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Maria Bellucci was born June 27th 1977 in Hungary. After primary school she studied hairdressing and later she worked as a hairdresser. Fall 1996 she changed her "profession", and became a porn actress. She started at a smaller German production, then went to Kovi and later to an Italian agency. Since then she has been working continuously, mostly for Italian producers. Between 2001 and 2003 she had an exclusive contract with an Italian company. Since it has expired, she works on her own, she's also a model for Movidaagency.Since 2002 she regularly goes to Italy to make shows on stage, and is usually featured at different erotic exhibitions in Hungary and abroad. Since January 2004, she worked closely with Fókusz Videó and represents them at all Hungarian erotic festivals and shows. Her hobbies are going to movies and reading, also whenever she has time she goes to the gym, several times per week if possible. She likes animals very much, and owns two cats.

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Maria Bellucci 在 '大公雞上癮的米爾'

Maria Bellucci - 大公雞上癮的米爾

當她看到她女兒的前男友Zane時,Maria Bellucci在商場購物。當她問他們分手的原因時,他說她的女兒不能處理他的大肥胖的公雞。知道這使得瑪麗亞好噁心,她幾乎懇求他和她一起回家,讓她嘗試那個大肥胖的公雞! Zane無法抗拒他從這個超級性感的米爾他媽的狗屎的想法。所以他跟著她,給她一個衝擊,她不會很快忘記!

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Maria Bellucci 在 'fucking in the bedroom with her tits'

Maria Bellucci - fucking in the bedroom with her tits

Maria Belucci is late showing up to her lover's house because she was with her pesky husband, but once she arrives, they waste no time in making up for lost time ... how about a sloppy blowjob, lover, followed by a nice romp on the bed?

Carly Parker 在 'fucking in the living room with her big tits'

Carly Parker - fucking in the living room with her big tits

Carly Parker knows how to throw a birthday party for her husband. There isn't much room on the guest list but there's just enough for Maria Bellucci. Carly and Maria are going to make this the best birthday ever. Close your eyes and make a wish...Surprise...2 Chicks Same Time!

Maria Bellucci 在 'fucking in the couch with her tits'

Maria Bellucci - fucking in the couch with her tits

Alex left his ID in his sister's bar last night, so when he goes back to find it the next day, he finds his sister's sexy friend Maria Belucci opening the bar. I lost my license, Maria. Maybe I lost it in your pants ... mind if I take a look?

Maria Bellucci 在 'Panty Pops 5'

Maria Bellucci - Panty Pops 5

Maria is a European stunner direct from Budapest who absolutely flipped me out with her body, butt and skin. Some panty wardrobe changes were in the mix, as was some good butt-grinding, dicksucking, and a big load all over her black panties. This girl really has no idea how incredibly sexy she really is!

Maria Bellucci 在 'Anal Attack 4'

Maria Bellucci - Anal Attack 4

Dressed in sheer stockings, heels and a shiny PVC coat, super-stacked MILF Eva Karera teases the camera, revealing her lacy red underwear and squeezing her huge globes and rubbery nipples. Big-dicked studs Alec Knight and Jerry join this hard-bodied beauty; Eva drops to her knees and hungrily swallows their stiff erections. The boys fuck the brunette babe from either end as Eva eagerly straddles one dick while sucking the other. Soon she's taking an intense butt-fuck and spreading wide to get both holes stuffed. Eventually, Eva's pretty face and giant boobs get showered in hot sperm.

Maria Bellucci 在 'Half-Time Fuck'

Maria Bellucci - Half-Time Fuck

Maria's husband is coming home with his co-workers for game 7 on TV, completely forgetting that it was the special anniversary dinner with Maria. Ordering her to get chips and beer for his friends is just what makes her go over the edge and goes straight for Jon Jon, after he comes in for a beer refill. He goes deep in her like if it's sudden death in overtime and goes for the win.