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Brazzers '憤怒的青少年愛黑人' 主演 Brittany Angel (照片 15)

Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' - Bubbly Teen Loves The Black Man (Brazzers Vault)

布列塔尼有一個黑人男人的事情。她一直痴迷於黑人,並且正在死亡,知道所有黑人男人都有大雞巴的神話是真實的。她的哥哥有一個黑人朋友(Jon Jon),她一直在努力打動他的注意力。布列塔尼在她的房間裡聽古典音樂。她迅速將音樂變成嘻哈,因為她聽到Jon Jon腳下走下大廳,用完了她的房間。布列塔尼設法讓他一個人在她的房間裡,她決心找出神話真的是真的。

發布 : 1月3日, 2010
標籤 : 異族, 大迪克崇拜, 天然山雀, 金發

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圖片來自 Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' Bubbly Teen Loves The Black Man

Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' 憤怒的青少年愛黑人 (縮略圖 1)
Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' 憤怒的青少年愛黑人 (縮略圖 2)
Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' 憤怒的青少年愛黑人 (縮略圖 3)
Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' 憤怒的青少年愛黑人 (縮略圖 4)
Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' 憤怒的青少年愛黑人 (縮略圖 5)
Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' 憤怒的青少年愛黑人 (縮略圖 6)
Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' 憤怒的青少年愛黑人 (縮略圖 7)
Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' 憤怒的青少年愛黑人 (縮略圖 8)
Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' 憤怒的青少年愛黑人 (縮略圖 9)
Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' 憤怒的青少年愛黑人 (縮略圖 10)
Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' 憤怒的青少年愛黑人 (縮略圖 11)
Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' 憤怒的青少年愛黑人 (縮略圖 12)
Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' 憤怒的青少年愛黑人 (縮略圖 13)
Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' 憤怒的青少年愛黑人 (縮略圖 14)
Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' 憤怒的青少年愛黑人 (縮略圖 15)

圖片來自 Brittany Angel 在 'Brazzers' Bubbly Teen Loves The Black Man

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Brittany Angel 在 '為布列塔尼投票!'

Brittany Angel - 為布列塔尼投票!


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It seems some girls just can't get enough dick. They go from one guy to the next. Brittany Angel is one of those girls. She craves cock and now is in search of some new BLACK MEAT. She showed Julius Ceazher that she knew how to handle sweet black meat. She showed him tricks he had never seen and worked his cock like a true champ. He could almost not handle her tight pussy, it took everything he had not to cum too fast. When he did pop she loved it and wanted more, what a hottie Brittany is!!!!!

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Brittany Angel - Watching My Daughter Go Black

If I had known my daughter would grow up to be a black cock slut then I would have put that condom on 18 years ago. It seems that ever since she's been able to talk she's been giving me grief and that's what must have made her mother leave us years ago. I saved up some money so we could see Dr. Harvard in hopes that we can be the family I yearn for. I knew things weren't kosher once he made the radical suggestion that watching Brittany engage in interracial sex just inches from where I was sitting. I had to secretly pop some heart medicine so I wouldn't go into cardiac arrest as my little girl had her mouth stuffed full of that evil black man's penis. I wanted to leave the room several times but our future was at stake. It was so hard being in the same room as his big black penis went inside the same white vaginaa I used to wipe when she was an infant. Thankfully it was over when he ejaculated all over her face which made her makeup run. Yes, this was an unconventional therapy session but she's been a little sweetheart ever since then.

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Brittany Angel - Interracial Blowbang

Payback is a bitch and so am I. My parents never allowed me to have black friends. A black boyfriend for me? Never in a million years as far as Mr. and Mrs. Angel were concerned. They would disown me if they knew I was about to get tons of black dick jammed in my face. I wanted to suck them off so well that they'd be screaming my name. Worshipping those black poles was the only thing on my mind as no mercy or restraint was shown on my mouth. I got myself ready by checking out in order to see how the black man loves being treated and I think I passed the test. After all, the puddles of black goo on my face didn't get there by themselves. I had to suck and suck as if my life depended on getting that creamy goodness. I like to think that my little suck session for these black studs eased their pain just a bit.

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Brittany Angel - Interracial Pickups

These dumb white girls would go nuts if they knew my secret stash of videos I got hidden. Black cock sluts like Brittany Angel think they're fucking for my eyes only but my deviant side tells me to release them online to display my conquests. I always need fresh white pussy and this target came on radar as I was cruising the streets . She initially seemed like she was bothered and even a bit scared but my cool personality swayed her. She thought I was interested in what she had to say. I was much more interested in getting her back to my place, roll my camera, and jam my big black dick up her snatch. After some time I was knee deep in this white pussy as I kept promising her this footage would never make this site. She was dumber than she looked and I couldn't wait to drop my black DNA on her so I could edit this scene for all of you. Tell me what you think of this latest white ho.

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Brittany Angel - Glory Hole

Well we're back at the strip club and tonight's feature performer is Brittany Angel, a very hot blonde who not only loves showing off her sweet little pussy, she will get even more daring if the opportunity arrives. It does present itself in the form of a huge black dick that pops through the hole behind her, just as she was working up her snatch to a foamy lather. She knows she shouldn't, but can't resist that huge hunk of meat, so she opens wide and starts applying wet warm goodness of her mouth parts to the head of this black intruder. Since she's already putting on a show, it only seems right limber up and hump the wall to give her guests a real eyeful. She pulls it out just in time to catch the jizz bursts in her open mouth.

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Party over here!!Party over there!!Girls fucking girls over here, and guy banging girls over there!!It was just total action in this house!!The sex was off the chain...shit the party was off the chain!

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Brittany Angel - Service with a pussy and a s

Britney Angel is left to manage Mofos Pizza by herself. A customer comes in complaining the bread sticks are shaped like cocks. She decides to make this guy a new batch of bread sticks and let him have her luscious asshole all to himself. She takes it hard all over the pizza joint.