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Busty beauty Olivia Blu is a fresh faced newcomer from the heart of North Carolina who has quickly made a name for herself thanks to her passionate performance and jaw-dropping big natural tits. Her massive perky 36D's are just about perfect, and the way they bounce, jiggle, and sway as she gets fucked by a nice hard cock is truly unforgettable. Her firm round ass is thick and juicy, the perfect way to compliment those succulent titties of hers. Her tight, toned tummy and her flawless pale skin complete the package to make Olivia Blu one of the hottest all natural porn stars we've seen in quite some time. So make sure you check out this curvy blue-eyed beauty in her stunning Brazzers debut, because this busty babe is headed straight for the top!

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Olivia Blu 在 '他媽的走了作家塊'

Olivia Blu - 他媽的走了作家塊

李小龍是一個掙扎的作家,他租了自己一個房子,得到一些孤獨,寫下他的小說。但是當一個名叫奧利維亞·藍色的金發女郎走進門口時,他的寶貴的和平與安寧就被打斷了! Keiran同意先讓她留下來,但是當她開始在池邊露宿時,用沐浴露的肥皂揉搓大天然的山雀,他就不能處理干擾,告訴她現在是時候去了。不想結束她的假期這麼快,奧利維亞讓凱蘭一個提供只有一個瘋狂的男人將拒絕通過鞭打她不可思議的獎杯!在與那些美麗的胸部玩了一段時間之後,凱蘭的公雞很難爆裂,所以他把她剝下來只是一雙漂亮的高跟鞋,然後他媽的她緊緊的濕的陰部!

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Olivia Blu 在 'Milf Wheels'

Olivia Blu - Milf Wheels

Ramon is hoping to sell his minivan and he's on his way to meet Olivia who might be interested in buying it. The hot soccer mom turns out to be a horny slut who is not wearing underwear! After teasing her pussy while inspecting the vehicle, she agrees to go for a test drive even if she finds the asking price too high. As they're driving around, Ramon reveals he's always wanted to fuck a soccer mom in a minivan! This gives the horny MILF an idea and she proposes to fulfill his fantasy if he's willing to give her a discount. To prove she means business, slutty Olivia starts sucking Ramon's big cock while he's driving! He then parks the van in a more private area so he can get his share of MILF pussy. Ramon and Olivia are more than happy to test out all the creative possibilities a minivan has to offer to dirty minds!

Olivia Blu 在 'Too Hot For Clothes'

Olivia Blu - Too Hot For Clothes

Busty beauty Olivia Blu and her boyfriend are dying of heat because the AC is broken. Olivia is furious with her lazy boyfriend for not calling in the repair man, Sean Lawless, and decided to call him herself. Feeling too hot for her skimpy outfit, Olivia is just dying to get naked! Professional and courteous, Mr. Lawless gets right to work on fixing the busted AC. When Olivia's boyfriend takes a phone call, leaving the beautifully busty Ms. Blu alone with the repairman. Olivia can't take the heat anymore and decides to take off her sweaty shirt, catching Sean by surprise since her perfect, huge tits are on full display! Olivia even goes as far as to seductively run an ice cube around her massive tits, getting her perky nipples nice and hard as she tries to cool off. But things only get hotter for Olivia, just thinking about repaying the repair man--with her huge boobs and putting her dick sucking lips to good use! Olivia wraps her massive tits around Sean's big dick before her dripping wet pussy is ready for him to pound her! But will Olivia's boyfriend catch them in the act, or will Ms. Blu get away with teaching her boyfriend the importance of getting the AC fixed on time?

Olivia Blu 在 'Big ole boobs'

Olivia Blu - Big ole boobs

We had a cute Southern girl with the nicest, juiciest natural tits this week. She went by the name of Olivia, and was shy at first, but loosened up once she started showing off her awesome rack. She was more than happy when Chris started grabbing and massaging her great jugs. That lead to Olivia getting his dick all hard and some intense titty fucking. You don't want to miss the rest of this episode, as this hottie got nailed while her beautiful knockers bounce all around. So HOT!!!

Olivia Blu 在 'Amateur Huge Tits'

Olivia Blu - Amateur Huge Tits

Olivia Blu is here today to show off her amazing natural tits on BTRA! She is wearing this red cut off shirt that just shows some under titty and we can't wait to get it off of her and give her a nice tit massage. We lathered those babies up and watched them bounce up and down before she got a nice fat dick in her mouth. My boy fucked this chick on the sofa until he busted a nut all over her face. Watching this chicks' tits bounce all over the place was awesome, a BTRA winner for sure!

Olivia Blu 在 'Welcome To Porn'

Olivia Blu - Welcome To Porn

Pornfidelity is proud to present the big natural tits of newcummer Olivia Blu into the wonderful world of Porn! This sexy newbie had the pleasure of getting the grand tour of Ryan's house and having some fun in the sun. When the fun gets hot and heavy, Ryan gladly inducts her tight pink pussy properly by filling it up to the brim with his c...