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Rae Lil Black is a Japanese groupie babe whose life revolves around two things: heavy metal and hardcore sex! Rae Lil Black loves music, and the Asian sensation travels the world following all of her favorite bands. She says she loves the groupie life, and there's no doubt that the bands she follows love to see her big tits and tight ass in the crowd! Get ready to headbang as you watch this firecracker get banged and give head here in the videos below.

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Rae Lil Black 在 'and White'

Rae Lil Black - and White

如果你有幸在約會之夜後和Rae Lil Black一起回家,你可能會幸運地看到她全新的一面。喬迪就是這樣一個人——而且是這樣一隻公雞!死去的華麗Rae將她活潑的奶子從她的裙子上剝下來,穿上一些誘人的內衣,而Jordi則設置了一個相機來捕捉她的每一個曲線......但Rae渴望的不僅僅是照片。她品嘗著喬迪的手指,將濕漉漉的舌頭壓在他身上,乞求更多!

Rae Lil Black 在 '哥哥敲打準新娘'

Rae Lil Black - 哥哥敲打準新娘

一個得體的英國小夥子想向他美麗的女友雷·里爾·布萊克求婚,但需要她先與家人見面。他的兄弟丹尼·D(Danny D)仍然住在他們長大的房子里,他認為這是提出這個問題的理想場所!不幸的是,雷對丹尼的喜愛不止於此。一旦雷伊通過褲子感覺到丹尼的巨型成員,求婚就結束了。丹尼無法抗拒雷(她簡直完美!),所以兩人偷偷溜到他哥哥的背後,吸吮和他媽的,直到雷從丹尼的雞巴上排出最後一滴精液。

Rae Lil Black 在 '您與雷的一天'

Rae Lil Black - 您與雷的一天

令人著迷的Rae Lil Black正在設置完美的約會 - 確保食物是正確的,整理區域,浪漫的燈光......主菜的所有準備工作。當然是她。緊張的湯米·卡布里奧(Tommy Cabrio)出現了,並立即被她的衣服所吸引,以及它如何擁抱她的曲線,乞求被撕掉。當Rae是這麼該死的零食時,誰能專注於食物?兩人閒聊了一會兒關於搬進城市的事情,但很明顯,雷迫不及待地想向這個無辜的新手透露她的秘密。為什麼湯米不去找她?這可能會給日期的走向提供一些提示......

Rae Lil Black 在 '綁起來'

Rae Lil Black - 綁起來

性感的犯罪分子Rae Lil Black決定躲藏在Keiran Lee的房屋中時,她正在從警察那裡逃跑。她首先將可憐的凱蘭綁起來,以搶劫他,但心有所改變,決定改用他的硬公雞。

Rae Lil Black 在 '停電'

Rae Lil Black - 停電

哪裡有煙,哪裡有火,雷伊·布萊克(Rae Lil Black)燃燒得很熱!在與曼努埃爾·費雷拉(Manuel Ferrera)的激烈交誼中,雷·里爾(Rae Lil)嬌小的貓咪得到了曼努埃爾(Manuel)的所有搖滾硬漢,直到它從她漂亮的臉蛋上全部掉下來!

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Rae Lil Black 在 'Lust At First Sight'

Rae Lil Black - Lust At First Sight

Rae experiences lust at first sight... there's just one obstacle to her landing her man, and it's a busty one. But Vicki is willing to work together since there's a dick to go around.

Rae Lil Black 在 '24 Hours Part 2'

Rae Lil Black - 24 Hours Part 2

In exchange for a week in Ibiza, Rae is spending 24 hours with Chris: no expectations, no strings attached, and few suspect she leads a secret double life.

Rae Lil Black 在 'Wild Temptation'

Rae Lil Black - Wild Temptation

Rae's man has the money to keep her hanging on by a thread… but in the bedroom, he doesn't measure up. When Rae sees a bull cruise by in another boat, she doesn't hesitate to jump ship.

Rae Lil Black 在 '24 Hours'

Rae Lil Black - 24 Hours

How do you define normal, anyway? Rae looks like a normal girl you would see on your commute or walking in your neighborhood, but she has a secret nobody back home in Japan knows about. Rae travels the world on business… and her business is letting rich men wine her and dine her for a chance at sex that goes far beyond normal.

Rae Lil Black 在 'Rae Lil Black, Asian Beauty'

Rae Lil Black - Rae Lil Black, Asian Beauty

Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Rae Lil Black, a super sexual Japanese girl who brings her tattooed body and beautiful natural tits to Private Specials, Deeper is Better ready to surprise her lucky roommate Alberto Blanco. Watch then as this exotic Asian delight gets to work with a sloppy deepthroat blowjob before she offers up that beautiful body and pussy for an intimate and intense fuck as she rides, grinds, and gets pounded all the way until a cum filled creampie, Private at its very best!

Rae Lil Black 在 'I'm Not Leaving'

Rae Lil Black - I'm Not Leaving

She's got his attention one way or another but he's not alone for long. He tells her it's not a game, but she has other ideas - she wants what she came for and she's not leaving.

Rae Lil Black 在 'Rough Taxi Sex'

Rae Lil Black - Rough Taxi Sex

Rae Lil Black got into the cab and asked for a ride to the travel agent. Rae was looking to buy a flight back home to Japan, so before she left, I told her we had a little tradition in England. She had already heard it! Lucky for me, Rae was fucking horny. She had brought a collar with her, and had me tie her up with rope. She pissed in her panties while I used a vibrator on her pussy, then she gave me a sloppy blowjob and tongue fucked my arse. I covered her tongue, face, and tits in sperm!

Rae Lil Black 在 'Hot Japanese deepthroat skills'

Rae Lil Black - Hot Japanese deepthroat skills

Rae Lil Black got into the cab today, a sexy Japanese minx who was in the UK for the first time. Seeing as it was her first time here, I told her about our little tradition, how if a lady flashes her tits, they get their ride for free. Rae was into the idea, especially when I told her if I could have a piece of that ass I would drive her around for her vacation for free! I got in the back and Rae gave me a sloppy blowjob, then I fucked that tight Asian pussy inside the cab, then outside on the hood. After I got my fix, I covered her with a massive facial!