tall slender body, and a permanent case of bedroom eyes, Amethyst stood out like a diamond among pebbles, quickly gaining the attention of adult industry scouts. Oozing with a timeless elegance, she recognized an opportunity to be a star and indulge her wild sexual fantasies in the process. After years of eating pussy and a newfound appreciation for cock, Amethyst is poised and ready for close up!

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Diamond Banks 在 '劉海手鐲第 2 部分'

Diamond Banks - 劉海手鐲第 2 部分

作為學院最富有的捐助者的女兒,也是她最後一位統治球隊的姐妹,啦啦隊隊長戴蒙德·班克斯(Diamond Banks)承受著巨大的壓力來維持她的頭銜——她拒絕讓最新的隊員佩奇妨礙她!在發現她的新對手已經賣掉了她的粉紅色和紫色手鐲后,戴蒙德追求佩姬的暗戀物件——以及她的舊情人——范·懷爾德,希望能熄滅佩姬火熱的決心。戴蒙德發現范在健身房訓練,在那裡她勾引他,並在他將其放入她的陰戶之前將嘴唇包裹在他的雞巴上!

Diamond Banks 在 '擠壓我,請我:第 1 部分'

Diamond Banks - 擠壓我,請我:第 1 部分


Diamond Banks 在 '口渴陷阱'

Diamond Banks - 口渴陷阱

范懷爾德發現自己在沙漠中徘徊,渴望的不僅僅是水。當他爬過沙丘時,他一定在看東西。海市蜃樓?因為在遠處是一個令人著迷的生育女神,從沙子里自己誕生,就像一個古老的性神。令人驚歎的鑽石銀行在原石中閃閃發光!太陽擁抱著她的曲線,當她走近時,風吹拂著她飄逸的衣服,為他提供生命的水分,因為他盯著那些活潑的奶子和豐滿的嘴唇對他微笑。當他來到時,范發現自己在戴蒙德的寺廟裡 - 或者看起來是這樣 - 因為她引導他恢復健康......確保他很強壯,因為她在他的雞巴上流口水,把她多汁的屁股磨在他的身體上!但是,等等,從什麼時候開始,神秘的寺廟有發動機怠速和壁櫥浴室?這是怎麼回事?!

Diamond Banks 在 '噴水許可證'

Diamond Banks - 噴水許可證

Kiera Croft和Diamond Banks是兩個壞蛋海灘準備寶貝,他們被鎖上並裝滿了噴槍和噴水的陰道,準備度過美好時光。當Jax Slayher帶著他多汁的大雞巴到達時,他們已經跪在地上,張開嘴迎接他。賈克斯沒有浪費時間,用他們濕漉漉的油膩的屁股把兩個人都釘在牆上,然後伸出來,他把他的雞巴放在那裡。賈克斯輪流操基拉和戴蒙德的緊繃的混蛋,同時他們互相製造並吃掉對方的陰道。女士們拿出一根魔杖來補充,它變成了一個超級噴水 - 她的三人行,每個人都濕透了。有一個偉大的他媽的,女士們!

Diamond Banks 在 '雞尾酒女服務員三人行'

Diamond Banks - 雞尾酒女服務員三人行


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Diamond Banks 在 'Diamond Fucking Banks!'

Diamond Banks - Diamond Fucking Banks!

Diamond Banks is finally back with us. She seems to have found the fountain of youth because she looks just as good as ever. Her ass may have even gotten phatter. A great pairing with Damion, because he most definitely fucked her like we missed her. It's such a hot day here and her warm pussy was a great refresher. Damion paints her pretty face with cum and she jumps in the pool naked to cool down. This is one we won't soon forget.

Diamond Banks 在 'Silver And Gold'

Diamond Banks - Silver And Gold

What happens when you take two precious metals and mix them together? You get badass bootie beauties Diamond Banks and Willow Ryder. Watching as these two mix with each other you would never guess that they havent worked together before. I know my match making skills are on point, but damn! The sexual energy happening in my room blew me away!

Diamond Banks 在 'Diamond Banks' Anal Toy'

Diamond Banks - Diamond Banks' Anal Toy

Diamond Banks has Taylor Nicole naked, lying on her back, and bound in rope. Taylor?s legs are spread apart and a bejeweled butt-plug is already in her asshole. Diamond crops her pale ass and thighs until they turn pink. Diamond pops the plug in and out and licks Taylor?s asshole. Diamond sits on her face and fucks Taylor?s ass with a pink dildo. Next, Taylor is on her knees with a metal hook in her ass. Diamond pops it out and spanks her ass cheeks with a paddle. In the final scene Taylor is in a full rope-suspension and gets strap-on fucked upside-down.

Mia Moore 在 'Making Fucking Friends'

Mia Moore - Making Fucking Friends

My favorite part of pairing women up together is when they become good friends after. This was the first time Mia and Diamond had met and the chemistry was amazing. They hit it off like they had known each other forever. I love it when my matchmaking skills on are point.

Diamond Banks 在 'Movie Night'

Diamond Banks - Movie Night

Diamond doesn't want to hang out with her friend's boyfriend, but she insisted they try to get along. They've been keeping each other at arm's length, because if they ever let things thaw they know they won't be able to keep their hands off each other. But what her friend doesn't know won't hurt her, so Diamond is going to help herself to some forbidden fruit.

Daisy Ducati 在 'Beautiful Diamond Banks Gets Fucked Good After Losing Her'

Daisy Ducati - Beautiful Diamond Banks Gets Fucked Good After Losing Her

Daisy 'Lethal Legs' Ducati is here to welcome a new rookie to the Evolved Fights Lesbian Edition. Daisy has a great track record for making her opponents cum on the mats. It might have a lot to do with her sexy pillow talk, or the fact that she's tall and has perfect skin but Most likely what really gets these girls creaming on the mats is the power that they feel when they get taken down by Miss Ducati. Daisy has some powerful lethal legs. She wraps them up and it's goodnight Irene or in this case, Good night Diamond. Diamond 'Cutter' Banks has Zero wrestling experience but she did cheerleading at his school which means she's athletic. Diamond is positive she's going to win. She knows who Daisy is and she's not impressed. Today, Daisy needs to make this new girl humble. You don't want to miss this one, my friends. There is an orgasm on the mats at the very end of round 3. The Winner is brutal with the loser. She stuffs the loser's face with a big cock then gets the loser down for pussy strap-on fucking and hair-pulling. The winner utterly dominates the loser sexually and mentally. The loser must concede to the winner by licking an orgasm out of her. The winner lifts and carries the sorry loser away just to show her how much power she really does have even after doing ALL the work in the wrestling and the sex.