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Jessica Starling 在 '熱護士變得粘稠'

Jessica Starling - 熱護士變得粘稠

Jasmine Wilde,Jazlyn Ray和Jessica Starling都是住在一起的護士學生。一天早上,金髮女郎賈茲琳在她的房間里和她的男朋友裡昂·金發生性關係,當她意識到她考試遲到了!賈茲琳迅速跑去考試,留下她辛苦的男友躺在床上。隨著賈茲琳的離開,好色的茉莉和潔西卡向毫無戒心的里昂移動了他們的行動。茉莉和潔西卡勾引里昂(他可以反抗)並猛烈揉扯他,直到他擠進醫療杯。就在這時,賈茲琳回到房間,抓住了放蕩的茉莉和潔西卡。賈茲琳綁上一個大而噴射的假陽具,決定教茉莉和潔西嘉一堂他們永遠不會忘記的解剖學課!

Jessica Starling 在 '我的大奶子哥特室友'

Jessica Starling - 我的大奶子哥特室友


Jessica Starling 在 '潔西嘉做音樂'

Jessica Starling - 潔西嘉做音樂


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Jessica Starling 在 'Insatiable Appetite - S17:E6'

Jessica Starling - Insatiable Appetite - S17:E6

There's nothing but passion between Jessica Starling and Joshua Lewis as Jessica pushes Joshua against the fridge and peppers him with kisses. She's decked out in some lingerie that gives Joshua an instant stiffie, but that bra and thong won't last for long in the face of their sexual need.Kissing Jessica's neck and slipping his hands down her thong isn't enough for Joshua. He pops her tits out of her bra and kneads those big cans. In return, Jessica drops to a crouch and springs her lover's hardon free of his briefs. Opening wide, she sucks him down to her heart's content as he thrusts into her hot mouth.Bending Jessica over the counter, Joshua gets on his knees to help her out of her thong. He's already down there, so he leans forward to lap at her juicy snatch for a taste of her musk. Then he gets to his feet and slides on home as Jessica leans forward and hangs on tight to the counter.Retiring to the bedroom for a more comfortable space to enjoy one another, the couple gets into bed. Joshua lays down so that Jessica can resume her blowjob, which now tastes like their combined juices. Rearing back, she pushes her big ones together to create a sheathe for Joshua to titty fuck.Since Joshua is already prone on the bed, it's easy for Jessica to climb on top of him. Straddling his hips, she guides her hairy twat down to eat that cock right up. When she's fully impaled, she bounces away in a stiffie ride that leaves her squirming and moaning in bliss.On her back, Jessica spreads herself wide open for Joshua to reenter her. He holds her legs apart to keep the angle of penetration just so. Then Jessica flips over so that she's still on her knees and holding herself up while Joshua does her in doggy from behind.When Jessica falls to her side, Joshua follows her down. Their spooning sex is the perfect position for Joshua's hands to explore Jessica's big tits. The combination of her velvet glove and soft boobies finally brings him to the edge. Pulling out, he blows his load all over Jessica's muff to satisfy both of their passion.

Eriq Dikkerson 在 'Mean Maid - Jessica Starling'

Eriq Dikkerson - Mean Maid - Jessica Starling

Eriq calls a maid service to clean his dirty, dingy apartment and is amazed when they send over the beautiful, sexy Jessica! He immediately falls in love with her? he wants to make sure she?s happy, so he offers to help her with the cleaning. He soon realizes that he?s doing all the work while she lounges on the bed, enjoying a drink. When he asks if she is going to do any of the work, she laughs at him and tells him losers like him always end up working for beautiful women like her. She tells him ?you are paying to clean your own apartment!!!HAHHAHAHA? . She loves bossing him around, so she commands him to get on his knees and clean the bottom of her shoes with his tongue. And after that, it?s time for cleaning of her asshole! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, ARMPIT SMOTHERING, SPITTING, AND MORE!

Jasmine Wilde 在 'Big tits duo Jasmine Wilde and Jessica Starling show you how Naughty pornstars can be'

Jasmine Wilde - Big tits duo Jasmine Wilde and Jessica Starling show you how Naughty pornstars can be

Get your dick out and ready to enjoy a blonde and brunette at the same time! Jasmine Wilde & Jessica Starling -- pornstars who love to get their pussy pounded hard and that is what they will do with that thick cock of yours, too. They will poor oil to lube themselves up so you can slide your dick in and fuck them like a raging bull you are.