Make sure you've got something to hold onto, because Kendall Kayden will knock you off your feet before you can ask, "How can such a small blonde have such big tits!" At only 5'2 and under 100 lbs., this pink pussied goddess is so tight and beautiful, you'll want nothing more than to toss a crown on her head and make her your bubblegum princess. If you told Kendall she was going to grow up to be a porn star, she would have told you to get your head checked, because she was going to be a nurse! But after a few setbacks and a neck injury, Kendall left it all behind and moved out to California to live with her sister, who just so happened to be making fat stacks diddling herself on webcam. Wasn't long before the whole family was in on the biz, and before you knew it, precious little Kendall had completely forgotten about nursing altogether! All she could think about now was - you guessed it - dick, dick, dick!

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Kendall Kayden 在 '被擊倒在Babyshower'
Kendall Kayden - 被擊倒在Babyshower


Kendall Kayden 在 'Toeing線'
Kendall Kayden - Toeing線


Julia Ann 在 '分享按摩'
Julia Ann - 分享按摩

Julia Ann和她的繼女Kendall Kayden在溫泉中度過了一個女孩節。唯一的問題?只有一個按摩師按摩。幸運的是,丹尼山是最快的雙手,不久之後,他已經得到了這兩個可愛的女士們。但是,一旦朱莉婭發現他他媽的肯德爾,她馬上就走了。畢竟,她正在為這種按摩付錢,如果有人應該讓她的貓充滿堅定的公雞,那應該是她的!

Kendall Kayden 在 '地板按摩'
Kendall Kayden - 地板按摩


Kendall Kayden 在 '兄弟之爭'
Kendall Kayden - 兄弟之爭

肯德爾想要一個姐姐四月的男朋友。所以當四月份停下來打電話的時候,肯德爾吶喊,並說服範,來看看她的房間...和她的大天然奶酪。 Van對他gf的妹妹的臉上感到內疚,所以他跑回到4月才完成他們開始的事情,但肯德爾堅持不懈。當Van犁4月,肯德爾給他一個表演,讓他如此噁心,他忘了所有關於四月,並按照肯德爾回到她的臥室一個熱,濕他媽的。四月不會喜歡那一點!

Kendall Kayden 在 '一個鞭打的奶油雞尾酒'
Kendall Kayden - 一個鞭打的奶油雞尾酒

從學校生病了一天,肯德爾·凱登(Kendall Kayden)感到驚訝,很高興與她妹妹的男朋友米克·藍(Mick Blue)加入一起。幾分鐘後,幾盎司的奶油後來,這對他媽的在廚房裡。但是當肯德爾的媽媽出乎意料地回家的時候,肯德爾和米克如果要保持他媽的話,就要保持低音。

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Kendall Kayden - Petite Blonde Baby Sitter

Tiny blonde Kendall Kayden gets manhandled by Chad's thick cock.

Kendall Kayden 在 'You Could Use A Drink'
Kendall Kayden - You Could Use A Drink

When Kendall's father bought a beautiful condo for her, she was so excited. She can party and hook up whenever she wanted. The only problem is that ever one of her dates have come to nothing. However, her neighbour is a big time European DJ that she finds really attractive, and when she literally bumps into him and he asks her in for a drink, there was no way she was going to miss this opportunity, and skipping class seems like a small price to pay. She will do anything and everything he wants, and it's going to leave her hungry for more.

Kendall Kayden 在 'and Ryan Driller in My Sister's Hot Friend'
Kendall Kayden - My Sisters Hot Friend

Ryan's pleasantly surprised to see how hot his sister's friend Kendall Kayden is when she arrives at their home from airport. He's blown away by how sexy and flirtatious the blonde is, but he's even further surprised when she tells him she's in town for work as a lingerie and bikini model — yet another minor detail his sister left out. The idiot's so horned-out by her he gets caught staring at her after she rinses off in the shower! But it's apparently to his advantage, because soon afterward Kendall puts on one of her sexy lingerie outfits and struts out to ask him what he thinks. But she doesn't even care if he opens his mouth, because all she wants to do is fuck before his sister gets home!

Kendall Kayden 在 'New Years S&39;mores Celebration'
Kendall Kayden - New Years S&39;mores Celebration

S'mores and fireworks outside by the fireplace (upstairs) leads to fuckfest inside.

Kendall Kayden 在 'Stepdad Seduction'
Kendall Kayden - Stepdad Seduction

Adorable, all-natural dirty blonde Kendall Kayden loves stepdad Ramon Nomar's attention -- she teases him, leaving the bathroom door open when she showers. The tanned, girly doll seduces him with her gorgeous, naked T & A, promising to keep their secret. He laps her shaved snatch and fucks her face; she nearly deep-throats his big, fat, uncut prick. Kendall's beautiful butt tumbles as she rides cock. She calls Ramon 'Daddy' through an energetic fuck and sucks dick pussy-to-mouth. As he plows her dog-style, she fingers her butthole. He spunks all over her sweaty, joyful face, forehead and tits. 'Did I please you, Daddy?' asks Kendall. 'More than your mother,' is his reply.

Kendall Kayden 在 'Shower Show'
Kendall Kayden - Shower Show

Hot blonde girl gives her man a soapy show from in the shower

Kendall Kayden 在 'Three Way Fantasy'
Kendall Kayden - Three Way Fantasy

Van Wylde knows that he is one lucky man when Kendall Kayden and Kimmy Granger strut up to him in full-on seduction mode. Their bras are easily removed as Van exchanges kisses with Kendall and then Kimmy. Once the girls are both topless, they sink to their knees in front of Van and go to work pulling out his dick for a shared double blowjob that only gets him hotter and hornier as they take turns deep throating him.Taking things to the bedroom, the girls have Van take a seat so that they can put on a show for him. After enjoying a searing kiss, Kimmy presses Kendall onto the bed so that she can rub her lover's clit over her panties thong. Loving what she finds, Kimmy peels Kendall's thong off and then settles in for a luxurious pussy licking that is augmented by two fingers pushed deep into Kendall's greedy twat.Although Van enjoys his voyeurism, he desperately wants to join in. Approaching the bed from behind Kimmy, he slides her thong down her legs and off so that he can take the lusty coed from behind. Getting her pussy pounded doesn't stop Kimmy from feasting on Kendall's snatch; if anything, Kimmy is even more enthusiastic about putting her talented mouth to work for her lover's pleasure.Switching things up, Kimmy adjusts her position so that she is seated atop Kendall's face with her pussy in the perfect position to be eaten out. That leaves Kendall's twat wide open for Van to press himself inside for his and Kendall's deep pleasure, and the takes full advantage with long thrusts of his hips.The trio shifts into a similar position, only with Van lying on the bed with his body available for Kimmy's and Kendall's pleasure. Kimmy puts her lusty mouth back to work, bending nearly double to give Van a blowjob. Meanwhile, Kendall plops her puss atop Van's mouth and then bends forward to buy her face in Kimmy's snatch so that the lovers create a triangle of oral pleasure that is only broken when Kimmy turns around and sinks down until her sheath is fully impaled by her lover's shaft.After taking a few moments to get her booty into the proper rhythm, Kimmy goes to town bouncing atop Van's member while Kendall leans forward to caress her hands all over Van's dick and Kimmy's tight ass to increase both of their pleasure. The moment Kimmy's twat starts throbbing with ecstasy, the lovers switch it up again so that Kendall is on her hands and knees taking a doggy style pussy pounding while Kimmy watches and masturbates with the help of Van's fingers.Although Van could eagerly continue to please his two coeds all day, his endurance is only so good. He reaches the end of his limit just as he pulls out of Kendall's snatch. Aiming his cock, he explodes all over Kendall's ass and puss so that Kimmy can lap up his seed while sending a few final shivers of pleasure through her lover at the touch of her tongue on Kendall's sensitive twat.

Kendall Kayden 在 'Finger Happy'
Kendall Kayden - Finger Happy

This finger happy masseuse gives a hot girl an oily massage and deep finger sex. Warms her up for his hard dick.

Kendall Kayden 在 'Magic Fingers'
Kendall Kayden - Magic Fingers

This finger happy masseuse gives a hot girl an oily massage and deep finger sex. Warms her up for his hard dick.

Kendall Kayden 在 'Pussy Lover'
Kendall Kayden - Pussy Lover

Guy comes home to find girl ready to get her pussy eaten out and fucked deep.

Kendall Kayden 在 'Kum With Kendall'
Kendall Kayden - Kum With Kendall

Kendall Kayden strips naked and masturbates at the patio

Kendall Kayden 在 'Her Touch'
Kendall Kayden - Her Touch

Busty blonde Kendall Kayden is dressed to the nines to meet up with her lover Uma Jolie for their anniversary. Kendall gives Uma a stick on dildo and a vibrator, and then goes about encouraging her girlfriend to use them.Uma reaches beneath Kendall's miniskirt to press the vibrating tip of her new toy to Kendall's panties. Encouraged, Uma peels off her dress so that Kendall can go to work using her mouth and talented tongue on her woman's luscious hairy pussy. Kendall's dress is the next to go so that Uma can bury her face between Kendall's long legs. Settling in for a long pussy licking, Uma enjoys long laps up and down Kendall's creamy slit that leave Kendall whimpering her approval. As Kendall's tight twat grows slick with her desire, Uma slips a finger deep inside and uses the combination of a pussy fingering and a clit licking to drive the blonde to completion.Uma gets down on her hands and knees next so that her ass is propped up in the air and her needy fuck hole is totally open for business. Kendall takes this opportunity to put the new vibrator to use as she rubs the toy up and down Uma's slit and then buries her face against the brunette's bottom so that she can enthusiastically eat out Uma's twat until she is pulsing with pleasure.Next Uma takes the opportunity to greedily worship Kendall's lean body and medium breasts. Kendall caresses Uma's body in return as the girls explore each other's slender frames and get themselves warmed up to slide down on their matching big dildos deep in their cock craving twats.Pumping their hips with slow strokes at first, the girls get used to the feeling of fullness and then go for a mutual wild tit-bouncing ride on their respective dildos. They change things up by sticking their toys to the glass sliding door and practicing their blowjob skills on their toys before turning around for a doggy style fuck fest that gets fast and furious as they enjoy the deep penetration.When the girls have disengaged from their toys, Uma goes back to work licking and finger fucking Kendall's dripping twat while Kendall's rubs her dildo and squeezes her heavy tits. Her breath comes in ever-faster gasps as Uma works her towards a body-shaking climax that leaves her boneless and sated.Kendall finishes off their lovemaking session by pressing her mouth to Uma's hairy snatch and working her lover's clit with her mouth until Uma's satisfied moans echo the ones that were so recently emitted from Kendall's mouth.