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With tanned skin and a perfect body, it's hard to not obsessive over this Filipino hottie. Kina Kai is a Filipino born pornstar who got her start in porn in early 2003 with her debut scene "Young Fresh and Ripe." Since that point she's been hooked, racking up over 70 titles to her name. Whether she's pleasing girls or boys, she's always pleasing her audience. We didn't see Kina grace Brazzers until 2009, and she kicked off her work with us with a blast. Kung Fu Fucking was her first scene for Brazzers, and we've never seen a better start before. Come favorite this sexy Asian sex bomb, you won't be disappointed.

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Allie Foster 在 '池畔夏天的樂趣'

Allie Foster - 池畔夏天的樂趣


Kina Kai 在 '功夫他媽的'

Kina Kai - 功夫他媽的

Kina Kai喜歡扮演忠實的妻子的角色,但一旦她的丈夫回來,她就確定她在旁邊有樂趣。唯一的問題是,他的他媽的朋友斯科特非常草率,當談到偷偷摸摸。

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Kina Kai 在 'Student Kina Kai fucking in the desk with her natural tits'

Kina Kai - Student Kina Kai fucking in the desk with her natural tits

Kina has missed her oral presentation two times now, that is not good. This counts for 10 percent of her grade. Her teacher wants her to do this presentation now, just for him. She has her own idea of what an "oral" presentation is and plans on showing her teacher now!

Kina Kai 在 'DMV Test (Do My Vagina)'

Kina Kai - DMV Test (Do My Vagina)

Levi is passing his license exam at the DMV again because he lost it due to a DUI. Kina, his instructor, will make him go through a few tests to see if he's apt to get back at driving. Failing all of them with flying colors and not able to take out his date for some pussy, Kina decides to give him a little taste of what he will be missing out on that night.

Kina Kai 在 'Call Me Sifu'

Kina Kai - Call Me Sifu

Billy walks in a martial arts school to get info for kung fu classes. Kina greets him and offers him a free trial with the Sifu. When Billy gets his ass kicked by the kung fu master, Kina will have to call Billy Sifu when he sticks his huge cock in her pussy!!