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A sexy French nymphomaniac, Shannya is one of those toned, tanned, and tattooed treasures world traveling men jump on the chance to discover and enjoy. Her eagerness to suck cock is a pleasure to see, and the spice of her tongue piercing added to her oral French technique is obviously appreciated. Not many ladies sport a tight six pack with a huge rack, but this francophone beauty is ready and waiting to show you both. We are impressed with her sweet ergonomic half body tattoo, because of the elegant way it seductively wraps around her tanned, muscled curves.

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Katia De Lys 在 'Ep-4- Beau Temps a馬賽'

Katia De Lys - Ep-4- Beau Temps a馬賽

這是法國的另一個早期的一天,我們的二人被邀請到著名的曼努埃爾·費雷拉(Manuel Ferrera)一個僻靜的地方。他有什麼地方?在一個非常美麗的地方,曼努埃爾的孤立的別墅正在與最性感的他媽的女孩的這一邊的主要子午線!流氓輪盤賭,任何人?

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